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Svetlana was 10 january on Pirates and ghost ship

The show really liked! Not only children, but also adults looked brightly, vividly, dynamically, with interest, as if they themselves had been in a fairy tale, the main thing is that it was not prolonged and children were not tired. Thank!

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Only adults
115035, Moskva, Kosmodamianskaya nab., 52/8
02 h 00 min
VERSES - “verse and me” - this is the name of the traditional Club poetic evening of the theater “School of a Modern Play”, which was first held in 2006 on October 19. The date was not chosen by chance - on October 19, 1811, the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum was opened, which was glorified by the most famous of his pupils, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. For all graduates of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, among whom there were many poets, October 19 is a symbolic date. Therefore, on this festive day, friends gathered on the stage of the theater: famous poets, actors, directors, playwrights, composers, musicians, journalists to read their favorite poems - their own or others' - to each other and the audience.

Each poetic evening of "POEMS" is always unique, it is never rehearsed, there are always many improvisations in it, the composition of the participants is not repeated, and the speakers often do not know exactly what will be read and what subject they will think in the poetic form. The first club evening on Lyceum Day was spontaneous, later there were special theme nights - anniversaries dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Mikhail Lermontov, the 100th anniversary of Konstantin Simonov, the 120th anniversary of Sergei Yesenin. The evening in memory of Andrei Voznesensky, shown to millions of TV viewers on the Kultura channel, was absolutely exceptional.

April 6, in the Svetlanov Hall of the House of Music, the Poetic Evening of the “ESSENTIAL” will be held on the anniversary, the 20th time! It will be a very unusual poetic presentation dedicated to the Museum of Lyric Poetry and Music - Euterpe. Music and poetry are very close - no wonder they have one divine patroness. However, at this evening there is a place for all the Muses. The participants of the evening will not only read poems and tell poetic stories, thereby declaring their love for the word and poetry, songs romans on poems of eminent poets will be played at the evening.

Artistic Director - Joseph Rayhelgauz


The 20th jubilee, the evening of the "POEMS" is dedicated to the Museum of Lyric Poetry and Music - Euterpe. The evening will feature well-known poems and funny poetic stories, songs and romances on poems of eminent poets.


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