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Musical project "Names for All Seasons"

Feedbacks from viewers
Svetlana was 20 september on Evgenia Smolyaninova "In the moonlight ..."

I love the extraordinary voice of Evgenia Smolyaninova. I decided to make a present for my birthday and go to the concert "In the moonlight." Unfortunately, the program has been replaced by Prayer. Somewhat different songs and not at all what they expected to hear. Sorry...

Elena was 16 august on Belarusian Songs - Legendary Songs

Professionals of the highest class! Wonderful music! Great atmosphere at the concert!

Valeriy was 06 august on Larissa Rubalskaya "Spray of champagne"

Everything is super. Larissa is gorgeous !!!

Aleksandr was 15 december on Georgian Patriarchal Choir "Basiani"

A magnificent concert! Incredible voices! All is well, but why, when speaking in Russia, on such a platform - the Hall of Church Councils of the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, why was it necessary to change the text in the "Podmoskovnye Vechera", and change the song instead of "Do not forget that summer evenings near Moscow!" - "Do not forget and you are POKNOD Podmoskovnye evenings!" ???? Why, then, so blessed? ... It's not a mistake. WHAT FOR?

Lubov` was 12 january on Larissa Rubalskaya "Spray of champagne"

Nice evening. I liked it very much. Many thanks.

Elena was 12 january on Larissa Rubalskaya "Spray of champagne"

Everything is lovely! Thank you!

Elena was 12 january on Larissa Rubalskaya "Spray of champagne"

Thank you, good event

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Moskva, Novyy Arbat ul., 36 korp.9
02 h 00 min



On November 30, an unforgettable concert of one of the most popular and favorite singers and composers of the national stage will take place in the beautiful modern concert hall of the Plekhanov Congress Center. Igor Nikolaev will perform with the program "Best and new songs # Выпьемзалюлювь".
Igor Nikolaev began his solo career in 1986. Already then the popular composer became a famous singer almost overnight: only one ether in the program "Morning mail" was enough, where they showed the song "Mill" in his performance so that the next day the young artist was recognized on the street.
Today he is Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, one of the best authors on the Russian stage, whose songs have become a bright page in the creative biography of Alla Pugacheva, Irina Allegrova, Valery Leontiev, Philip Kirkorov, Joseph Kobzon and others. The composer has been awarded "Song of the Year", "Golden Gramophone", "MUZ-TV", Russian Music Award "Ovation" and numerous awards for his contribution to Russian music.
Hits created by Igor Nikolaev - a huge amount: "The Kingdom of Curved Mirrors", "Mill", "Raspberry Wine", "Let's Drink For Love", "One Hope for Love", "Taxi", "Grand Piano in the Night", "Two Stars" "," Stranger "," Forgive and Let go "," Russians love beautifully "," I bless this evening "," We coincided with you "," Broken cup of love "," Sms "," Ferryman "," My Wanderer "and a lot others.
"For me, every meeting with the audience is an exchange of clean energy, it's not just flowers and applause - it's an opportunity to see the eyes of people who care about my songs, it's a chance to show new songs and sing together with the hall their favorite tunes. Come and sing together, because we need each other! "- says Igor Nikolaev
In the concert, the audience will hear all the hits and hits of different years, as well as the most popular compositions written by Igor Nikolayev for other artists. Surprise for the audience will be new songs from the album "Life Line".


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