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Feedbacks from viewers
Nataliya was 25 february on OPERAINERS

Hard performance, which reflects the unsightly reality, deepened by the bright play of actors. Maxim Averin at the height of temperament, challenge and tragedy!

Nataliya was 29 december on Bench

So two lonelies met, and ridiculous and bitterly aware of this reality ... Good acting work.

Konstantin was 30 november on Peter Bence - The Awesome Piano

Peter Bence is a genius and is noisy. The concert was awesome!

Tat`yana was 29 august on La Scala & the Bolshoi Theater

The concert was magnificent! Wonderful voices of Italian and Russian singers! But I liked Russian more. Practically, all the animation accompaniment of the concert on the screen was out of place and tasteless. Its size and bright colors distracted attention from the performers, because it was impossible to remove from the field of view. Unless to look in a ceiling. It's a pity...

Irina was 16 jule on MoscowBoys

Very professionally staged performance. Boys - musicians, actors, athletes, and in general are very talented! I have never seen such a thing, it is completely new, and at the same time it's a classic! Go all - you will not regret! Super!!!!

Nailya was 08 june on The eldest son

The performance is magnificent. Shocked by the game Viktor Sukhorukov. It has such an innocence, naturalness and touchingness. Agrippina Steklov plays very well. I recommend to look at the. Take great pleasure from the company's actors in the evening. Theater of Hope Babkina also made the best impression.

Visitor was 28 may on Maxim Averin The Nutcracker

I want to express my gratitude to Maxim Viktorovich for his talent, for his charisma, for his wonderful smile that warms me with his warmth. Visited yesterday performance in MMDM. It was something not ordinary. Maxim Viktorovich Actor with a capital letter. Thank you very much for being there, and please us ordinary people with your talent. It would be more such actors.

Dina was 21 may on Love story. The Comedy of Mistakes

Kind time of the day! From the performance I got great pleasure! The actors play is gorgeous! Bravo! Khodchenkova is a STAR! Ustyugov-GREAT! HUGE TALENTS! Such happiness and luck that I visited the play. Thank you very much to the actors and creators !!!! I recommend! It is a pity that he does not often happen.

Tat`yana was 20 december on The Cherry Orchard

One of the best performances I've watched. A terrific performance of actors! The characters, the spirit of the time, the state of the nobility and the reasons that led to the revolution were very well conveyed. Classical production. This is a performance that you want and you can watch more than once!

Tat`yana was 20 december on The Cherry Orchard

This performance is good for schoolchildren who study Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's art, as well as for everyone who loves Russian literature.

Tamara was 28 december on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

Tamara The play is so ... that you wake up the next day in the morning and ask yourself "What was That ?!" Because you are so overwhelmed by this improbable on the energy presented by the actor on the stage obsession of real life, that you leave after the performance and you soar in this saturated with love, laughter and poetry to the World. In you, the taste for adventure, adventure awakens. I want to break this world like a ripe watermelon and eat, biting into the sweetest heart, choking with juice and tears of childish puppy joy from returning to the present. He is the real play. Go on! You will not regret! And for all 1000 percent of it makes such a Maxim Averin)

Elena was 28 december on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

For all who love the poetry of life. For all who seek the inspiration to live. For all. Indifferent after this performance there. The love of life is a contagious disease, which in the play of Maxim Averin is transmitted by airborne way from the soul to the soul, from his huge loving heart to the hearts that came to his play.

Visitor was 16 september on "Jubilee of necessity"

My dream was fulfilled in 2014, I saw Olga Mikhailovna alive! This dream lasted from 1972, after the release of the film "The Dawns Here Are Quiet ...". This film has turned my whole life. Olga Mikhailovna, I love you very much, for talent, for beauty! Live forever, play forever, health to you and family happiness!

Anna was 25 may on Scissors

Easy, interactive performance. A wonderful game on stage, you are at the very epicenter of events! Thank you!

Alina was 23 may on Chapaev and the Void

Went with the mother to the play! Great! Mikhail Efremov is so real, alive! Time flies by unnoticed! I advise everyone to see the performance! Bravo!!!

Sergey was 23 may on Chapaev and the Void

Misha plays incredibly, with laughter without habit, tears flow. It is necessary to look alive.

Alina was 19 april on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

Maxim Averin is a man-orchestra! So it is harmonious in any images. His solo performance is a real work of art. You can both cry and laugh! All I advise you to look.

Alina was 24 april on Free love

Beautiful love story! Brilliant play of actors. The play takes place in one breath. I watched 2 times already and I'll definitely go.

Il`ya was 19 april on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

Many people think that this is mainly for women. But besides charisma and charm, Maxim has an excellent multi-faceted talent! In the play there are many shades, plots, and meanings! I really liked the part about Lyudmila Gurchenko. I recommend everyone to go and see Maxim's game. After his roles in the cinema it was very interesting and pleasant to see on stage.

Sergey was 01 jule on Latest

Very impressive is the new interpretation of the play "The Last" by Maxim Gorky. The new reading by the young director Nikita Kobelev of events of a century ago in one family looks surprisingly topical and fresh especially now, when financial and other problems have escalated, the concepts of Honor and Conscience have acquired a special character and acuity! As always, at the height of the game of our stars of the Theater and Cinema Galina Belyaeva and Anatoly Lobotsky, the youth in the person of Polina Lazareva and Vladimir Guskov did not disappoint, it is very touching the game of Julia Solomatina! Well done! I strongly advise you to go and enjoy the game of Real Artists! A decent shift grows in Mayakovka!

Sergey was 24 april on Free love

Dyuzhev in this play, as a young romantic. Impressions from the performance words can not convey! Need to repeat!

Alina was 23 may on Players

Cheerful and very easy performance. Went with my husband, they laughed heartily!

Uliya was 19 april on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

Who was not, go! You will not regret! Such a charge of energy, kindness, love and cheerfulness! Maxim Bravo !!!

Alina was 19 may on Bench

I like Gosha Kutsenko and Ira Apeksimov very much. And in this performance they are alone on stage. A funny comedy about men and women, their relationship. You can even see yourself in some scenes))) I advise everyone!

Tat`yana was 19 april on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

When a person loves his work, everything turns out to be easy and beautiful, but behind this ease is hard work and the desire to convey to the viewer the truth in which the actor believes. Sometimes it's not easy to get to the mind and the heart of a man, but Maxim Averin succeeds, because he has "Everything begins with love," and this love is shared with everyone, and from this the world becomes better and kinder. Talented, hardworking, generous, sincere Maxim Averin. Thank you! PS Maxim, the rose you threw in the hall, gave roots and germinated, and now, when the outside is cold and snowy, I have a blossoming miracle on the window-sill.

Marina was 25 may on Scissors

Interactive action and a beautiful game of all artists involve the whole hall in an active investigation. Even in the intermission the artists stay on the stage and interact with the spectators. It is necessary to see. Very recommend! We left in a beautiful Mood. Thanks.

Evgeniy was 19 april on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

I liked the performance! Maxim tried very hard and showed on stage, it seems, everything - and he sang, and read poetry, and recited, and danced! Everything is interesting, all in one breath, it was impossible to be bored! For complete happiness, I would like to catch a rose for the girl, but this is probably the next time :))

Tat`yana was 19 may on Bench

Do you want to laugh, cheer yourself up? Go to the "Bench" - a good, lively performance! Such a situation could well occur and, perhaps, even someone is familiar, because life is full of unexpected turns and meetings. The best confirmation is the constant laughter in the hall. Gosha Kutsenko and Irina Apeksimova are great!

Marina was 27 october on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

Great performance. 2 hours passed by not noticeably. There is much to laugh at and think about. After these in the evening, you understand that you need to love the work that you are doing, but otherwise why then do it! M. Averin - well done and clever, a huge positive !! A smile .....))))))

Anton was 31 may on The eldest son

The legendary work of Vampilov. Beautiful actor's ensemble. I watched the performance more than once, and still in the finale there are tears in my eyes. It is necessary to look !!!

Anton was 19 april on M. Averin - "Everything begins with love. Continuation »

When there is only one artist on the stage, it's scary to get on the "naphthalene" "creative evening". It turned out that this is MONOPLEVEL. Did not spare a moment !!!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Тверской б-р., 23
02 h 00 min


tragicomedy based on a play by Florian Zeller
The following people are involved in the performance: Sergey Makovetsky, Marina Alexandrova,
Anatoly Rudenko / Danil Ivanov, Maria Ryschenkova / Daria Ursulyak,
Ivan Brovin, Polina Vitorgan / Nadezhda Lumpova
Director: Mikhail Teplitsky
Artist: Alexander Lisyansky
Translation: Ilya Imenitov

The protagonist of the play Andre is 80 years old, once upon a time he was a dancer. He lives in Paris with his daughter Anna and her husband Antoine. Or was Andre an engineer whose daughter lives in London with her new boyfriend Pierre? And why is he still in his pajamas, and can not find his watch ?! So many strange things are happening around and all these people are acting so strange! But be that as it may, Andre knows very well that he is still a strong man, and will find a way to defend his innocence. In the end, he is not weak-witted, everything is working fine for him ... Isn’t he?

Papa is a realistic family story that keeps viewers in emotional tension from the very beginning. This is an amazing mixture of drama and comedy with elements of mysticism. Sergei Makovetsky and Marina Alexandrova tell the story of a father and daughter trying to realize the changes that are taking place with a person who is beginning to rapidly lose control of his mind.

The author of the play, Florian Zeller, is the star of modern French drama. Performances of his plays are in many theaters around the world. In 2014, for the play “Papa”, Zeller was awarded the Moliere Prize, the main theater award in France. Performances on it were held with great success in Paris, London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and hundreds of other cities.


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