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Theater of Anton Chekhov

Feedbacks from viewers
Mariya was 10 march on Fence

Very nice performance! Be sure to go. Just a must-see. The play is wonderful, they play like breathing, almost two hours flew by in one breath. Take tickets to the stalls, in the amphitheater you can see only at the very top in the middle. However, you can take any ticket to the amphitheater and transfer to the free ones at the very top in the center. We did so, since the fences do not allow us to see anything in the lower rows.

Anna was 25 october on Carrot for the Emperor

Recently I went to the Anton Chekhov Theater on the bright comedy "Carrot for the Emperor." Director Leonid Trushkin managed to create an interesting production with vivid unique characters. In the comedy of Jiri Gubach, a story is told about the life of Napoleon (Gennady Khazanov) imprisoned on the island, about how the once brave emperor lost all his greatness and was forced to "live" his last days in the company of two generals. But then she appears - a burning Corsican (Inga Oboldina) with a bright character ... and ... all the fun begins ... life on the island will definitely not be the same !!! The scenery is minimalistic, all the attention of the audience is focused on a brilliant acting. Inga Oboldina turned into a bright strong-willed woman who masterly knows how to make faces. Gennady Khazanov is a desperate emperor who has lost the meaning of life and has found him again. The Anton Chekhov Theater is able to make an incredible spectacular ending. I will not reveal the cards, but you will see a very effective and beautiful end. The performance turned out to be funny, touching and motivating. After the performance, a lot of thoughts appeared that you should not put off your life, sit in a cage (dungeon, apartment), and it's time to act. The next shows will be held on November 3 and 7.

Elena was 18 march on Fence

I liked the performance. The actors are great. Very not comfortable selected room. The performance of the play takes place in the right, then in the left corners of the stage, so those who bought tickets to the amphitheater do not see exactly half of the performance. Metal safety pipes still interfere.

Ol`ga was 26 february on Dinner with the Fool

Were on performance 23.02.19. Yes, the performance itself is not notable for its masterpiece, but there is humor. We played Dobronravov in the lead role, and he was given a separate low bow, because if he had not, we would have left at once. I do not know how in the stalls, but it is impossible to sit in the amphitheater. For whom is the distance between the seats calculated? Even the miniature girls rested with their knees in front of them. Such actors are involved in this theater, and the theater itself is simply disrespect for the audience. Until the hall is altered, we’re not a foot in this theater. We will look for meetings with our favorite actors in another place.

Anna was 19 february on "Rescuer"

Last week we went to the Chekhov Theater for the play “The Rescuer”. The play is based on the work of Canadian playwright Norma Foster "Johnny and Barry". The performance is very cheerful, bright. It is perfect for family viewing or going to the theater with friends! The play teaches you to love life and enjoy it no matter what the circumstances! Initially, Leonid Trushkin wanted to name the play “Do not be afraid of anything, Barry!”, But after the tower appeared in the scenery, the bright and memorable name “Rescuer” persistently stuck to the production. The scenery is very unexpectedly solved. So in the nursing home we see a playground: a slide, a swing and a lifeguard tower. It’s as if we find ourselves in such a small world, we understand that our whole life is just one big playground. And on the rescue tower, thirsty for salvation and quick changes, Barry is located. On the stage we see only three artists. In the role of Barry - such an indifferent old man, who has lost all taste for life and is slowly living out his years - Gennady Khazanov shines. So pathetic and boring in his gray tights, and so active and cheerful in a bright green suit. The role of Joni is performed by Fedor Dobronravov. An active young man living here and now. He knows how to enjoy life in spite of everything, in spite of all circumstances. But he hides one secret .... a deadly disease that is about to swallow him. The role of Rosie - the daughter of Barry performs Daria Makarova. Believe her tears, every emotion. This performance is very touching. It is about how important it is to love, how important it is to rejoice at every moment in spite of everything, how important it is to live every day as if it were the last ... and then ... once ... this is the most ill-fated tomorrow does not come ... There are a lot of funny scenes in the production. Incredibly fascinating to watch as Joni changes the character of Barry. As the once boring inhabitant of a nursing home begins to live again, rejoice, “fly”, dream. The genre of this performance can be described as tragic comedy. An incredibly touching scene in which you realize that Joni is no more ... winter has come, the swing is swinging in the wind, snow flakes are falling from the sky ... and Joni ... he never learns to play curling .. .. Strong cast. Interesting director finds and solutions! I recommend for viewing!

Viktoriya was 15 october on Everything is like people's

Were at the performance of 10/14/2018. Good composition: Vladimir Sterzhakov, Galina Petrova, Boris Dyachenko, Lyubov Tikhomirova, Ekaterina Vlasova, Andrey Sukhov. Easy positive comedy. Good strong performance.

Ekaterina was 10 march on Dinner with the Fool

The performance is not bad, but to say that we were directly delighted - I can not, I saw it better. It looks easy, it goes without intermission, sometimes there is a feeling of tightness or anguish. Sometimes the main characters are not heard or very bad, although we were sitting close - the 7th row in the middle. Definitely I can not advise my friends, but there are no negative impressions. Khazanov is well done, he plays great! I liked the chief tax inspector))))

Galina was 09 november on Everything is like people's

Stunning performance of actors! The play is an explosion, a firework show! Laughed to tears!) Bravo !!!!

Larisa was 05 november on "Rescuer"

Were in the play 05.11.2017 Describe in one word - DEEPLY DEAL! G. Khazanov and F. Dobronravov-artists with a capital letter! Makarov D-for the plot :) There were boring moments, there were funny! Places Beletazh (it's a balcony and no matter how) with the right .... very unsuccessful, artists all the time went somewhere from the center of the stage for the merry-go-round and the sex of the play, we could not see anyone ... only heard-offended! Conclusion from the play-Live today and now! Live and enjoy every day !!!! I recommend the older generation!

Elena was 30 october on "Rescuer"

The play was delayed for 35 minutes and all this time the spectators stood in the hall. The administration did not invite viewers into the hall, although it is more convenient to wait for people aged and disabled. Most of the people who came to the play are elderly. The performance is shrill. A genre designated as a comedy does not suit him at all. The actors are adorable. The performance is wise, the plot is predictable.

Nadegda was 23 october on Dinner with the Fool

The performance is fascinating, a lot of jokes. It enthralls itself quickly, I recommend it to everyone.

Aleksandr was 10 october on Dinner with the Fool

In general, there was a positive impression of the performance. H say that it was a masterpiece, but there was no desire to leave either :) But at the performance 6,10,17 Gennady Viktorovich Khazanov apparently had a cold, he was sometimes hardly heard. Long speeches were difficult. I want to get better soon and make the audience more happy.

Irina was 11 march on Carrot for the Emperor

The performance is simply stunning! Laughed and cried. Khazanov is simply incredible! So deep, so different, so thin. To be honest - it was quite unexpected to see him like this. And I just adore Oboldin. She is a brilliant actress. And the story itself, on the one hand, is piercing and touching, and on the other, homerically ridiculous. I took the whole family. And with joy I will go again with my friends.

Artur was 11 march on Carrot for the Emperor

Watched last season. Khazanov surprised with drama and performing talent - that's who honestly works! The play is touching, the direction is clear - how I love it when you do not have time to get bored. I came to my senses in the very finals, when everyone was already clapping. I felt disconsolate. And in the middle the whole hall laughed a lot. Maybe it was planned - still, a comedy. ))

Vera was 28 february on Carrot for the Emperor

Were at the play on February 28, received a lot of fun. And the performance is really popular - the puzzle was full.

Ekaterina was 28 march on Carrot for the Emperor

Good, easy performance. On a five-point scale would be rated at 4. Most liked Khazanov in the role of Napoleon - plays incomparably!

Elena was 15 november on Carrot for the Emperor

The performance is good. I recommend not to be greedy, and to take tickets not further than 5 rows of the parterre of Mr. Estrada.

Alekandra was 11 march on Carrot for the Emperor

A wonderful performance, Khazanov is unique! We were very satisfied.

Ekaterina was 11 march on Carrot for the Emperor

Very beautiful theater. The performance is beautiful. The actors are on top.

Anna was 20 march on "Steep turns"

I liked the performance very much. We sat very close to enjoying the observation of the whole palette of Gennady Viktorovich's mimicry. Anyuta is such a smart girl. Just great. I really like successful performances, a good acting game, when the mood is upbeat after a few days. This performance from such. The humor is wonderful.

Anna was 11 march on Carrot for the Emperor

This would be the 4th performance with Khazanov G, which we watched. In my opinion - the weakest. But weak in comparison with the other three. The second time would not have gone. But for general development and comparison - it is useful.

Aleksandr was 05 april on Carrot for the Emperor

Thanks.Original performance) the second act is really boring, but in general it is EXCELLENT

Ludmila was 04 october on Carrot for the Emperor

I liked everything very much! Khazanov is a wonderful actor. We received great pleasure from the performance.

Ol`ga was 05 april on Carrot for the Emperor

A wonderful performance! The Khazanov-Oboldin duet is excellent, play live, from the heart.

Aleksandr was 01 march on Carrot for the Emperor

We really liked the performance.

Pavel was 05 april on Carrot for the Emperor

I liked everything, thank you

Svetlana was 01 march on Carrot for the Emperor

Were at the play on March 1. I liked it very much!

Anna was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor

A wonderful live performance. Inga Oboldina decorates anyone as a theatrical and cinematic act.

Elena was 01 march on Carrot for the Emperor

I am delighted with both the performance and the performers. In Inga Oboldin is simply in love! Very lively and relevant action. Thank you for a wonderful evening!

Sergey was 14 december on Carrot for the Emperor

Good performance. A wonderful play of actors. We received a lot of positive emotions. Thank you.

Rasheeda was 14 december on Carrot for the Emperor

Amazing philosophical bright is deeply positive. Thank you

Elena was 14 december on Carrot for the Emperor

Magnificent, light, with the deepest philosophy of the spectacle; Great acting game

Sergey was 14 december on Carrot for the Emperor

Thank you. We received great pleasure from the performance and the desire to see other performances from your repertoire.

Ol`ga was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor

We liked it, the spectator is light and not forced, 2 hours passed by not noticeably. Out of the theater came out with a sense of contentment! Thank you for a pleasant evening.

Uriy was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor

Thanks to a happy coincidence and participation of BIGBILET, we managed to buy stunning places at a moderate cost. It received a real pleasure from the tremendous performance of the actors of the theater and the main character of the play, represented by Khazanov GV. I managed to see every gesture and stunning facial expressions of a talented actor. I recommend a performance for visits to all and buy advise through your system.

Marina was 26 october on Carrot for the Emperor

Thank you very much for the wonderful evening, the actors' game on a professional level.

Larisa was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor

Many thanks for the pleasure.

Nadegda was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor


Olga was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor

Many thanks to the actors for the wonderful game!

Elena was 26 october on Carrot for the Emperor

This is the best performance I've ever watched. I watched it a second time with no less pleasure than the first. This is a real theater that makes people better or encourages to become better! Thank you very much! Such productions educate and are very necessary in general to mankind at all times and, especially, now!

Ruslan was 26 october on Carrot for the Emperor

I liked it very much

Mihail was 26 october on Carrot for the Emperor

The performance is excellent! Organization of receiving tickets is very frustrating, could write more information in sms ... otherwise I only after defending the queue saw a piece of paper on the wall that online tickets are obtained without waiting. .. the mood was a little spoiled! I ask you to pay attention to this. The other moments of the services rendered by you are positive.

Uriy was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor

Thanks to all the actors!

Andrey was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor

Thank you. I really enjoyed it.

Kan was 26 october on Carrot for the Emperor

Wonderful performance !!! Amazing actors play !!!

Elena was 16 november on Carrot for the Emperor

Thank you for the service! She had a wonderful evening.

Anna was 25 april on "Rescuer"

A wonderful game of two wonderful people! Performance, very deep! Not everyone, in my opinion, will be clear and understand the whole of its meaning ... this must be overcome! It was a little hard to hear, but most likely due to the fact that it was a premiere and not yet run-in properly! In the rest, I admire Gennady Khazanov and Fyodor Dobronravov, the character of the heroes was transferred magnificently and the aftertaste after the performance was left - there is something to think about .... Thank them very much. As always on top!

Artur was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

I watched the performance on October 6. As always - the genius director Leonid Trushkin, the brilliant artist Gennady Khazanov, who many years ago debuted in this production as a dramatic actor, and excellent French dramatic art. And, although the whole acting team is very worthy, Maxim Pinsker was very pleased: bright, energetic, with a constant sense of humor and subtext ... A smart performance. Look!

Alisa was 28 october on Fence

Very life performance. A wonderful game of actors! You look at some scenes, for example, a scene about strong coffee - the phrase: "What else do you not like?" - the impression that the author of monologues was at my house. Thank you!

Denis was 22 january on Everything is like people's

A wonderful performance! A lot of pleasure, positive and humor. Definitely worth a look!

Natal`ya was 10 march on Fence

A wonderful performance about the relationship between father and son! Looks at one go! I recommend that you look at children with teenagers, it will be useful to everyone! The game of actors at the highest level! I recommend, enjoy! And laughter, and tears and love!

Kseniya was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

Very good, really funny comedy. For a long time I did not laugh like that. The beginning is quite long, but the second part of the performance completely compensates. Everything was very easy and did not go. Thank you very much to your favorite artists O. Basilashvili and G. Khazanov.

Sergey was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

I have long wanted to go to Khazanov and Basilashvili in "Supper with a fool." Basilashvili, alas, has been sick for a long time and does not play, and Khazanov played. Overall impression 3. There was no drive of the game that I and friends were waiting for. Disappointed.

Marina was 05 april on Dinner with the Fool

The performance as a whole was pleasant, but the bright impression was left only by Khazanov Gennady Viktorovich-he is magnificent, yes-he-MASTER !!! Other actors did not bother much)))

Viktoriya was 04 april on Dinner with the Fool

Performance-charm. Gennady Khazanov and the whole team of artists played incomparably. I advise everyone to go to this performance and laugh heartily, rest from problems and politics.

Elena was 22 june on Everything is like people's

I liked the performance very much! Have fun from the heart! Actors are super!

Valeriy was 08 march on Dinner with the Fool

Good, good performance! For the first time we managed to see the game of Gennady Khazanov! We were satisfied with the viewing!

Julia was 06 february on Dinner with the Fool

A wonderful production, light, funny, talented actors! Looks in one breath. Actual for both young people and adults.

Irina was 22 june on Everything is like people's

Once in the theater A. Chekhov was a stunning performance of Leonid Trushkin "There, the same" performed by T. Vasilieva and K. Raikin. We watched it in Leningrad then. Coming to Moscow, first of all they went to the theater of Estrada to watch Anton Chekhov's play "Everything is like people's" with Khazanov, Oboldina, Petrova. Well-known good actors and director are the same, and the times are not the 90's ... It would seem all the terms for professional growth, development! But you can see really, in order to create a masterpiece the artist needs to be unhappy and hungry ... Judging by the performance, with happiness and satiety we are all right ...

Natal`ya was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

The performance is easy, funny! We got pleasure from playing all the artists!

Svetlana was 22 february on Dinner with the Fool

The performance really liked all the artists were on top, Khazanov - a great master of his craft! Many thanks for the pleasure!

Dmitriy was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

Khazanov as always at the highest level! Very interesting and funny comedy. Went with my wife, were delighted!

Dar`ya was 22 june on Everything is like people's

The story is as old as the world. The situation is brought to the point of absurdity. We laughed heartily! Khazanov is a fine fellow! No tension - perfect for a Friday evening!

Natal`ya was 10 march on Fence

The actors are simply gorgeous. At the end of the long restrained tears, but left the room just sobbing. The topic was very relevant. It's good that I went with my friend, and did not take my mother, otherwise I would have to calm her down. I would not advise people who have real problems in the family (regarding the relationship between fathers and children), especially parents, or it can be very bitter, realizing the cause-effect relationship of the problem. She did not regret that she went, but the play left a little trail in her heart. A play about the fact that children should be smarter than their parents and should be able to forgive, because parents can not remedy anything, only we can learn from their mistakes, draw the right conclusions, and not hold on to them evil, because upbringing Child - a thing very thin and complex.

Dmitriy was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

Khazanov as always at the highest level! Very interesting and funny comedy. Went with my wife, were delighted!

Inga was 25 january on Fence

Great performance! The most surprising is that from a rather simple and not too original piece, a trio of wonderful actors creates a masterpiece, giving the characters depth, an understandable character and the right emotions. As soon as the curtain opened, I forgot that I was in the theater - a full immersion in the events on stage, I sat with my mouth open from start to finish. Thanks to Fyodor Dobronravov for being so real, and Inge Oboldina for the image of a real woman - kind, considerate, determined and sexy at the same time.

Uriy was 24 january on Dinner with the Fool

A wonderful performance for any spectator and any mood - by the end of the show, a charge of positive emotions is assured! The game of Khazanov causes delight and admiration. Bravo, Master!

Elena was 03 november on Dinner with the Fool

I liked it very much, thanks for a wonderful evening.

Aleksey was 02 november on Dinner with the Fool

All is well. Thank you

Elena was 03 november on Dinner with the Fool

I liked it very much, thanks for a wonderful evening.

Natal`ya was 02 november on Dinner with the Fool

Everything is great!

Svetlana was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

Incredible extravaganza! Laughed to tears! Khazanov is inimitable! In one breath flew 2 hours! We sat on the mezzanine in the second row, everything was clearly visible and audible!

Elena was 02 november on Dinner with the Fool

Great performance, thank you!

Aleksandr was 22 november on Dinner with the Fool

Thank you very much! See you...

Ol`ga was 14 november on Everything is like people's

The play really liked, lively, dynamic and cheerful. All the actors played great. I will definitely recommend to friends.

Anna was 26 october on Everything is like people's

For a long time I wanted to go to this play. This is the fifth performance with G. Khazanov, which we watched. In my opinion they are only 5 now. The show itself was like: easy, funny, good mood creates. We sat on the 7th row in the stalls with the edge, tk. There are cheaper tickets. But it is seen well and the whole mimicry of the actress is clearly visible. On the balconies and the last rows of the orchestra probably not so well perceived. Of the five plays with G. Khazanov, I would give the first place to "Supper with a fool." He is awesome. Of course, this is possible subjectively, because It was the first performance with him, which we watched and sat probably in the 3rd or 4th row. The second place is a performance where they play with Anna Bolshova. "Steep turns" in my opinion. 5th: "Morokovka for the Emperor." After supper with a fool, it seemed rather weak. The third place would be divided (in my opinion): Everything is like people's and "Mixed feelings" with Inna Churikova. Of these performances, the second time I would go to dinner with a fool. But in the first rows, so that the pleasure from playing Gennady Viktorovich was maximum. If someone will find my impressions useful, I will be sincerely glad.

Anna was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

Theater Estrada. This was the first performance with G. Khazanov, which I decided to watch. A wonderful performance, just amazing. Khazanov is incomparable. Sitting close, you can see every grimace. Why is he magical with his game, it's a pleasure to watch. Thank you for this performance.

Elizaveta was 11 october on Dinner with the Fool

Great performance. Pleased with the amazing game Basilashvili and Hazanova, I liked the actor Maxim Pinsker, whom before, except advertising, nowhere to see, it turns out, a wonderful artist! Thanks bigbilet for the convenience and opportunity to visit any performance, planning free time, and most importantly - for timely reminders of events!

Marina was 02 november on Dinner with the Fool

Funny plot, a good game of all actors. But I did not have enough depth ...

Aleksey was 20 june on Dinner with the Fool

Khazanov is well done !!! Everything is very funny and easy)))

Marat was 01 november on Fence

A great game of actors! Thank you

Elena was 01 november on Fence

The performance is gorgeous! The theme of the relationship between fathers and children is revealed very accurately and subtly ... Acting at the highest level! I recommend everyone who has teenage children.

Visitor was 28 september on Dinner with the Fool

Really liked it! I recommend!

Valeriya was 26 september on Dinner with the Fool

Wonderful, talented! Thanks to the artists for a wonderful evening!

Aleksey was 26 september on Dinner with the Fool

The performance deserves the highest score! Thank you

Mariya was 26 september on Dinner with the Fool

Khazanov inimitable! Great! Thank you!!!

Igor` was 26 september on Dinner with the Fool

We express full admiration from the play! Dressing gowns as always great

Ol`ga was 10 october on Fence

The performance is unmatched! Very pleased! Bravo! The theme is important and eternal.

Elena was 05 june on Dinner with the Fool


Aleksandr was 25 june on Everything is like people's

I liked the performance. We watched a second time. Thank you

Mariya was 04 june on Dinner with the Fool

Expect more from the performance. Disappointed. Primitive humor for fans of Anshlag.

Alekc was 04 june on Dinner with the Fool

Everything was cool, thank you)

Visitor was 04 june on Dinner with the Fool

"Dinner with a fool" was great! Perfectly played all the roles, from the main to the episodic ones. A comedy with tragic notes is beautiful.

Elena was 04 june on Dinner with the Fool

Simply super !!!!

Ayna was 25 april on Dinner with the Fool

Thank you ! Very pleased!

Svetlana was 26 april on Dinner with the Fool

The performance was delightful! The actors' game is unmatched. Khazanov and Basilashvili are beyond praise !! Full vstrg from the performance!

Evgeniya was 26 april on Dinner with the Fool

Sumptuously! The sea of ​​pleasant impressions.

Prohorovaelene was 26 april on Dinner with the Fool

I liked the performance! Thanks to Khazanov for the great game!

Aleksey was 26 april on Dinner with the Fool

Very pleased! Thank you!

Aleksey was 26 april on Dinner with the Fool

Great! Thank you!

Only for children
Only adults
Москва, Стремянный пер., 28/2а
02 h 00 min

Dinner with the Fool

Imagine that today you have dinner with friends. A prerequisite is to bring ... a fool. Fool, of course, does not know why he was given such an "honor". The meaning of the joke is to unleash an unusual guest language. The same one who leads the "best" is the winner. And now imagine that you have a terrible attack of radiculitis, the wife leaves home, and before you is the very fool invited to dinner ...

Want to laugh with friends? Invite a fool to the company ... But be careful! He can turn your life around ...
Strong friends every Wednesday play a special game. They invite another fool to dinner to entertain guests. One of them, the famous publisher, because of sciatica, takes a fool at home.
The eccentric enthusiastically tells the publisher and his mock-ups, which he collects from matches. But then the publisher's wife calls, informing him that he is getting divorced from him. The publisher desperately needs someone who can listen to him and help find his beloved wife.
How will the invited fool act in such a role, a modest employee of the tax department, Francois Pignon? What can this big child advise?
You are waiting for unexpected turns of the topic, incredible situations, a kaleidoscope of bright events.
The piercing comedy of the French playwright Francis Weber, light and deliciously funny. She deservedly enjoyed success with the audience. Magnificent Gennady Khazanov brilliantly plays the role of Francois.


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