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Musical project "Names for All Seasons"

Feedbacks from viewers
Svetlana was 20 september on Evgenia Smolyaninova "In the moonlight ..."

I love the extraordinary voice of Evgenia Smolyaninova. I decided to make a present for my birthday and go to the concert "In the moonlight." Unfortunately, the program has been replaced by Prayer. Somewhat different songs and not at all what they expected to hear. Sorry...

Elena was 16 august on Belarusian Songs - Legendary Songs

Professionals of the highest class! Wonderful music! Great atmosphere at the concert!

Valeriy was 06 august on Larissa Rubalskaya "Spray of champagne"

Everything is super. Larissa is gorgeous !!!

Aleksandr was 15 december on Georgian Patriarchal Choir "Basiani"

A magnificent concert! Incredible voices! All is well, but why, when speaking in Russia, on such a platform - the Hall of Church Councils of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, why was it necessary to change the text in the "Podmoskovnye Vechera", and change the song instead of "Do not forget that summer evenings near Moscow!" - "Do not forget and you are POKNOD Podmoskovnye evenings!" ???? Why, then, so blessed? ... It's not a mistake. WHAT FOR?

Lubov` was 12 january on Larissa Rubalskaya "Spray of champagne"

Nice evening. I liked it very much. Many thanks.

Elena was 12 january on Larissa Rubalskaya "Spray of champagne"

Everything is lovely! Thank you!

Elena was 12 january on Larissa Rubalskaya "Spray of champagne"

Thank you, good event

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119019, Moskva, Volhonka ul., 15
02 h 00 min


On March 20, 2020, in the Hall of Church Cathedrals of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, a solo concert of a magnificent Russian singer, which is loved by spectators of different generations, will take place. Beautiful VIKA Tsyganova will perform with the program “Favorite Songs and Romance”.

Vika Tsyganova's concerts have always been distinguished by a special atmosphere - sincerity, trust, brightness. This is an amazing combination of popular songs, Russian romances, folk classics and patriotic songs.

The singer’s discography contains several dozens of solo albums, each of which contains songs that are known and loved by millions of people in Russia - “Come to my house”, “Clusters of mountain ash”, “Love and death”, “My blue flowers”, “ St. Andrew's flag ”,“ Have Fun, Russia! ”,“ My Angel ”and many others.

The singer repeatedly became the laureate of the famous Chanson of the Year music award, also among her awards: the medal "For military service" (2000), the order "For the revival of Russia. XXI Century ”(2004), medal“ 70 years of the liberation of Crimea and Sevastopol ”(2014).

Traditionally, Vika Tsyganova’s concert will be accompanied by the North Wind band. At the concert on March 20 the premiere of several new songs of the singer will take place.


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