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Russian Institute of Theatrical Art - GITIS

Feedbacks from viewers
Katerina was 16 december on Feast in Time of Plague

The play "Feast during the plague" after the play of the great poet - A.S. Pushkin on the stage of the educational theater GITIS very colorful and unusual, actual performance! Performance-emotion. All that the guys do on the stage will not leave anyone indifferent. The guys are very talented !!! Performance musical, with a very beautiful vocals, while very short (only 40 minutes) - looks at one go! Unusual production completely conveys the spirit and feelings of people of those terrible events! And makes us think, is it really bad in our country? Or maybe we should be grateful that we live ?! And for this I highly recommend to view! You can see the poster on the website

Irina was 27 march on Meshchan

Great. Thanks to the young actors and everyone who participated in the production of this performance. Emotion, sincerity, unusual reading. The performance is long and complex. I strongly advise.

Oksana was 19 february on Unknown Tchaikovsky

My friend and I visited this theater for the first time and were pleasantly surprised by the performance "Unknown Tchaikovsky"! The original production, the actors are all wonderful, talented! Amazingly beautiful voices of girls! For us this performance was a joyful discovery that we have very talented youth and we will come with interest to see other performances. Thank you from the bottom of the heart!

Anna was 13 may on In jazz, only girls

The performance is thoughtful and stylish, but it lacks flesh, but not literally! and the work of the stage designer for the removal of the caesura "the arrival of the artist-care from the scene," many children lack the power of playing in such a spacious room. The course is talented, there are real stars, directors -4. Thank you for the performance!

Aleksandr was 12 november on In jazz, only girls

The performance was liked, live music, voices, a convenient hall

Ekaterina was 29 october on In jazz, only girls

A stunning performance !!! Very talented

Marina was 12 december on In jazz, only girls

On December 12th my husband and I visited the play "In Jazz Only Girls" at the GITIS Theater - they had a rest together) In this theater for the 2nd time and both times in ecstasy! Actors are laid out under the full program, play from the heart! Great costumes and improvisations with the audience left no one indifferent! Thank you very much! 🌺

Nataliya was 12 november on In jazz, only girls

Yesterday we visited the new stage of GITIS, "Only girls are in jazz". A very comfortable modern theater: a chic spacious lobby, comfortable lounge, it is perfectly visible from any point. Incendiary production, live music on stage (piano, saxophone, double bass, drummer), beautiful voices of artists. We really enjoyed. Thank you so much for such a wonderful Saturday night!

Mihail was 06 october on Meshchan

Excellent. Very "live" performance, talented young actors, good staging. Everything in moderation, careful attitude to the author. Very sincere.

Aleksandra was 09 october on Class-concert

Class-concert of the 3rd course of actors V.Andreev from the category "what we learned". I recommend the fans of the theater, as well as without fail those who want to connect their lives with the theater-entrants of the theater universities.

Elena was 23 september on Class-concert

I liked it a lot, thank you! Classical concerts at the githis are always at the level of

Anastasiya was 17 february on Unknown Tchaikovsky

Many thanks for the opportunity to visit the play "Unknown Tchaikovsky". Were with my mother, both received a lot of positive emotions. It's very pleasant after the hard day so it's nice to spend the evening. Many thanks to the Single Family and the theater administration.

Anastasiya was 17 february on Unknown Tchaikovsky

Many thanks for the opportunity to visit the play "Unknown Tchaikovsky". Were with my mother, both received a lot of positive emotions. It's very pleasant after the hard day so it's nice to spend the evening. Many thanks to the Single Family and the theater administration.

Ol`ga was 25 september on Theater "At the Bridge" Cripple with Inishmana

During the pre-festive tour of the Theater "U Mosta" that took place in Moscow, I was fortunate to see 3 plays based on McDonagh's plays: "The Lonely West", "The Skull of Connemara" and "The Cripple from Inishman". McDonagh, although a fashionable author, but this is not at all entertaining stuff. But all three productions look on the same breath. To say that I enjoyed it would be, perhaps, pale. I would define this as, no, not a shock, I do not want to break into pathos, but a meeting with the Theater. What a wonderful director's work and acting! Adjusted intonations, thought out mise-en-scenes, light, scenery .... It was a feeling that the air in the hall thickened and it was even hard to inhale it. The public (and the small hall of the GITIS-Theater was crowded, the spectators did not even have enough chairs, some looked standing) was quieted to a ringing in the ears. Even if we consider that there were hardly random people in the hall (no one has ever rang a mobile phone, it's a rarity and this is an indicator of the "quality" of the audience, it seems to me), still impressive when the stage and the hall are on the same wave. And the director Sergei Fedotov a separate respect: the plays could be put on the "modern", with the creative and "creative" findings - the text and the plot all allow it. And the fact that the performance is made in the classical style, somewhere even with deliberate theatrical convention, only reinforces the impression. These are performances that you want to watch more than once. Bravo!

Elena was 25 september on Theater "At the Bridge" Cripple with Inishmana

One of the best productions from all seven McDonagh's performances, staged by Sergei Fedotov on the stage of the Theater "At the Bridge"!

Igor` was 25 september on Theater "At the Bridge" Cripple with Inishmana

A wonderful production and a great game of artists! Full room, including side chairs. Be sure to come on the next tour.

Elena was 02 february on Theater "At the Bridge" Cripple with Inishmana

Definitely, the play "for the lover." There can be no indisputable advantages and disadvantages in such a thing as theater, however, I dare to express subjective opinion. The description does not lie: the theater company "At Most" really revives the traditions of classical theater. With the definition of "experimental" you can argue. Still, with such a reliable and thorough transmission of characters' images, there is simply no place for an experiment. Actually, the actors really want (and most importantly - it turns out!) To believe: the roles are performed in a flash-bright manner, without search and "replay". Vasily Skidanov deserves a separate applause for his role as a cripple. According to the experienced defectologist, who knows firsthand what people with "deviations" look like, the realism of the performance is on top. A similar "realism" explains the complexity of the perception of the production. The oppressive atmosphere of the play itself leaves a heavy residue. And its duration fixes a feeling of despair, lack of choice. Throughout the time you are immersed in a viscous swamp of lack of culture, darkness, poverty, small gossip and monotony. Due to these features, the play is not suitable for everyone. Connoisseurs of acting and adherents of the philosophy of existentialism will undoubtedly enjoy themselves. Those who are looking for emotions in the theater can not withstand one act.

Marina was 25 september on Theater "At the Bridge" Cripple with Inishmana

Incredible play of actors, for the heroes you experience as for your and your loved ones. Stunning performance - from start to finish in one breath. What a pity that this theater is so rarely in Moscow. Thank you very much, come more often!

Elena was 15 april on Theater "Near the Bridge" Pannochka

I, of course, expected it to be a very good theater, and a terrific performance ... But ... I want to say that this is some kind of new kind of theater, I have not seen anything like it in Moscow lately, although I often go there. The plot of the play itself, the staging, the actors' play, the scenery and special effects, do not let go of what is happening on the stage not for a second. BRAVO! At the same time, it's a pity for the actress who plays Pannochka (witch), because I'm afraid that such a degree of reincarnation negatively affects a person's mental state.

Only for children
Only adults
117393, Москва, Академика Пилюгина ул., 2
02 h 30 min

The beautiful and strong Ermak, the towboat of merchant merchant Gordeev, swiftly rushes downstream, and on both sides it slowly moves towards him the banks of the Volga, - the left, all bathed in the sun, moves down to the edge of the sky like a lush green carpet, and the right one waved his skulls to the sky, overgrown with wood, and froze in a harsh rest.

A broad-chested river stretched between them, the water flowed silently, solemnly and unhurriedly; the mountain shore is reflected in them by a black shadow, and on the left side it is decorated with gold and green velvet sandy edges of shallows, wide meadows. Here and there, along the mountain and in the meadows, are the villages, the sun shines on the windows of the huts and on the brocade of thatched roofs, the gray crosses of the churches shine in the green of the trees, the gray wings of the mills spin lazily in the air, the smoke from the factory's pipe curls in sky. Crowds of children in blue, red and white shirts, standing on the shore, followed by loud screams steamer, awakened the silence on the river, from under its wheels at the feet of children run gay waves. Here a lot of guys sat down in a boat, they hastily rowed to the middle of the river to rock on the waves. From the water, the tops of the trees are seen, sometimes whole piles of them are flooded with spills and stand among the waves like islands. Somewhere from the shore a heavy sigh brings a melancholy song:

- 0-e-oh-oh-oh-o-o-one!

The steamship overtakes the rafts, splashing them with a wave. The logs walk under the strokes of running waves; raftsmen in blue shirts, staggering on their feet, looking at the steamer, laughing and shouting something. The burly beautiful Beliana goes sideways along the river; The yellow tes, loaded on it, shines with gold and dimly reflects in the muddy spring water. The passenger steamer goes to meet and whistles - a booming echo of the whistle hides in the forest, in the gorges of the mountain shore, dies there. In the middle of the river, waves of two ships collide, they beat against their sides, and the ships sway. On the gentle slope of the mountain shore, green carpets are planted with winter crops, brown strips of earth under the steam and black ones - plowed under the spring. Birds, with small dots, curl over them, clearly visible on the blue canopy of the sky; the herd grazes not far away, - from afar it seems to be a toy; A small figure of a shepherd stands leaning on a tree and looks at the river.

Everywhere shine, space and freedom, fun green meadows, a gently clear blue sky; in the calm movement of water, a restrained force senses, in the sky above it shines the generous sun of May, the air is filled with the sweet smell of coniferous trees and fresh foliage. And the banks all meet, caressing their eyes and soul with their beauty, and all the new pictures open to them.

Duration 2,5 hours with intermission.

Workshop of People's Artist of Russia Yashin S.I.


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