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MGASO by Pavel Kogan

Feedbacks from viewers
Polina was 11 january on MGASO in the Rachmaninov-Tchaikovsky Packaging Plant

We adore piano concerts and thank the orchestra of Pavel Kogan for the opportunity to attend this wonderful event. We already bought tickets, now we are looking forward to January 11!)

Viktoriya was 11 january on MGASO in the Rachmaninov-Tchaikovsky Packaging Plant

The long-awaited piano concerto from the Kogan orchestra, let's go!

Tat`yana was 11 january on MGASO in the Rachmaninov-Tchaikovsky Packaging Plant

Be sure to go tickets already bought!)))))))

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121069, Москва, Никитская Б. ул., 13
01 h 30 min


Mozart. Coronation Mass. Requiem for soloists, choir and orchestra

For you, our beloved and dear listeners, we have prepared a bold project, which to this day no one dared to do in Russia!

On December 16 the Moscow State Academic Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pavel Kogan opens a new season of high music in one of the best halls in Moscow. On this winter evening, for the sophisticated music lovers, the Grand Hall of the Conservatory will open its doors, and unforgettable pre-holiday mood will present the execution of Mozart's great works.

The Divine Program will be opened by the Coronation Mass, which belongs to the so-called high services - a kind of solemn mass performed on major holidays, sometimes associated with secular celebrations. It was written in Salzburg in 1779 and received its name due to the fact that it was used, including for the coronation of the highest persons.

"Requiem" is the last, unfinished and most famous creation of Mozart, which makes one perceive this work in an entirely different way, as an epilogue of all life, an artistic testament. Till now disputes about where the author's score ends and the music of Franz Zusmayer - the pupil of the composer who completed the "Requiem" at the request of the composer's widow - has not ceased. The spiritual testament of the great Mozart still excites the souls of people, making us think about the most important.

For maximum penetration into each cell of the skin of the sacred motifs of the compositions, in addition to the vocal accompaniment of the State Academic Moscow Regional Choir named after A. D. Kozhevnikov and the Choir of the V. Popov Choir Academy, the Great Hall of the Conservatory, with the help of giant scenery and light effects, is transformed into an ancient a cathedral, the image of which will serve as a leitmotif for the other trilogy concerts. Over the transformation of the hall will work a talented team of artists and directors, led by director Anton Torsukov, who will think through every detail and make your evening fantastic!


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