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Dokalenko Alexander

Feedbacks from viewers
Elena was 03 december on Million bitkoynov for your beloved

Cheerful, musical, with a wonderful sense of humor. You get great pleasure. The actors are all great. Recommend!!!!!

Andrey was 18 september on "New Year" Laughter with home delivery "

Were on the 25.11.17. I liked it very much. The very construction of the concert: alternating musical number and humorous, made viewing for more than 3 hours, easy and unobtrusive.

Evgeniy was 20 march on "Izmailovsky Park"

We always watch Izmailovsky Park on TV, but somehow did not think that it's possible to get to the concert itself. The concert exceeded all our expectations! So many stars on one scene! And Lev Leshchenko, and Igor Nikolaev, Elena Stepanenko and many others.

Evgeniy was 20 march on Gennady VETROV. "PAINT OF HUMOR"

The concert was a breeze! Very pleased! Hall DK Moskvorechye, of course, is not the most successful, but this did not affect the performance of the artist.

Anna was 05 march on "Izmailovsky Park"

Thank you very much, I liked the concert very much, we had a lot of fun, the hall was full, fun, many artists, but one minus, it was a shooting, the concert went from 7 pm until the next day :), maybe just start on time. Laughing for such a long time the concert was not tired, although it was very late. And the concert itself is very good, the whole hall laughed.

Evgeniy was 26 december on Man of my dreams

He invited the girl to this performance because she loves Bochkareva. She particularly liked the plot, she is delighted with this story and the game of her favorite actress. In the end, we gave her flowers and took an autograph. I advise all men to reduce their favorite women to this performance!

Evgeniy was 26 december on Comedy "LOVE IN ITALIAN"

We bought tickets for Love in Italian because of the cast: Strugachev, Fedortsov and Sparrow. Humor at the height :) This is the best performance I've seen lately. And at the expense of the plot, they thought it would be a type of comedy, turned out to be a detective) They did not regret it!)

Alina was 25 december on Comedy "LOVE IN ITALIAN"

Was at this play with her husband in the theater. Countess Panina. Easy specktl! :) We watched in one breath. The husband was amazed at the performance of the actors, in particular - Elena Sparrow. :) The most impressive is the live performance of the songs. A good performance, I recommend to everyone.

Alina was 25 december on Man of my dreams

Was at the play with her husband in August on Taganka. The hall was very cozy, with a good overview. Got a lot of positive emotions :) I really liked the story, unexpectedly ... .. I recommend to everyone.

Anastasiya was 01 december on "New Year" Laughter with home delivery "

We always watch the broadcast on TV. But then it turned up to go to the event itself live. Petrosyan, Stepanenko, Bandurin. Many people were from the Crooked Mirror. We were satisfied.

Anastasiya was 10 december on "Izmailovsky Park"

I love Izmailov. I admire his work. Also there were a lot of invited guests of humorists. The concert was a breeze. I recommend to everyone.

Andrey was 22 january on Concert-shooting "It's allowed to laugh"

I gave my parents tickets. For a long time they wanted to go to a humorous concert to laugh. We were satisfied. Then a few days later they quoted jokes, it seems Vetrov, from the concert. Plus, I was pleased that my favorite singer-mother Kadysheva performed.

Anastasiya was 22 january on Concert-shooting "It's allowed to laugh"

Was with friends at a concert. Laugh is allowed on September 24. We really enjoyed. I did not have to bother, moreover, Anna Semenovich, Glukoza, Marina Devyatova and Kadysheva acted on the stage.

Pavel was 22 january on Concert-shooting "It's allowed to laugh"

Went a big company for this concert. They laughed heartily, I recommend it to everyone.

Karina was 22 january on Concert-shooting "It's allowed to laugh"

Went to the concert with her husband. We love to watch this show on TV. We decided to go and see the favorite leaders and humorists alive. It turned out better than on the TV.

Anastasiya was 25 february on Inflatable show

Were a whole class on the Inflatable Show. All children were happy and happy. The artists performed magnificently. Bright costumes and inflatable props. Many thanks for a great holiday for our children.

Pavel was 25 february on Inflatable show

Bright, energetic, musical. The child just squealed with joy. I did not expect that my child could react like that.

Karina was 25 february on Inflatable show

Went by families to this event. Children from 5-7 years. The artists were laid out to the fullest. Magnificent numbers, the children were involved in what was happening, they were catching large inflatable balls and throwing them on. Time flew by unnoticed. All the way back home, the children discussed what they saw.

Andrey was 25 february on Inflatable show

Went to the Inflatable show three together: I, wife and daughter (3,5 years). A very beautiful and high-quality event. Good decor, a lot of all kinds of inflatable balls rolling and flying around the stage. The artists are great. Especially young Pitinovs. Daughter very much liked the presentation.

Natal`ya was 18 february on Man of my dreams

They say that Bochkareva in this performance is inimitable) I actually go to see her play) I think there will be a lot of funny moments, the cast is very good. It is encouraging that this is a comedy about love) So it will be really funny. Already seduced the two friends, let's go with them together, we'll have a good rest.

Natal`ya was 18 february on Man of my dreams

They saw posters of this performance and immediately bought tickets with her husband. She did not read the play, but judging by the announcement there will be no crying melodrama, but a humorous comedy. I would like this, because the mood is New Year's, I want fun. I read the entire cast - it's impressive) especially if they really are Bochkareva, Volkova and Oleg Maslennikov-Vojtov)

Polina was 18 february on Man of my dreams

And I want to see Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov on the stage. For the first time he saw him in Margosha, and then at the Closed School, he really liked this actor. I rarely go to the theater, mostly when my friends are stretching. And then I saw the announcement and immediately took the tickets) Now I'm dragging my girlfriend)

Liliya was 18 february on Man of my dreams

My friend and I were at the play on January 7) Festive mood, Christmas and the play, purely feminine, a little sad, but at the same time funny) It's natural, because all events are taken from life) It was interesting, the events unfolded as if in reality, Bochkareva shone ) I really liked the performance, thank you)

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Leading satirist, TV presenter, comedian Lion Izmailov turns 80 years old !!!
Lyon Izmaylov decided to celebrate his anniversary with a big concert-shooting
May 23 on the stage of the CC "Meridian".
Popular artists, comedians and pop stars will come to congratulate a friend.


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