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Circus of Nikulin

Feedbacks from viewers
Anastasiya was 11 august on MAGIC CIRCUS

I attended the event together with the child for 2 years. We all liked it: the presentation itself is very interesting, although the first part before the intermission seemed long, the staff was pleasant, the common areas were perfectly cleaned. In the circus was presented a wide range of circus toys, it only seemed strange that they recorded songs in non-Russian language, the child and I could not understand what the toy is a clown. Thanks for the introduction, we will be happy to come again!

Tat`yana was 05 august on MAGIC CIRCUS

Very good performance !!!! We go to the Circus of Nikulin every year, this view is the best of all that we saw !!!! Children are delighted. Thanks to the organizers and artists for the presentation!

Sergey was 23 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

As always a super performance of the circus Anatoly Sokol !!!!!

Elena was 06 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

The presentation is simply gorgeous !!! Really liked the clown and trained animals) it feels that all artists are a single team! The presentation is very dynamic, interesting rooms, gorgeous costumes! Especially touching for me was the moment when Yu. Nikulin's voice sounded before the performance. My daughter and I (5.5 years old) are simply delighted!

Viktoriya was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Circus Nikulin is just something incredible! I'm full of impressions of what I saw! From the entertainment of the show, the skill of speakers, clever little animals, humor and music !! One more dream come true in a piggy bank, be sure to go, especially those who have never been to such a thing) the most intriguing show at the end! They did the impossible for the circus)))

Natal`ya was 29 june on MAGIC CIRCUS

Representation very much! There were good places! The hall was full. It was interesting for adults and children.

Svetlana was 22 june on MAGIC CIRCUS

Went to the performance of the Magic Circus with a child of 4.5 years. Liked very much. Number with seals super, magician and sorcerer Sokol and his enchanting performance simply struck. I am delighted. Sinula liked everything. I recommend. As if she had been in her childhood.

Margarita was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

We went to the circus on the 29th of April. The program is amazing. Remarkable gymnasts, equilibrists, jugglers. The most amazing show of dancing fur seals and a huge sea lion! The second branch is just a fabulous show of magic, water and light. Moreover, for a long time there was no magician in the program and for a long time I wanted something fabulous. And the program of our beloved good clown - Vladimir Deryabkin - is very decorating the program. Laughed to tears! Well done! Bravo!

Elena was 13 may on MAGIC CIRCUS

Very good performance. It does not leave even the adult indifferent. A gorgeous clown game. All the artists are masters of their craft. Lovely animals. With great pleasure plunged into the world of childhood. Thank you.

Ekaterina was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Good evening! I want to express my gratitude to the circus performers for the wonderful performance! Have not been in the circus for a long time, the youngest son visited for the first time. Personally, I really love aerial gymnasts, well done! Especially the young man with the ball (forgive the name does not remember) Children really liked the rooms with animals and a clown. The clown was beyond praise! Grandfather liked the illusionist) The whole family is delighted! Thank you very much for your work!

Elena was 31 may on MAGIC CIRCUS

I am writing a review from the words of my grandson, since I myself was not at the show, but only organized a visit. The child and his father liked everything. And jugglers, and acrobats, and trainers, and magicians admired their skill. A funny clown who was all in the arena, little monkeys. I liked the number with fur seals. I got the impression of a number with a water flask. And what a delicious ice cream. Tastier than I ate before. A lot of animals for photography, but expensive. Now my comment: the grandson is ecstatic, talks about the performance with admiration, it shows that he received a charge of positive emotions, a lot of pleasure, fun, prank, cheerfulness and good mood. And he said that he loved the circus very much!

Natal`ya was 01 may on MAGIC CIRCUS

Visited with a child of 6 years of circus performance MAGIC CIRCUS! To say that the sea of ​​pleasant impressions is nothing to say !!! A fabulous show! Bright, colorful, spectacular! Last year's performance was also very pleasant to us, but it exceeded all expectations! Thank you circus Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard for the support of the traditions of the classical circus. The view looks at one go. And the inclusion in it of a branch with illusionists returned the feeling of the "old Soviet circus" when the Kio dynasty dominated! I liked all the numbers without exception! The only desire after the presentation is to come again! And once again enjoy the professionalism of all artists!

Uliya was 27 may on MAGIC CIRCUS

Great show !!! Fully justified my expectations and even surpassed in the positive plan! I took the child to the circus for the first time, my daughter was impressed. And I, in turn, very pretty, that introduced her to the classical circus. So to speak, the correct formation of perception!)))) All artists of the highest level of professionalism. Into the soul sunk and forever there will remain Clown Vladimir Deryabkin!))))) And the acrobatic group p / p M.Kanakova Acrobats on the Russian stick !!!!)))) You-SUPERRRR !!!!!!!!!! !!!

Elena was 21 april on MAGIC CIRCUS

Great performance.! To the child (6) and to the daddy (34) was sooo interesting! Colorful program, funny clown, fountains .. Everything is amazing! Dad was the first time in a long, long time and came to further delight! Thank you for the hot emotions!

Vera was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

I liked the performance very much! The child 4 years spent all 2 hours, opening his mouth .. Adults also delighted!

Oksana was 08 may on MAGIC CIRCUS

A wonderful idea. Really magic! Both adults and children 6 years all very much. The child did not want to leave, I wanted to continue. Thanks to all the artists and bravo animals. Very touching attitude of the artists with their wards. The right side of the stalls of the 5th row is all perfectly visible.

Elena was 09 april on MAGIC CIRCUS

Were at the presentation on April 9. Impressions are the most remarkable. To everyone who loves the circus and especially who else did not fall in love necessarily go to this performance. Holiday and good mood are guaranteed to you.

Marina was 13 may on MAGIC CIRCUS

All the presentation is very, very pleased! Thank you!

Antonina was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

I would like to express my gratitude for the excellent performance. Wonderful spent time with the whole family. On performances in another circus the child sat idly by, and here he vigorously reacted to both animals and illusionists. And the adults did not remain indifferent.

N. was 11 june on MAGIC CIRCUS

Great performance! I was with my daughter (8 years) - both were very pleased. Bright and memorable numbers, wonderful work of artists, festive atmosphere. Thank you so much!

Natal`ya was 28 april on MAGIC CIRCUS

It was not just a standard circus performance - it was a SHOW! I advise everyone. Have not been in the circus for already 8 years. Circus Nikulin surpassed our expectations. It was interesting, and very funny, and scary for gymnasts, and beautiful. There was also a rain from under the dome, and a fountain, and snow! Young talented artists who love their work. Thank you for such a program. We had a great evening. There remained davolny and adults and children (16 years and 12 years).

Svetlana was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Excellent performance! The first department really liked it, the unmatched gymnasts, the charming little teddy, the training of fur seals led to an indescribable delight. Surprise from the skill of the trainer.

Ol`ga was 11 june on MAGIC CIRCUS

A wonderful show! Artists, staging, scenery - everything is super! The second branch is just a MEGA SHOW !!! Copperfield rest! Thanks to all the artists, the director and all the employees of the Circus for the excellent mood, high professionalism, love of their work, preservation of the good old traditions of our Russian and Soviet circus! I want to say separately about a well-written program, so my six-year-old fidget-daughter was sitting, as spellbound, so she liked all the numbers: both monkeys and seals, and from the clown rejoiced, just talked out of the hall !!! The exit of the clown after each number and the irga with the hall is just super reception! I'm sure all the kids are thrilled! Thank you for the joy, inspiration from visiting the wonderful event and the belief that the real good old circus is alive and there are also unique kind positive young artists who believe in their work and give people a million positive emotions and happiness !!! We will definitely come more than a dozen times! Also thanks to the site for the operative work. Have purchased tickets online, printed, passed on time! Thank you for reminding about the event by e-mail and sms on the eve and three hours before the event. Very pleasant care !!! Success and prosperity!

Ludmila was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

The view was pleasant, everything is very dynamic, in 5.5 years it is interesting and in duration it is enough. Only for us the animals were not enough: monkeys, bear, sea lions. I wanted to see someone else. In the circus were for the first time, the son was impressed by the gymnast on the dome, the clowns usually do not like, but this one liked, then the son remembered him.

Natal`ya was 11 june on MAGIC CIRCUS

Were at the presentation on June 11 with children 7 and 6 years old. I really liked the air gymnast on the trapeze, as well as the numbers "Russian stick" and "air gymnast on the straps with the ball." It was interesting to look at trained monkeys and sea lions. And of course the kids liked the merry clown. The view is very colorful.

Ol`ga was 11 june on MAGIC CIRCUS

They came to the performance with a child of 7 years from another city. A terrific performance! Each room is a separate show, the artists light the hall. They looked at one go and did not notice how they flew 2 hours. And in the end the surprise "dance of fountains", I liked very much both my husband and my child

Nina was 23 april on MAGIC CIRCUS

Great performance! The old circus, as always, is on top. The child especially liked the illusionists. Particularly happy that there is no commission when buying tickets and do not have to go buy out. Thank you

Inna was 08 april on MAGIC CIRCUS

I liked very much, both children and adults! We left the circus with a sense of delight. I recommend to all.

Ol`ga was 11 june on MAGIC CIRCUS

Were with the family on June 11 on the program of the Magic Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Remained a good impression. Bright and colorful! I would like more animals in the program. I liked the clown very much.

Ol`ga was 11 june on MAGIC CIRCUS

The presentation is excellent! The costumes are magnificent, the rooms are as always unusual and exciting !!! The second part is played by illusionists and everything ends with a fountain! I recommend both to adults and children! Go to the show, you will not regret!

Anna was 01 april on MAGIC CIRCUS

Visited the performance with the whole family on April 1. I liked both adults and children. We strongly advise everyone. Vladimir Deryabin is just super !!!!

Tat`yana was 01 may on MAGIC CIRCUS

A 48-year-old adult and a child of 6 years went to the presentation of MAGIC CIRCUS. To say that I liked it - do not say anything! Magnificent, incendiary, in one breath! A stunning performance of all artists (beat all palms)! The hall was involved in the performance! Everything, starting with the ticket, at the highest level. And yes, ice cream is really delicious. THANK YOU! Special thanks to the clown - a worthy continuation of the great clowns of this circus!

Irina was 24 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

March 24, 2017 went to the show with her 7th daughter. I liked it very much. When the intermission was announced we thought that it was a joke since it was a feeling that we are only 40 minutes away from the show, but it turns out that 1 hour and 45 minutes have passed. This indicates that it was very interesting, the child never once thought of food, etc. All the rooms are stunning, when on arrival the husband asked what number was the most interesting, and which neither my daughter and I could not answer this question. The animals brought the whole audience into raptures: monkeys, bear cubs and seals. What struck me most was that there was no feeling that the animals were hard or they were tired. Acrobats, a guy and a girl under the dome, also very pleased, it seemed very difficult room for a guy on tapes with a ball, I have never seen this (was without insurance), sat clenched teeth. Juggler with hats - the number seemed neither very complicated, but very well beaten, it was interesting to watch. Illusionists - of course it was possible to guess, but in general a very rich and beautiful number is about 20-25 minutes (the whole show). Well, of course the clown very much liked to laugh heartily. I want to add that the last time I was in this circus 10 years ago. After that I stopped going to the circus in general, the impression was terrible, the view was terrible. To date, I can say that everything has changed. My daughter is delighted. After this presentation, I'm ready to go to the circus 2 times a year. Many thanks to the organizers of the program, artists, animals and the management of the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Bravo!!!!!

Vladimir was 10 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Thank you for a pleasant pastime. Children are delighted with the performance.

Elena was 12 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Thank you so much! All very much! Children are delighted, especially from the clown and the sea lions. But the greatest delight was fountains!

Marina was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Nikulin Circus recently opened a new program "Magic of the Circus") Enjoyed for 2 hours this show. Although the magic numbers themselves were no more than half an hour (the last, just after the intermission). The program featured aerial gymnasts who with jumps, and who - with dancing in the air, and a cheerful clown jokingly joked all .... as always Elegant dance and musical accompaniment of everything that happened (slender dancers in chic bright dresses with sequins, sequins - bewitching), at the end of magic (the girl was almost killed with swords, then a little man was not drowned), intertwined with the water element and culled with her beauty the waterfall And games Fountains. Thank you! Good luck circus in the future and be on top!

Marina was 19 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

I recommend, do not miss! We went with children of 5 and 9 years. Both children and adults enjoyed themselves. What is the difference between this representation? The second branch goes against a background of color music fountains (water leaves in a special floor, spectators do not bother splashing). Water refreshes the air (which is important, especially after the intermission). The costumes of the dancers are fabulously beautiful. One number smoothly flows into another, Artists discover different skills: an illusionist then becomes an air gymnast, an animal trainer is a juggler, a clown musician, etc. The numbers are varied, most of the artists are young, elegant and smiling. All the numbers had a plot, lots of romance. On the walls, the audience can participate (the children were not tired from looking at the arena, they could view the whole space, catch "snow", clap their rhythm, etc.). Performances of animals were distinguished by humor, a lot of sweet, unusual. The audience was on the rise, remember with joy

Elena was 25 february on MAGIC CIRCUS

Representation was very much like it! We walked the whole family! The younger grandson was only 2 years old. So much was the interesting performance of the artists that the child watched as bewitched. Thank you to the artists, the organizers !!!! I wish all the creative successes. !!

Anna was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

I liked everything !!!! Thanks artists! They are talented and gorgeous! Were with my son 13 years old, received a storm of positive emotions!

Uliya was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

We visited the "Magic of the Circus". Representation very much. The child looked for 8 years with his mouth open.

Nataliya was 05 march on MAGIC CIRCUS


Irina was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Great performance. I was with a 5 year old son, and he and I are totally ecstatic. A powerful program, all artists are professionals and prize-winners of international competitions. The clown is super! For a long time I have not laughed at the clown's jokes, but this is just a fine fellow! Each room is impressive. The son after the performance said that he does not know whom to give the main gold prize!) All are worthy. Highly recommend!

Elena was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Elegant show! For about 20 years she was not in the circus and laughed at the clown's jokes to tears. Acrobats are impressive! And the rooms with animals are very touching. The second section of the show was immersed in real magic! Colorful! Got real pleasure! Thank you!

Tat`yana was 30 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

On March 30 I visited the Circus together with the 7-year-old child! The circus is not very fond of, but it attracted that the whole second branch is devoted to illusions! The child has long wanted to see the real illusionists and here is such a chance! All presentation Great! The first branch flew ... Colorfully, dynamically, easily! I can not describe - it's all necessary to see! The second branch was magical! Separately I want to mention the clown. For a long time I did not see the whole hall laughing so jestingly, from small to large! Highly recommend to visit!

Ludmila was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

I came back from a fairy tale! I sobbed with delight! This is a very spectacular, impressive and enchanting performance! Great performance, wonderful artists! Was with her daughter 10 years - this is her birthday gift. Many thanks for the magic! Long years and prosperity to you!

Galina was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Wonderful performance! Artists are real MASTERS! THANK YOU!!!

Lubov` was 30 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Many thanks to Bigbilet for the opportunity! Long searched, where to buy tickets, reasonable prices only on this site. We went to the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard on March 30! Got great fun! I liked everything, and the adult and the girl 13 years old! Thanks for the presentation !!!

Mariya was 30 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Representation very much. Went with a child of 8 years, he is delighted. In general, a wonderful circus, artists are trying, everything is very interesting and fun.

Rustam was 05 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Wonderful performance! Modern, dynamic, beautiful. The viewer is always benevolent, but in this view there is a very good attitude towards the viewer, respect for him and love. Thank you!

Evgeniya was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

We were in the circus Nikulin "magic dream" me and my children really liked, we are delighted!

Elena was 18 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Since childhood, with the word "Circus" - breathtaking. "Circus of Nikulin" is not just a circus, it is a feeling of childhood, fairy tales, magic. The program "Magic of the Circus", like everything that goes in this circus - it's an extraordinary fantastic spectacle! In delight both children and adults! And what we saw after the intermission made us laugh and scream with delight almost everyone! Stunning beauty fountain right in the circus arena with aerial gymnasts, floating under the dome of the Circus in the streams of the fountain. It's just a miracle! Thanks to everyone who works in this circus! Good health to you! You give us happiness!

Svetlana was 11 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Thank you very much, I really liked your service. Everything is clear and fast!

Karina was 11 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Were yesterday (11.03.17) at the presentation of "The Magic of the Circus" in the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Just wonderful! The most vivid impressions! Each artist is unique, talented and unforgettable! The whole staging, design, music and light accompaniment, fountains, costumes cause delight! Huge thanks! It was a real holiday, which was lucky to be! Special thanks to bigbilet for the fact that no trouble with tickets was not, everything is clear and without excesses. I wish you continued success !!!

Dmitriy was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Were the whole family on February 24 at the premiere of the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard. Many thanks to all who participated in the creation of this performance. Children are delighted! Adults are very, very satisfied. A clown Vovasik became a favorite of our family. Thank you!

Marina was 08 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

Elegant show. We were in ecstasy on March 8 at 14:30, the child was photographed with animals. Everything is beautiful. The holiday was a success.

Mihail was 25 february on MAGIC CIRCUS

Were at the presentation on February 25, very much. Excellent selection of numbers and performers, great masters! We sat in the amphitheater, but everything was fine. I have not seen good tricks and illusions for a long time, and now Nikulin's circus presented such an opportunity. Well done! Tickets were electronic, very convenient.

Irina was 23 february on MAGIC CIRCUS

FEBRUARY 23 VISITED THE FAMILY WITH THE INTRODUCTION "MAGIC CIRCUS" Both adults and children received a lot of impressions, positive emotions, a charge of good mood for the whole day. Circus Nikulin, as usual at altitude. To look all - be sure! Bravo! And many thanks to all artists.

Kira was 04 march on MAGIC CIRCUS

We visited the real circus! Thank you very much for your emotions!

Ul`yana was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Was at the premiere on 22.02. Before that, I was with my daughter on the New Year's program. 3-year-old child is definitely new, it was a fairy tale. There are just numbers, one after another, fewer animals. But the professionalism of artists at the highest level. Gymnasts are super, all the guys are young, very talented. The clown was kind of a link, excellent numbers showed. The most memorable animals were seals.

Nadegda was 23 february on MAGIC CIRCUS

A beautiful, amazing, bright, incendiary performance. I liked very much the performance of the clown, who lit the hall not only with his humor, but also with playing on the drum set. And also we are delighted with the performance of fur seals, acrobats, gymnasts and juggler. Thanks to all who worked and participated in the creation of this miracle!

Natal`ya was 02 jule on MAGIC CIRCUS

Were at the performance in the circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard "The Magic of the Circus" on February 23, 2017. We were greatly pleased. Honestly, for a long time such a feeling was not. In his hometown we visit circus performances quite often, the youngest child is 5 years old :) But, so that we, the adults, were impressed by what I saw ... I'm not talking about children anymore. Clown Vladimir Deryabkin struck at 100! By the end of the show we thought about whether there is something that he could not do !!! Every his exit is laughter to tears in the literal sense! Thank you so much! A great impression was made by the trainers and their wards, and there are enough animals in this view. In general, thanks to the whole team of circus artists involved in this program. Everything was wonderful! Ps The only thing that remained for us a mystery, or rather we were very worried, what happened to the falcon during the performance of the illusionists. He did not want to go back to his "mentor" for a long time, flew past him, circled under the dome. Moreover, this happened after the presentation. Many people stayed and watched what happened. We hope that everything is in order! Once again many thanks for the emotions!

Uliana was 26 february on MAGIC CIRCUS

The view is simply amazing! Has passed simply on one breath, having left weight of positive emotions !!!! Whichever place is chosen ... the scene is like in the palm of your hand. Artists are all done well ... you look at them with a sinking heart !!

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02 h 20 min


CIRCUS! In one word, this is the concept of MAGIC!

Have you seen anywhere else that people flew like birds, despising the laws of gravity?

Have you ever seen one of the main elements that absorb the entire auditorium at one time?

And you saw ... NO! You have not seen it yet! Like all the others!


And to this we will add gymnasts and acrobats,

Jugglers and equilibrists, trained animals:

All the stars of the Moscow Circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard - in front of you face to face.

The whole evening at the arena with you the star of the modern Russian circus: the clown clown VLADIMIR DERYABKIN!



Your applause is waited by the magician and magician



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