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Moscow Drama Theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan

Feedbacks from viewers
Lola was 11 october on Lonely West

I recommend! The performance is one of the best that I've watched lately! A few days was impressed! The game of actors fascinates! I agree with the author of the previous review - Mikhail Zheleznov fascinated his game! A bow and thank you to everyone who participated in the creation of this performance !!! All on the "Lonely West!" "

Marina was 28 september on Lonely West

Descend necessarily! We were yesterday, still do not let go. Insanely talented Mikhail Zheleznov! From his game it is impossible to tear himself away, he literally lives on stage, talently rotating to the audience a lot of faces of his hero. A very difficult hero! However, like everything at McDonagh. We necessarily go to other productions with his participation.

Evgeniya was 29 september on CHUMA ON BOTH YOUR HOME ...

The performance really liked! the play is delicious!

Angela was 03 june on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Feedback on the play "We are waiting far, far away, not here." For the first time I was at the theater in August 2016 at this insanely talented performance in all respects !!! Dramaturgy, actors' play, musical design, scenery - everything is harmonious !!! I write and understand that until you see this Action, this my comment will be just an empty sound compared to the energy costs of the actors, the whole production group, with those emotions, new thoughts, feelings that are born to the viewer (I am personally speaking of myself) about Time and after viewing !!! Many thanks to the author of this dramatic story based on the stories of the Nobel Prize winner IB Zinger, director - director Yuri Klepikov and a brilliant cast! Especially I want to mention Stanislav Evenov, because he played the role of an elderly man twice his age than the actor himself, and did it so that he would not believe that he was about 40 instead of 80 years old!)))

Tat`yana was 02 june on Vassa

Vassa. What associations causes this word? First of all, of course, Gorky's famous play and her heroine. And, probably, among the people of the middle generation, the name of Vassa is connected, basically, with the name of Inna Churikova, who played it brilliantly. There were many statements of this play, and famous actresses played Vasya. Therefore, to enter the stage in the image of the heroine of this play is a bold step. And I must say that the actress of the theater Armen Dzhigarkhanyan Xenia Khudob succeeded, in my opinion, to be a real Wasso - strong, tough, at the same time deeply feeling, and because of all this very unhappy woman. Later, after seeing Xenia's photo, How well this tough young Vassa played this young actress. The rest of the characters lost on the background of Vassy, ​​as well as in the play. I also really liked that there were real normal decorations that created the right environment. It was the first performance that I watched in the theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and I think that I will come here again.

Uliya was 14 april on We are expected far, far away, not here.

The performance really liked! The actors played sensually. Breathtaking spirit. Thank you!

Elena was 02 june on Vassa

Interesting, but would not go a second time ... not mine. But the game Xenia Khudby is delicious. Necessarily descending on it again.

Ol`ga was 02 june on Vassa

Great acting game! Bravo!!! Time flew by. I recommend.

Evgeniya was 20 september on Vassa

All the depth of the author's idea is conveyed with a great matchless game of Xenia Khuda. And in general, all the actors on the level. The performance was watched in one breath and did not notice how the time passed. I highly recommend it.

Anton was 09 april on We are expected far, far away, not here.

And the plot and the play are very much like. A wonderful game of actors. It was something to laugh at and reflect on.

Natal`ya was 02 june on Vassa

A wonderful performance that can not leave anyone indifferent! I especially want to mention the game of the female part of the troupe: Ksenia Khudoby, Olga Kuzina, Nadezhda Selivanova, Maria Kozlova. Very convincing, very real, strong, sad, sometimes funny, but extremely vital. About the actress Khudobe did not know before. Sitting in the 13th row, I was sure that Vasus was played by a fifty-year-old woman. What was my amazement when later I found out that Xenia was a young girl! This is a real talent, a real art! Also inspired by Olga Kuzina. She is simply charming, from her there is some kind of incredible magnetism. A pleasant surprise was that the performance was watched by Armen Borisovich Dzhigarkhanyan. It's amazing to see such a wonderful artist in the next row. His theater was a wonderful discovery for me. Now I want to see all the productions and bring my husband and friends with me. Separately, I want to note the affordable prices for tickets, a small cozy auditorium and a wonderful inexpensive buffet, which sells just divine cakes with cherries!

Valeriya was 02 june on Vassa

Emotionally difficult performance. Very unpredictable, explosive Vassa Zheleznova. Watching the play, you understand that Russian history is quite cyclical. I strongly recommend this performance. Since the emotional component has a significant shade of the grotesque, it is easy to relate what happens in your life to what is happening on stage.

Aida was 25 december on We are expected far, far away, not here.

First of all, we want to mark (with my husband) a wonderful aura of the theater itself. Impression that you are a direct participant of the action itself. The play gave an opportunity to think deeply about the depth of the relationship, because love is not in the sphere of feelings, which are very changeable, but in relation to people. The artists have coped with this task admirably. Thank you. We wish the theater prosperity and creative sold-out. I want to come to the play with the participation of Armen Borisovich "Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca"

Sergey was 18 january on Vassa

The performance is excellent! The game of actors (all without exception) is excellent, the energy was the strongest! All two hours of the play were just one breath away! I drew attention to the opinion of other viewers, reviews after the performance and a positive statement about the play developed not only with my wife, but also with many others! In addition to good staging, a huge plus is the availability of ticket prices and the convenience of the hall itself. We had seats in the 4th row, and there was a full sense of our own presence in the action, sympathy for the heroes, emotion. Definitely decided that we will definitely visit other performances at the Theater of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan.

Mikhail was 14 november on Vassa

Thanks a huge performance and the actors' game was very pleased we will be happy to visit again the theater of Armen Borisovich

Dmitriy was 03 june on We are expected far, far away, not here.

I liked the performance very much. Excellent acting of actors

Anna was 02 june on Vassa

Recently visited the play "Vassa" in the theater under the direction of A. Dzhigarkhanyan. I liked it very much, I recommend it, my friends. Very much! Pervasive! And it's not about the revolution ... About love and parasites ... Very strong cast, played out everything - every gesture, every little thing. Vassa is an actress Kseniya Khuduba is a powerful game, and one can not even believe that a girl looking at a photo on the theater's website and Vassa on stage are one and the same person. Xenia is a smiling, kind and Vassa - a bundle of nerves, subordinating herself to everyone and everyone. Bravo!! I will also mention the performers of non-main roles, for example, the servant Polina (played by actress Dan Nazarova) - the role is only with a couple of remarks and appearances on the stage ... But Dana made her very memorable: in tongue, gestures, and glazischy! Of the 5 series all-all and without words it was clear. Thank you, dear actors and actresses !! And it is unfortunate that the hall was not completely filled. I will recommend this performance to all my friends.

Anna was 14 november on Vassa

Bravo! Gentlemen of the actors! Bravo! Producer! I highly recommend that you watch this performance for all theatergoers. Looks at the "one breath". A random live game is mesmerizing. Once again, BRAVO, gentlemen!

Tat`yana was 03 june on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Went with friends. Pleasure is indescribable !!!! Stanislav Evenov and Svetlana Makarova - a miracle duet! Vitaly Chetkov and Uliana Chilindin-thank you so much! And what dances, costumes! Delight full! In general, a very good theater, everything is cozy, comfortable! And the democratic prices for tickets! I highly recommend, and it's not long to go, from the metro station, on foot it's literally 10 minutes.

Ol`ga was 03 december on We are expected far, far away, not here.

For a simple seemingly a history, very common, many different meanings: both direct and philosophical, for each hero. For each of them "not here" means something different, for each time and age these "relationships with finding oneself" will be different. About how 20 years ago and today "the same" situations, relationships and people can be perceived, that our decisions and reactions to what is happening will be different than before, we only get old and go through the path of Life. But it is worth it, together with Her "gifts" or "punishments." And what is considered so, everyone sifts himself ...

Elena was 19 october on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Unparalleled performance, an excellent performance of actors, received with the husband a great pleasure. The problem of loneliness, which not everyone can cope with is solved strongly, with longing and at the same time with humor.

Daniil58 was 05 april on Vassa

Got great fun! Last 5 years did not go to the theater, I thought that in Moscow a complete paralysis of creativity. But no! It's played clean, fresh, truthful! Rejoiced like a child posing! Accept from me and my two daughters a low bow to the theater company and Armen Wise.

Ludmila was 08 may on We are expected far, far away, not here.

A wonderful performance! Excellent actors! We got great pleasure! Thank you!

Denis was 08 may on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Thank you for your attention to my opinion! The actors played remarkably, looked with pleasure, laughed heartily. But I expected more from the production with this name. Greater philosophical depth, or something. I wish the theater success and congratulations on the holiday!

Tat`yana was 02 march on Vassa

Thank you for the performance

Aleksandra was 30 march on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Very tragic and touching performance, my husband and I enjoyed watching.

Elena was 03 may on Vassa

A wonderful professional performance of actors is a very high-quality work

Elena was 23 february on Vassa

The staging and acting of the actors are wonderful. They had a great time. Elena.

Tat`yana was 07 february on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Thank you very much! My husband and I enjoyed watching this performance! We will advise all our friends to see your performance. We wish good luck and prosperity to the theater!

Nataliya was 07 february on We are expected far, far away, not here.

A terrific performance !!! I liked it !!!

Kseniya was 26 january on We are expected far, far away, not here.

I expected more, I decided to start an acquaintance with the theater, having read about "Man of the Year 5768" for this performance. The performance was weak-Solovyova played well, only because of her sat to the end. From the first row, look hard-men Play badly, make-up does not give the necessary age. I live close by, so I'll probably give another chance to this theater-I plan to visit Pygmalion.

Tat`yana was 02 january on We are expected far, far away, not here.

Admired by the play of artists!

Ekaterina was 03 june on We are expected far, far away, not here.

For a long time and was going to go to the play theater. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan "We are waiting far away, not here," but everything did not turn out. At the end of December, I finally managed to do it. Long "fees" and expectations were justified !! The performance is stunning, "turning inside out", grazing deeply and for a long time! Actors play with such ease and at the same time to wear, with their whole body and soul !! Emotions overwhelm up to now! I recommend watching the play to all my friends!

Zoya was 22 december on Vassa

Great setting. In the first act, the actors' game was a little uneven, in the second - great. I would especially like to mention the game of the holy fool's daughter Vassy

Tat`yana was 07 november on We are expected far, far away, not here.

I liked very much, thank you very much!

Veronika was 15 december on We are expected far, far away, not here.

This is a very good performance! Thank you very much to the actors and the theater!

Alevtina was 17 november on Vassa

Were at the play on November 17, 2012, the performance was stunning, the actors' performance was beyond praise, the whole evening was impressed, i.e. The mood fell, as the story itself is tragic and the actors managed to convey the whole tragedy of a strong woman with their game. The only thing that did not quite understand why "phantasmagoria" ... were fantastic moments, but I can not say that it was unusual or very "magical", "fabulous". The performance is very similar to the film by Vassa Zheleznova with I. Churikova in the title role, I would like to see on the stage a new, excellent vision of the director.

Ol`ga was 10 june on Tram "Desire"

Oh, and this "Tram Desire" surprised me. I already saw one of the performances of director Sergei Vinogradov "The Queen of Beauty" with the beautiful Tatyana Mukhina. And I, certainly, waited for something bright and from "Tram Desire", but did not even expect that the performance would surprise me so deeply and so deeply penetrate inside. So much so that even the music, which caused a small tremor in my body, sounded in me for two more days. So the performance lived in me, vibrating and resonating. And first of all she was surprised by BLANC DUBOU (Oksana Golubeva). I really did not expect to see a female vamp on this place. Stylish clothes, glasses, bright makeup. This woman, it would seem, knows everything: to keep herself, to hold her face and masterfully manipulate others. Thick armor in the form of an unconscious egoism, beautiful lies and old "barbaric" habits securely conceals from the people the real Blanche. Broken, entangled, lost the last strength and soil underfoot. Created by Oksana Golubeva Blanche reminded me of an old children's toy in the form of a closed flower, hiding inside the inch. As soon as you press the lever, the petals open, revealing the thin defenseless figure of a little girl. And in the minutes when the petals of the armor suddenly opened another Blanche, it seemed that the amount of air in the hall was sharply reduced. Yes, this Blanche shock. Yes, it is unusual, unusual, but it is surprisingly harmonious and complete. And you do not get pissed at it, no. To her, you get respect and sympathy. And respect first of all, forgiving all of its weaknesses, including craving for alcohol and confusion in my head. The second surprised STANLEY KOVALSKY (Anatoly Kot). The same Anatoly Cat, who played the brilliant doctor-ophthalmologist Mr. Rice in the play "Molly" in an impeccably sewn suit, appears in the "Tram Desire" as an absolutely indomitable Stanley. The ideal Stanley, impetuous, direct, ruthless, not cruel, namely ruthless, as if he simply lacks a part of the brain responsible for pity. Stanley, who is as he is and lives as he can. Strong, solid, straightforward and coarse. And the present. I am ready to understand and accept this Stanley. So, as Stella takes it. Especially, when in it as on a click, as a blow of a current suddenly breaks tenderness. Shchyaschaya, genuine tenderness. And what about STELLA (Maria Kozlova)? Stella as befits a younger sister. Weaker, more defenseless, more dependent. But at the same time it has its own core, tact, and ability to compromise. And knows how to love. All of them. The fine figure of Maria Kozlova continuously moved around the stage like a whirlwind, then like a butterfly. Beautiful and touching Stella, left a taste of regret only in the final scene. Well, and MITCH (Ibrahim Gagiev). Which for some reason was especially unfortunate. Very, very nice Mitch from Ibrahim Gagiev. In general, I desperately recommend this performance!

Irina was 12 june on Twelve months

A wonderful performance. Funny and witty mise-en-scenes. A special emphasis is placed on the educational aspects. I was with my granddaughter for 5 years. Children-spectators take an active part in the course of action. The granddaughter handed over flowers to the actress she liked, who played the capricious princess, and expressed her desire to come to this theater many more times.

Ol`ga was 11 june on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

A wonderful performance, looked at one breath and children and adults. Especially remember the image of a flirtatious fox deceiver and a kind, nice grandmother with a gun. Thanks to all the actors.

Vera was 04 june on Fairy tales of the scientist cat.

Pleasant performance. Went with a child of 4 years. He understood everything, laughed. It was not tedious and not boring for both children and adults. I recommend.

Vladimir was 04 june on Fairy tales of the scientist cat.

Cool, dynamic, interesting performance! It was the child's first acquaintance with the theater. So to speak, they opened the door to the theater for her ... We all really liked it. Thank you. Also, thanks to BigBilet ... everything is clear and prompt.

Igor` was 03 january on Anonymous star.

Dear! 3.01.17 attended the performance "Nameless Star", tickets were ordered through the Bigbilet service. The procedure for ordering a ticket through your service is very pleased. Everything is simple, understandable, and most importantly quickly. There were no problems. And in the future we plan to use your service. Your team - happy new year and good luck in your future work. The performance was liked, the actors tried, the spectators had a full hall. The theater itself left a good impression, especially the auditorium is very comfortable - it is clearly visible and audible from almost any place. We wish the theater staff successes in the new year and full halls at all performances. Good luck to you, Igor, Lyuba.

Natal`ya was 11 june on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

Have received with the son of 5 years a great pleasure! The stage design, music, costumes of the characters, their game, everything is excellent! Even come to this theater with a child, I love when everything is done professionally. Thank you.

Tat`yana was 12 june on Anonymous star.

Hello, dear creators of the play The Nameless Star! Happy New Year! It was with great pleasure that we watched the performance on December 31, 2016. From the very first minutes of my stay at the theater, I realized that I was bored by the magical atmosphere that used to prevail in classical theaters. Staff, decoration of the foyer, hall, magnificent scenery.Of course, this is the production and the actors' play.Thanks to the whole staff of the theater !!!! You are real professionals! Successes to you!

Aleksandra was 12 november on Anonymous star.

A beautiful, cheerful and slightly sad performance with wonderful artists. The head of the station Annenkov is incomparable, as does Sakhat Dursunov in the role of Grieg and Madame Kuku (Kseniya Khuduba). Mona, performed by Maria Kozlova and Teacher (Sergei Vinogradov) in the first act "replayed" and could not enter into the image, in the second, the playfulness went away and the play was looked at in one breath. The scenery, the sounds of the train, music, the illumination of the stars is a real theater, one that many people like and are used to. Compared with the film of the same name, the play "Nameless Star" I personally liked much more. There is more optimism in it, but there is also something to think about. Sitting at the edge in the 6th row of the stalls, it was very nice. And in general the theater hall is very comfortable with a good lift, it will be seen well from everywhere. On the first 2 rows I would not take tickets, since the scene is on a small elevation

Inna was 03 june on Molly

I liked the performance very much! The actors play is fascinating. After the performance there is a long aftertaste - everything is multilayered and ambiguous. I highly recommend those who love THEATER. I liked the theater itself - the atmosphere is emotional. Thanks to Armen Borisovich for his professional team!

Tat`yana was 09 june on Cafe "Life in a pink light"

The performance is magnificent!

Elena was 11 june on "Jeanne d'Arc-the White Crow"

On September 24 we were at the premiere of the musical "Jeanne d'Arc - the White Crow" at the Moscow Drama Theater under the direction of. Armen Dzhigarkhanyan. The action of the musical touches on a very important period of history between France and England - the 100th Summer War. Joan of Arc is a white crow, because she is a leader, not like the rest of the French, resigned to defeat and mired in sins. Jeanne set a goal - to fight for the freedom of France, and thus rallied the French people. However, when the goal was achieved, the political system spat it out as a well-established mechanism, the people renounced it, and it was hanged. The story of Joan of Arc, the liberation virgin of France, although it occurred in the 15th century, still does not lose its relevance today. The musical raises important questions about the important for the person and his choice, about love, about the aggressive world and the place of man in it. For many, the main character will seem obsessive and too proud, because she refuses at first from the award, then from her life in the name of France's freedom. However, Joan of Arc could not do otherwise - such was her destiny. Voices, music, humor, costumes, actors, choreography - everything was on top. During the viewing, we felt the tingle of happiness and joy, go and see for yourself!

Ol`ga was 10 june on Tram "Desire"

Went with her husband on this production on November 25. We are delighted with the performance, from the actors' play: bright real emotions. Blanche performed by Oksana Golubeva is magnificent: from an arrogant bitch to an unhappy woman with a strained nerve. I really like this actress. And a little about the earth: with pin-code at the entrance no problems, tickets printed out quickly. In the theater hall it is easy to breathe, the air conditioning works well.

Lena was 26 may on Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca.

I liked the performance! It is a great honor to see A.Dzhigarkhanyan, despite the fact that the main role is not his, but Nero in the brilliant performance of Cyril Anisimov. I had no special difficulties in understanding the plot, although I did not read the works about that historical period.

Angela was 09 june on Cafe "Life in a pink light"

Funny story ... So it is presented for the viewer. But it not only amuses, but also makes you think ... After all, the situation and cheer sometimes and full of drama! Thank you very much and many ovations to the actors - Stanislav Eveny-u and Anatoliy Kot, with the help of the greatest acting skills and great soul, revealed the complexities and vicissitudes of fate. Yes, and laugh at all from the heart, and worry about the characters - everything here can be in large numbers! We went to the play with her husband - in ecstasy and ecstasy !!! Be sure to repeat it! Anzhelika and Alexei from Moscow.

Igor` was 09 june on Cafe "Life in a pink light"

We watched the performance "The Cafe" Life in the Pink Light. "We received great pleasure.The good staging and wonderful play of Stanislav Eventov and Anatoly Kot created an excellent performance.

Ol`ga was 12 june on Queen of beauty

For the first time we visited this theater (we live on the other side of the city), on February 26, the play "The Queen of Beauty". It's not enough to say that the play really liked it. The impression is great! Deepest production! Now such little. The whole performance (directed by Sergei Vinogradov) is in tension, empathy. The actors' play (Tatyana Mukhina, Maria Solovyova, Ibrahim Gagiev, Mikhail Zheleznov) is beyond praise - very vital, you forget that these are actors. I will definitely come to the theater of Dzhigarkhanyan yet, though far. It's worth it.

Sergey was 12 june on Anonymous star.

Were with my wife on February 21 at a wonderful play "Nameless Star"! We visited this theater for the first time. The theater left the most positive emotions. The play was played in one breath, the actors play deserves the highest ball. And a huge request to the audience - turn off the MOBILE PHONES !!!

Tat`yana was 09 june on Cafe "Life in a pink light"

Director Leo E. Mann said about this performance ... that they wanted to make a funny, touching and profound performance! And THAT HAPPENED!))))) There are only two of them ... they met on her grave ...... one was a husband for many years, for another she was a great love ...... but was she herself happy ???? And did she, Florance, manage to live the life that she wanted, with her dreams and hopes ... Such a life is possible only for a few! The performance is a parable, a play-reflection ..... with two high-class actors: Galpern (Stanislav Evenov) and Johnson (Anatoly Kot) .... How delicious, to watch such a game .... for the play of the soul, for The emotions that cause the creeps, the shivers and tears again about Florence and .... about something about his .... about the pain in the heart, closed from everyone .... .... life is not age, life - This feeling (c) If I were this Florance .... that I would choose? ..... To live your own life or to let things go by themselves ?? .............. Which of them? The one who did not recognize me for many years of marriage, when I had to hide my feelings or someone who simply loved me all these years, respecting and guarding at a distance, sometimes kissed his hand in the glove and went into the shade without disturbing happiness .. .. and communication with which gave the power to live on? For me, the answer to this question, after the performance, is obvious!)) I fell in love again ..... in these two wonderful actors and with great pleasure I will return to this performance and to this theater!)))) Thanks for a wonderful evening!)

Natal`ya was 01 june on CHUMA ON BOTH YOUR HOME ...

Perfectly!!! A great game of actors. THANK YOU!!! It's as if they've been to Italy.

Olga was 03 october on CHUMA ON BOTH YOUR HOME ...

Thank you! The performance is super! An unforgettable feeling, when you do not understand to the end - whether laughter through tears, then, whether sadness atop a smile. A special respect for that guy who was "passing from Jerusalem." Bravo.

Vera was 12 june on Anonymous star.

I've been attending the theater since 2006, a longtime fan. Actors play 200%, after watching, there are always some small clues in the shower.

Tigran was 26 may on Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca.

October 31 were at the play "Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca." Very strong staging of the director Dmitry Isachev, costumes, choreography, musical accompaniment are harmonious with the content of the play. The play of actors immerses in the era of ancient Rome, especially I want to note the magnificent game of Cyril Anisimov in the role of Nero, who in two hours was able to show the whole tragedy of Nero's personality, cruel, dissolute ruler, but at the same time unhappy, because he is the product of his society and era: "from the wolf And she-wolf can only be born a wolf cub "! The role of Seneca in the performance of Armen Djigarkhanyan may not seem as bright as we used to see the master, but this is the staging: here is an old, wise teacher and his bubbling pupil Nero. A very strong performance, which for several days has not let go, makes you remember and think.

Galina was 26 may on Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca.

If you want to get to Dzhigarkhanyan, then this is not the performance. Here the main character is young Nero (Semyon Steinberg). Read reviews about the vulgarity of the play. Gentlemen, the play was staged according to Radzinsky's play, and he always strove to be as close to the historical truth as possible. Let's remember all that we read about Nero ... A profoundly philosophical thing, good director's work, which Semen Steinberg perfectly embodied

Anastasiya was 22 february on Anonymous star.

22/02 went with her husband to this play. I liked the production, especially the second act! A wonderful play of actors, time flew by! Thank you!

Nadegda was 04 june on Fairy tales of the scientist cat.

Beautiful performance. On "The Tale of the Priest and His Worker Balde." My daughter really liked that Balda in the end married his daughter Pop. Daughters of 5 years. Wonderful music. A fine mood in the play.

Natal`ya was 31 january on ugly duck

Thank you very much for the performance! Yesterday I was with a 6-year-old daughter .. I liked it very much !!! Fun, exciting and interesting even for 6 years :))) Now we're going to Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood .. Natasha and Masha

Ekaterina was 11 january on Cafe "Life in a pink light"

01/11/2015 were at the performance of the Cafe "Life in the Pink Light" in the theater of A.Gigarhanyan's theater, I liked the play of actors, Anatoly Kot and Stanislav Evenov, the performance is not tightened, without intermission, there is much to laugh at. I recommend!!!

Oxana was 02 january on Queen of beauty

For the first time they were in this theater, so they were very wary. But! It was an excellent production, the actors played wonderful, laid out in full. They were simply "tortured" with applause :). And the cost, which is pleasantly pleasing, is very low in comparison with other theaters. Highly recommend!

Tat`yana was 28 december on ugly duck

Were at the play with his son of 8 years. The play is more for a detective

Katerina was 12 june on Queen of beauty

I liked the production very much. The performance of the actors is impressive, strong! In this theater 1 series is very good)))) I recommend.

Irina was 02 january on Queen of beauty

A wonderful performance! Good impressions! I liked very much, actors played very well.

Elena was 06 december on ugly duck

A funny performance! Got a lot of fun! The plot of the play is far from the original, it turned out a fairy tale, based on which the main characters from the fairy tale G.Kh. Andersen. And, most importantly, a happy ending, and an unexpected one)))! Thanks to the actors for the wonderful game!

Viktor was 05 november on ugly duck

Well put children's play. My daughter was 7 years old, I had a lot of positive impressions after watching. Many thanks for the good staging. I recommend to look.

Marina was 13 december on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

Went with the child 4 years for the performance on December 13. Despite the fact that the child is insanely emotional and skubutnoy, this view was very quiet and attentive. I recommend the performance to everyone, it is interesting to both children and adults. Actors play at a high level. The hall was completely filled, the basic age of the kids is from 2 to 6 years.

Irina was 22 november on Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca.

Excellent performance is especially good semen Steinberg wanted to see more performances with his participation

Dina was 08 november on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

We were visiting for the first time, we really liked it, we will definitely come again. His son looked very attentively, liked the fox. Many thanks, for positive emotions.

Malsania was 01 november on Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca.

Super!! The performance is wonderful, the actors are on top! I discovered one more place that I will happily visit !!

Ol`ga was 21 september on ugly duck

One of the best children's plays that we saw with my son! Dynamic, bright, emotional, fun, spectacular performance! The costumes are chic, work with the hall, everything was at the highest level. At the same time, tickets could be bought directly before the presentation for more than a democratic price. Thank you!

Natal`ya was 21 september on ugly duck

Feedback enthusiastic! Stunning actors! The child is happy, asks for repetition

Natal`ya was 03 october on Queen of beauty

The play is super

Akheyso was 05 october on ugly duck

I liked very much the children (girls, 5 years) and me and my husband. Excellent game of artists, touching Ugly duckling :) Took tickets for the next performance :)

Ol`ga was 27 september on Fairy tales of the scientist cat.

A wonderful performance, an hour and a half of joy and pleasure, my grandson and I laughed very much for 6 years. Thanks to the actors for their mood, game, inspiration !!!! Once again we felt what a holiday it was! A bright musical with a good play of artists performance!

Anna was 14 september on Fairy tales of the scientist cat.

The performance is excellent! Actors well done. But to organize the work of the wardrobe is worth paying attention, one cloakroom attendant does nothing, the other tears with a huge queue, the child approached asked the jacket, she looked at the number and sent to the queue. All the mood after the performance was spoiled.

Natal`ya was 13 september on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

The play did not like. Stunning mismatch of action and music!

Anna was 10 may on ugly duck

We really enjoyed! And children 9 and 4 years old and adults), thank you so much! The theater of prosperity!

Zoya was 09 may on Cafe "Life in a pink light"

Performance "Cafe" Life in the pink light "we really liked! Thank you for the given emotions, a nice evening spent!

Evgeniya was 11 june on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

The play did not like. It differs from the classical fairy tale that surprised children. Actors play too hysterically, in my opinion. There is a feeling that the entire production is some kind of grotesque. Actors try to communicate with children in the hall, which causes constant noise and distracts from the performance. Children begin to understand that there is no discipline at this performance, as in the classical theater, when there is complete silence in the hall.

Ladyp was 26 may on Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca.

In general, the performance was liked; The subject is complex, it is not easy to disclose the darkest aspects of human nature. They played dignified, vivid, bright, incendiary ... Armen Dzhigarkhanyan is a stalwart - the power of charisma is amazing ...

Elena was 11 may on Fairy tales of the scientist cat.

We went to two families, we really liked it, the children are delighted, everything is wonderful, colorful, interesting. Thank you.

Elena was 01 june on ugly duck

Thank you. It was very fun)))

Lika was 11 may on Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca.

A masterly made performance! Stunning performance of actors, especially Nero. The performance is more relevant than ever, for it shows how alive it was then, and where our society can fall now, if the fall does not stop. Such performances are absolutely necessary! Separately, I would like to note the low level of development in the part of the public, which allowed themselves to behave like in the movies, laughing out of the blue, miss the reaction, in principle. The same trend can be traced to those who "wrote reviews" on the performance on popular sites. If it were only the differences in the tastes of the audience, but when they write in their reviews with grammatical errors, when they do not know the history, they do not know that Seneca's name can be inclined (Seneca, Seneca, Seneca, etc.), then such facts are depressing. Request to the theater staff, with their possible forces to fight for raising the level of culture in their theater. Do during the performance of the remark to viewers who violate etiquette and elementary politeness, to bring offenders from the audience, as is done in some theaters in Moscow.

Anastasia was 24 may on Queen of beauty

Very pleased!

Inna was 24 may on Queen of beauty

I liked the performance very much. Especially great actors play. I will definitely come to you again. Thank you!

Nataliya was 31 may on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

The performance is very interesting, children 6-7 years old are delighted! Many thanks to the actors for working with the audience!

Svetlana was 31 may on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

Thanks to the actors and the theater! My daughter really liked it, she laughed heartily, and we had a great time)))

Margarita was 31 may on The Adventures of the Little Red Riding Hood

We liked the play very much the grandson liked the fox most of all to him 5 years

El`mira was 10 may on ugly duck

Both children and adults liked the event. Thanks to all the staff!

Dmitriy was 26 may on Theater of the times of Nero and Seneca.

A good performance, a young actor in places replayed, but overall the impressions were positive!

Irina was 03 april on Cafe "Life in a pink light"

The performance was magnificent !!! Many thanks for the pleasure !!!

Nikita was 04 april on Queen of beauty

Well done artists!

Uliya was 13 april on Fairy tales of the scientist cat.

Postanovka ne ponravilas.

Aleksandr was 03 april on Cafe "Life in a pink light"

Great performance, the actors' game is on top!

Only for children
Only adults
119048, Москва, Кооперативная ул., 4/15
02 h 20 min

"Molly Sweeney" - a play by contemporary Irish playwright Bryan Friel. This is a story of love and betrayal. The main heroine named Molly, who lost sight in infancy, grew up happy, having learned to know the world with the help of smells, sounds and own sensations.

Molly Sweeney is blind, but not at all unhappy. She lives in her little quiet little world, she has her little secrets and joys. She does not see this world, but she can imagine it. Everything that she touches becomes visible in her imagination. Would she want those roses, to which she likes to touch, suddenly come to life with colors? Would she like to see them at least once?

... It's not so easy to live the one that suddenly saw the light. The husband agreed with the doctor, she was able to regain her sight, but life turned out to be unsightly. What should have been the greatest joy turned into a tragedy. A happy blind man was taken away from her blindness, her essence, in exchange for suggesting the routine of the world, where roses are far from as beautiful as they imagined ...

The husband and the doctor wanted the best. They dreamed of giving Molly Sweeney - and herself - a new life, and meanwhile inadvertently ruining this life with the inept hands of uninvited well-wishers.


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