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Moscow International House of Music

Feedbacks from viewers
Ol`ga was 27 september on Fedor Dobronravov. Creative evening.

A lively, witty, sparkling, wonderful storyteller and a very intelligent and versatile person, with his very interesting outlook on life. We came to work grew tired, there was even a thought, maybe we won’t go. But they received a powerful charge of positive energy! Thank you very much, Fedor Viktorovich, for being there, for sharing with us.

Elena was 05 february on A.Pushkin "The Snowstorm". The Melodion Quartet, I. Cartasho

A wonderful evening, which flew in one breath. Recommend.

Nadegda was 22 november on Everywhere life! Performance without the words of Yegor Druzhinin

It's like dessert !!!! Very tasty, but very small !!! Just brilliant !!!!! Everything is clear without words !! Thank!

Margarita was 01 october on "Harmful advice." Theater "School of Modern Play"

Were at the play in the Palace of Krona (Presnensky Val), the Hall without lifting rows, many from the rear rows left, tk. was not seen what is happening on stage. The performance itself is colorful, the children laughed, but to take seats not further than the 5th row ... and when the actors sing the children half the words do not disassemble, which indicates the poor quality of the equipment.

Nadegda was 27 jule on Everywhere life! Performance without the words of Yegor Druzhinin

The performance, as a dessert, is very tasty !!!!!! but very little :)))) The production is wonderful! Indeed, everything is clear without words! THANK YOU!

Alena was 20 october on Ensemble "Birch"

Great! We recommend it to everyone. Well spent evening.

Uriy was 03 jule on Ensemble "Birch"

As always - great! Thank you!!!

Ganna was 20 october on Ensemble "Birch"

A wonderful evening, a real holiday for the assessment of 5+

Irina was 03 december on Jazz games with Daniil Kramer

Were at a concert on December 3 in the House of Music. Daniil Borisovich presented a talented young team with a charming soloist Alevtina Polyakova. All the musicians, great fellows, created a wonderful atmosphere. Have fun, thank you.

Tatiana was 20 june on Rock opera "Juno and Avos" - Alexei Rybnikov's theater

We generally liked the rock opera. There were a lot of young people, strong vocals, "eternal music", but later it turned out that my youth did not catch everything, because the action, as it seemed to me, was compressed. Well, I still remember this performance, it was a performance with Shanina and Karachentsov! Actually, I did not have enough, and the music was screaming, but it's a rock opera, not a performance.

Veronika was 19 november on The Nutcracker Theater of Classical Ballet

The end of the festive days proved to be very successful - we managed to see the wonderful performance of the theater of classical ballet by N.Kasatkina and V.Vasilyev "The Nutcracker". The performance was truly fabulous. Wonderful music, colorful scenery and magnificent performance! In addition, the young performers attached a special charm to the performance. In general, I recommend to everyone, adults and children.

Nadia was 28 november on Twelve months. Theater rus. Dramas p / p M.Shpenko

We watched the play "12 months" with two 4-year-olds - I liked it very much! With a minimum of scenery - an excellent and very convincing game of the cast; Actresses who played the role of the Princess and Stepmother - just conquered us! :). The production of "classical", almost repeats the cartoon of the same name - therefore, it is quite possible to recommend to view the small admirers of this work and previously announced 6+ (no terrible or incomprehensible moments, quite suitable for the more diligent and interested viewers younger).

Only for children
Only adults
115035, Москва, Космодамианская наб., 52/8
01 h 30 min


The rock opera Karamazov is a completely new look at Dostoevsky's great novel. This is a synthesis of modern theater based on minimalism and a conceptual concert, where the main attention is focused on the artist. The combination of bright expressive music and beautiful voices immerses the audience into the abyss of earthly passions and brings to the new limits of endless love that the human heart is capable of. Only love, conquering all the vices of the soul, can change a person and give him hope for salvation. A new interpretation of a literary masterpiece can become a unique guide to the world of Dostoevsky’s most complex novel and its deepest meanings.

The cast of the performance is impressive with well-known names. Starring domestic musicals, theater and film artists: Yekaterina Guseva (musicals “Graf Orlov”, “Anna Karenina”, “Jesus Christ is a superstar”, “Beauty and the Beast”, “Sounds of Music”, Teon Dolnikova (musicals “ Notre-Dame de Paris ”,“ Graf Orlov ”,“ Pola Negri ”), Olga Belyaeva (“ Cats ”,“ Monte Cristo ”,“ The Sound of Music ”,“ Anna Karenina ”), Igor Balalaev (12 chairs”, “ Cats, Notre Dame de Paris, Romeo and Juliet, Monte Cristo, Cabaret, Ordinary Miracle, Count Orlov, Anna Karenina), Sergey Lee (Notre Dame de Paris "," Romeo and Julie ta ”,“ Graf Orlov ”,“ Anna Karenina ”); Vladislav Pogiba (Russian Youth Theater and Cinema Actor); Denis Demkiv (“ Anna Karenina ”,“ Territory of Passion ”), Yevgeny Valts (“ Everything about Cinderella ”,“ Crime and punishment "," Circus Princess "), Anton Artsev (musicals" Nord-Ost "," Romeo and Juliet "," Scarlet Sails "," Cabaret "," Three Musketeers ").

The author of the idea, music and libretto is a talented theater and cinema actor Alexander Ragulin (Russian Youth Theater, musical “Graf Orlov”). In the rock opera, he plays the role of the elder brother of Dmitry Karamazov.


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