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Moscow Children`s Chamber Puppet Theater

Feedbacks from viewers
Nata was 16 november on Cinderella

Hello. The child did not like it, unfortunately. We went after 1akta.on said boringly. I wish you good luck!

Elena was 08 march on Cinderella

Liked, good story, scenery, dolls

Esmira was 07 june on Cinderella

Thank you, I liked everything, both adults and children!

Tat`yana was 30 december on New Year's performance Zayka-Zaznayk

We liked the theater. Kind and sympathetic staff, which in our time is rare. The child was delighted with the fish in the aquariums in the buffet. The performance itself is divided into an active part and the performance itself. In the active spectators are involved, and the play itself is not "heavy" plot and with humor. In a year or so I will lead my daughter there, now she is still small.

Kseniya was 30 march on Across the green hills of the ocean

Great performance! This is not the first time in this theater, my daughter looked with pleasure for 4.5 years. As stated, I recommend to children no younger than 4 years. Sometimes loud music plays, in a hall it is dark. At us one child sobbed it is direct, did not see, what age.

Tamara was 23 april on Little Longnose

I liked the performance very much to me and my daughter (5 years) !!! We got great pleasure! I recommend parents to reduce their children.

Marina was 15 february on Little Longnose

Everything is great: from the controller at the entrance and freshness of sandwiches in the cupboards to the hall with super-adjustable seats, and most importantly, the actors are good fellows, the performance is a whole canvas, a special thanks to the director for the careful attitude to the source!

Aleksandr was 15 february on Little Longnose

I liked it very much. Thank you.

Alena was 15 february on Little Longnose

All liked it! Well done!

Natal`ya was 13 october on Cat house

A beautiful spectal, the child is delighted. We are going to come

Dar`ya was 01 november on Silver Hoof

I really liked the family performance !!! Actors 5 + Masters! But the hall is extremely unfit for children of 3 years it is interesting to see this only on the front row !!! The audience's inclination is very small (

Elena was 30 march on Cat house

The child (3,4 years) was frightened of the noisy start of the second department and we had to go home :) and everything is fine!

Oksana was 08 january on Silver Hoof

Thank you, I liked it very much. Only Murenka, after all, should have a ball to say "Correctly speak, correctly". We will come to you again.

Dmitriy was 16 february on Silver Hoof

It seemed a somewhat prolonged introduction with songs and the theme of greed is also not the main thing in this work ..

Marina was 29 march on Silver Hoof

We went to the theater for a silver hoof with a 3 year old son. The theater itself is very cozy. Starting with the 6th row, it is better to put the children on their hands, since the visibility is already bad. Workers of the theater are benevolent and, if there are vacant seats in the near ranks, then without any problems children are transplanted. Actors play very professionally. For us, the downside was that a slightly boring performance (maybe this is due to a not very interesting fairy tale in itself). There were a lot of disinterested and talkative kids in the hall, so other children's attention was distracted. In general, with pleasure we will go also to other performances!

Irina was 16 february on Silver Hoof

Fabulous! Magically! Artfully! But, it is necessary to put from five years! Crumbs are hard, and begin to get in the way!

Alexander was 29 march on Silver Hoof

We liked the child. Thank you!

Svetlana was 16 february on Silver Hoof

Remarkably staged fairy tale, received great pleasure, especially liked the singing to different voices! Prilem to you yet.

Naylya was 16 november on Baby and Carlson

Went with a child of 3 years. The performance is not particularly interesting. Actors use rather adult words, incomprehensible to the child. In half an hour from the beginning of the performance there was already an intermission.

Elena was 16 june on Baby and Carlson

My daughter and I went to "Baby and Carloson" and were very pleased! The first thing that brought untold joy, is that no hassle has arisen from the beginning to the end. I bought tickets very quickly, the price was cheaper than anywhere else. Bmlett printed in the theater box office half an hour before the start very quickly. At the entrance we were greeted by very friendly ticketers. Honest, word, how many went, they were met for the first time. All told, showed, with the child they played and talked. The theater itself is small, but the hall is very comfortable and cozy. Adjustable armchairs for kids - super. Everything was visible. And the performance ... is a bit different from the cartoon, mostly in the way that children know this story, but still liked it very much. The actors are clockwork, the dolls are bright and large. The scenery draws a very bright picture of an imaginary tale! Thank you very much for the Children's Chamber Theater for the pleasant time and the children's faith in the fairy tale. Who knows, maybe because of this the fate of a man is formed from a part!

Lubov` was 08 november on The Canterville Ghost

Went with my grandson, 5 years. The child is delighted. I watched the performance on one breath. At home he told me about the ghost and that it was taking off his head. He was not at all scared. I recommend to children from 5-6 years. The younger ones may get scared of some scenes. The theater is small and cozy, a buffet with aquariums. Unfortunately, we got a broken armchair - the footrest was broken off, which prevented the child from sitting on the raised armchair. Everything else is good.

Elena was 10 september on BOY-S-PALCHIK

Very cool performance. I advise everyone to go, just do not regret it! we went 2 times and again would go, most likely we will do it!

Anna was 26 october on The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Thanks for a lot of emotions and a great time.

Visitor was 31 may on As a fox of a bear deceived, but then she fell for it herself

Thank you very much for the performance! We are very bogged down!

Elena was 31 may on As a fox of a bear deceived, but then she fell for it herself

Great performance !!!

Oksana was 12 october on As Ivan went to the chicken ryba to look for

A perfectly staged performance. Children are constantly in contact with the actors. Thanks to the huge team of the theater. Got a real pleasure with my son.

Yury was 31 may on As a fox of a bear deceived, but then she fell for it herself

The child wants to come again, thanks :)

Irina was 21 june on The Canterville Ghost

Great performance, the children are totally delighted! They very much ask you to go to this play for the second time, they only talk about the performance! Thank you!

Aleksey was 23 november on The Canterville Ghost

Everything is fine!

Diana was 08 february on The Canterville Ghost

Thank you so much. Children are very satisfied!

Irina was 09 april on Writer

Very delicate and deep performance! The combination of actors and dolls is vivid and unusual. I recommend all adults and parents: remind you how strong love is .. Emotions and emotions on the brink!

Only for children
Only adults
129128, Москва, Бажова ул., 9
01 h 50 min

The story of the love and courage of two young people, separated by the horrors of war, the timelessness and senselessness of losses, but finding the strength and ability to overcome the surrounding chaos through letters. The presented correspondence, filled with dramatic experiences, combines in the presence and participation of the viewer in a single story-reflection, which resurrects the memory of several generations and, through cleansing participation, leads to a confident affirmation of life.

Directed by: Boris Konstantinov, chief director of GATtSK them. S.V. Obraztsova, Laureate of the National Prize "Golden Mask"

Designer Viktor Antonov, Laureate of the National Prize "Golden Mask"

Composer - Vladimir Pliss

Characters and performers:

Volodya - Ivan Gerasimenko

Sasha - Elena Lesnikova

Artists-puppeteers: Vadim Tunik, Olga Shabalova, Valery Badji Enter description


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