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Theater of the Young Spectator

Feedbacks from viewers
Tat`yana was 21 october on Thumbelina

Watched Thumbelina - really enjoyed it! Before the performance, 2 girls came out and provoked the children. The play itself with good decorations, costumes and great artists played. The granddaughter of 5 years did not want to leave the theater.

Larisa was 10 may on Dr. Aibolit

Were with my granddaughter for the first time. I liked the performance !!! I want to express my deep gratitude to the actors and all the workers of this theater for their impressions and emotions. The atmosphere in the theater is cozy and comfortable. Staging, scenery, artistry, voices, costumes - beauty! Once again - THANK YOU !!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!

Uliya was 07 june on Finist - Clear Falcon

We really liked it, the daughter of 6 years in ecstasy and sends many thanks to the actors, especially those who played Princess and Kikimoru. And most of all I liked the game Raven. Thank you!

Ol`ga was 01 march on Finist - Clear Falcon

The play really liked, we will come again and again

Marina was 17 april on The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Buratino

Went with my granddaughter for 6 years. The performance left a double impression for me: dance-musical numbers were set perfectly, especially the ending for the favorite song "Boo-ra-ti-no!", Lit the hall in an adult way! But in general something was not enough, in the first act the child was bored. The actors' play, costumes, dolls, scenery - everything is fine. We will definitely go to other performances.

Natal`ya was 17 april on The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Buratino

A stunning performance. Wonderful setting, scenery, costumes. Great acting game. Buratino is the best I've ever seen in this role. But the first act is very long. It's hard for a child to sit out. Can make two intermission? Natalia

Marina was 18 march on Dr. Aibolit

A wonderful theater, talented actors, beautiful costumes. I liked it very much. Another go

Sergey was 02 november on Princess O-Tsuru

I liked the play very much for children, girls for 10 years. Even he looked with pleasure. Bright costumes, live action, dynamic. In general, did not have to be bored. When I took tickets I did not understand what was in the Queen. We are from the Vladimir region. But not how much they regretted about the trip. Special thanks to the administration of the theater, tickets were not on the site, one bought on the other row, and there was a place near the cash desk. Changed. My daughter painted all the characters.

Viktoriya was 15 november on Princess O-Tsuru

"This is the best performance" - said daughter 6.5 years old!

Ruslan was 22 march on Princess O-Tsuru

Great performance, very much, the child is delighted, thank you

Nataliya was 22 march on Princess O-Tsuru

The child liked the presentation very much. But the arrangement of the rows is not very convenient, the whole idea was sitting on the hands of the child; nothing was visible.

Adeliya was 22 january on Dr. Aibolit

Great performance! Both me and my daughter liked. Actors fellows, laid out to the maximum, thank you!

Uliya was 02 february on Miracle-Turnip

Were at the play in November !! I liked the performance very much! The child is delighted!

Ganna was 17 november on Miracle-Turnip

The child was delighted. All liked it

Ol`ga was 13 june on Miracle-Turnip

Thanks for the presentation, the child really liked it, this is his favorite fairy tale, and the production reinforced the impression. He the second day with pleasure shares his impressions with everyone! And already waiting for the next trip to your fairy-tale theater - so he called it himself :)

Visitor was 17 november on Miracle-Turnip

Were at the show for the first time (three years).

Chistilinau@Rambler.Ru was 13 june on Miracle-Turnip

We liked my daughter!

Galina was 05 october on Miracle-Turnip

The child liked everything, especially was delighted with the mouse! Fun, colorful, looked with pleasure) Bravo! Come to you yet!

Ekaterina was 30 august on Miracle-Turnip

Thanks for your work. We liked the play.

Marina was 17 november on Miracle-Turnip

The Youth Theater greeted us with open arms: children were waiting for the fussy cat with a mouse and the time in anticipation of the performance flew by in the game is not noticeable. We drove to the "Miracle-Repka" girls 3,5 and 5,5 years. To say that everyone is delighted - it's nothing to say! Everyone knows the story and is cleverly presented in a very provocative, musical and cheerful way. Each hero acquired his character and brought a unique zest! Be sure to look at other performances!

Svetlana was 30 march on Miracle-Turnip

"Miracle-turnip" - a beautiful setting. It was interesting and fun for both children and adults. Thank you for the pleasure!

Oksana was 03 december on The Golden Key, or The Adventures of Buratino

The play was very popular with children (6 and 8 years) and adults. Dynamic, musical, dance, bright and with original finds: elements of the puppet theater in the play with the actors. In general, great! Lighted and inspired!

Andrey was 13 april on The truth is good, but happiness is better.

Very good performance "The truth is good, but happiness is better!"

Irina was 30 october on Tartuffe, or Deceiver

Very much appreciated

Tat`yana was 16 october on Pollyanna

Great performance! Children 11 and 9 years like it! Adults are delighted! Very accurately convey the character of all the characters! Precisely on proizvedenii.Vse understandable, even if you have not read the book.Thanks to the actors for the excellent game! Are all laid out 100%! Be sure to come and watch other performances of this theater!

Natal`ya was 16 november on As Ivan went for happiness

Great! 5+

Andrey was 12 april on As Ivan went for happiness

I liked the performance very much! Both children and adults. Be sure to watch all of your repertoire!

Uliya was 16 october on Birthday of the cat Leopold

Everything is wonderful: a nice atmosphere in the theater, the girls are animators, the actors are very impressed with the daughter. We will definitely visit other performances in this theater.

Natal`ya was 26 april on Tartuffe, or Deceiver

The performance is wonderful! Scenery, costumes! My daughter laughed all the performance! Thank you for the good mood and excellent actors.

Margarita was 04 october on Treasure Island

Actors are young, energetic, give all 100%. In the play, songs and actors dance. Not for nothing is the performance addressed to children over 9 years old. For younger children this is a difficult production for perception. Parents consider this. The class who came in secondaries did not quite understand the meaning of what was happening. Of course played a role in the culture of children's behavior in the theater. Before sending the kids to the theater, you need to tell them about the rules of behavior. Chips, food supplies, glowing toys in the dark !!! Is it really so hard to give up for 2 hours? A wonderful performance, but the audience spoiled the general impression. I am not a slave, I respect the work of people.

Ekaterina was 02 october on Treasure Island

The performance is wonderful. Actors play with the soul, everyone's eyes are burning. Their mood is transmitted to the audience. The theater is small, cozy. My daughter of 8 years left full of impressions.

Veronika was 02 november on The Scarlet Flower

Thank you for the excellent staging of the whole troupe! Frankly, they did not expect such a quality. Children are delighted, and you and my mother did not for nothing visit you. Thank you!

Elena was 04 november on Cat in the Boots

We went to the play with the whole family, in honor of the anniversary of the marriage. The play was very popular with everyone. Charges with a wonderful mood. We express our huge gratitude to the actors and confess our love to our dear TYuZ in Korolev.St

Uliya was 08 march on The Scarlet Flower

The performance is interesting! To daughter 3 g 7 months looked without distraction. All actors are super! Daughter of an impressionable kikimora))

Alena was 21 september on Little Red Riding Hood

Great performance. The child is delighted with the bunny and the horror

Nadegda was 31 may on Little Red Riding Hood

Thank you very much for the extraordinary joy, the sea of ​​impressions and the new look at your favorite fairy tale! The actors' play is simply amazing! Hare a special thanks!

Oksana was 08 february on Little Red Riding Hood

Unfortunately, the performance was boring and not interesting. The first action was far from the plot of the tale.

Anna was 08 february on Little Red Riding Hood

We really enjoyed! To the child (3 years) it was interesting! Only there is no cupboard to buy water.

Dar`ya was 14 june on Cat in the Boots

Thank your team for a wonderful theater, grandfather and grandson received a charge of positive emotions and joy from watching the play.

Tat`yanv was 04 november on Cat in the Boots

All perfectly!

Elena was 19 january on Cat in the Boots

I really liked the play.

Valeriy was 02 november on The Scarlet Flower

Thank you, I liked it very much

Dar`ya was 04 november on Cat in the Boots

Very pleased! The child was in shock when the marquess took the dragon.

Aleksandra was 19 january on Cat in the Boots

I liked it very much, it is available for children. We are very glad that we learned about the existence of a theater for young children nearby (we are from Ivanteyevka). We will often go to the performances to you)))

Svetlana was 01 february on Little Red Riding Hood

Wonderful performance !!! Have been with my daughter for 5 years. Really liked it! The performance is funny, with humor. I advise everyone.

Renata was 04 april on Little Red Riding Hood

I went with my daughter 2.5g. for the performance, I really liked the performance of the artists, an interesting production! Got a lot of positive emotions and pleasure from visiting the theater and watching the play "Little Red Riding Hood"

Maria was 23 february on Dr. Aibolit

The performance is very much liked. Colorful and cheerful!

Alena was 08 june on Teremok

Thank you. Children really enjoyed it. We will come again.

Maria was 23 february on Dr. Aibolit

I liked children 7 years (first-graders), the action was fun and dynamic.

Uliya was 09 november on Dr. Aibolit

Thank you for the excellent performance, I liked everything, the children are delighted. We decided to come again, exactly in a week!

Nataliya was 11 may on Dr. Aibolit

I liked everything very much: actors, potanovka

Elena was 22 april on The Adventures of Cipollino

Excellent performance based on a fairy tale by Gianni Rodari. The children in the hall happily took part in the event, empathized, tried to tell the heroes. I liked it very much!

Borisovskay@Mail.Ru was 22 june on Dr. Aibolit

All very much!

Irina was 05 april on Birthday of the cat Leopold

Many thanks for the pleasure! Success and prosperity!

Visitor was 22 february on Dr. Aibolit

The performance is wonderful. I was with two children 3 and 9 years old.

Visitor was 22 february on Dr. Aibolit

I liked it very much

Nadegda was 23 february on Dr. Aibolit

My daughter was 4 years old, I really liked it, it was all clear, kind. A nice cozy theater for children. Thank you. Now we decided to look at other productions.

Natal`ya was 20 october on Dr. Aibolit

Wonderful statement !!! Many thanks for the pleasure!

Mariya was 21 june on The Adventures of Cipollino

Thank you very much for the performance.

Liliya was 09 november on Dr. Aibolit

Excellent performance of the play D. Aibolit

Mariya was 09 november on Dr. Aibolit

All perfectly!

Uliya was 25 january on Thumbelina

The actors liked the game. I really liked the music. I would like to see the scenery more colorful for such a performance.

Mariya was 25 january on Thumbelina

We liked the performance very much !! And adults and children))) Very cool that a lot of songs and dances! One thing is bad, from the first 9 rows in the hall it is very difficult to see ... We had tickets in disagreement, the first act was sitting on the 5th and 9th row, the child was all screwed up to see something ... Then they sat on the 14th row - excellent!!!

Tamara was 28 september on Dr. Aibolit

All very much, the children are delighted and are waiting for the next trip to the theater. Thanks to the whole staff for your work and the pleasure that was given to us

Aleksey was 20 october on Dr. Aibolit

The performance is beautiful, the child is delighted. Thanks for the great mood !!

Inna was 09 november on Dr. Aibolit

The child is delighted. Be sure to become permanent viewers. Many thanks for the storm of positive emotions'

Svetlana was 20 october on Dr. Aibolit

The play was very popular both for adults and children. Henceforth we will definitely visit your theater as often as possible)

Ol`ga was 25 january on Thumbelina

Thank you! Everything is very good! Actors well done! We plan to visit some more performances in February.

Anastasiya was 25 january on Thumbelina

Went to the play 25.01.14 with a child of 2.3 and 6 years. Liked very much, and I no less than children. The actors play remarkably well - it's nice that, despite the fact that the play for children, no trash in the game (as sometimes happens in others) - mimicry, gestures, movements - everything reflects the mood and character of each character. Music also leaves only pleasant emotions, like that all the words in the songs are not interrupted by loud music and the child clearly understands what is being sung. Spectal perfectly conveyed what was written in the book, without distorting the narrative at all. We are delighted, this is the second day we do not leave the images of the mole and inch (particularly liked characters). Many thanks!

Oksana was 25 january on Thumbelina

Thanks for "Thumbelina", we all liked it, especially Toad with Son, good fellows, we love you, until we meet again

Nikolay was 18 may on The Adventures of Cipollino

I liked the performance very much!

Oksana was 20 october on Dr. Aibolit

Many thanks, the child liked everything, especially the sword of Barmaleya, a wonderful game of actors, we will come again

Irina was 01 june on Teremok

Cheerful, pretty performance! Bright costumes, well-chosen musical accompaniment. We watched with joy and pleasure and the children ( and my mother. Thank you Tuzu!

Uriy was 22 june on Dr. Aibolit

We really enjoyed our whole family.

Tat`yana was 29 march on Teremok

Thanks for the event! I and the child liked the performance, but the service before and after is not very good.

Eldar was 27 october on The Adventures of Cipollino

The kids really liked it, and this is the most important thing !!) Thanks!

Ludmila was 22 june on Dr. Aibolit

I liked the Spectrum very much, the children of 6L especially remember the pull-push. You were for the first time, very much looking forward to the new season! Lyudmila

Viktoriya was 23 november on Pollyanna

Excellent, the children are delighted;)

Tat`yana was 13 october on Teremok

We really liked the performance, we will definitely come with my daughter again.

Dmitriy was 23 february on Dr. Aibolit

thank you, everything was good

Ludmila was 08 june on Teremok

About 5 years ago, I led the senior to this performance. Full delight and her and me! Now I sent the senior (already 9) with the younger (2,7). I was worried about how to behave. The younger sat through the whole spectal with his mouth open, looking at the scene. And the eldest came out contented and happy. Thank you! You fellows!

Natal`ya was 04 may on Teremok

I liked everything, the actors were well chosen, a good fairy tale! Thank you very much, the child is happy!

Natal`ya was 23 february on Dr. Aibolit


Mariya was 23 february on Dr. Aibolit

Very beautiful setting. Good scenery, costumes, actors' play. It looks easy. Thank you!

Elena was 20 october on Dr. Aibolit

Excellent acting, cute theater, thank you!

Tat`yana was 10 november on Birthday of the cat Leopold

My son really enjoyed it. Thank you so much!

Anna was 23 february on Dr. Aibolit

Excellent! Thank you!

Olga was 01 june on Teremok

Children liked it, and for the duration just suits the kids. Very worried about the cockerel! Thank you!

Tatiana was 27 april on Pollyanna

Thank you very much for the performance after which you want to live!

Vladimir was 06 october on Thumbelina

We really enjoyed!!!

Elena was 09 november on Dr. Aibolit

Thank you. I liked everything very much.

Andrey was 24 november on How the Wolf was looking for happiness

Everything is fine! Thank you! The service of ticket sales over the Internet exceeds all expectations. The presentation itself is unforgettable, the child is delighted, thank you!

Tat`yana was 05 april on Birthday of the cat Leopold

Hello ! The performance really liked! We will definitely come to you more than once! A child of 3 years already asks when we will go to the theater next time. Thank you!

Ekaterina was 23 february on Dr. Aibolit

The show was very interesting! Children are delighted!

Kirill was 30 november on Pollyanna

The event of Poliana is excellent, we read the Book and are pleased with the Performance! Thank you!

Naira was 10 november on Birthday of the cat Leopold

Thank you very much, the child was delighted, especially liked the white mouse and leopold, and my mother watched the play with great pleasure

Tat`yana was 17 january on Teremok

Liked it. Son 3 years very satisfied. He especially liked the bear, mouse and hedgehog, I was delighted with the cock and the wolf. I would like to note the musical accompaniment - just wonderful, at the end of the performance we clapped and danced. We will definitely go to the Theater for Young Spectators again.

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