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Theater "Center for Drama and Directing"

Feedbacks from viewers
Tat`yana was 28 february on an old house

For the first time, we visited the theater of the Central Department of the Arts, on the recommendation of a friend chose the play “Old House”. The performance left a complex impression. On the one hand, the brilliant Elena Yakovleva, the wonderful game of all the actors without exception, live music that accompanies the entire performance, an interesting solution to the stage space, the simultaneous presence of heroes on the stage at different ages. From what was not pleasant: the performance was too delayed, often the music did not allow to hear the speech of the actors at the other end of the scene. For some reason, they did not feel shrill nostalgia for a bygone youth, for old Moscow. I thought about the movie "Pokrovskie Gate". A play by L. Zorin "The Pokrovskie Gates" on the same topic as the "Old House", but the impression is different, there is no sense of hopelessness from the clumsy fates of the residents of the communal "Old House"

Natal`ya was 12 december on A sultry night

Very strong non-classical performance, where there is no logic at all, but it is very fascinating. I advise those who want to "change their clothes" to recharge

Anna was 08 october on Save the super protein

I liked the performance. I and my daughter (10 years old) were delighted. About unconditional love, about loneliness, about true friendship and how insignificant words for adults can hurt the soul of children. In short, the play is about everything that may worry teenagers. The feed is awesome. The children sat holding their breath. The optimal age for viewing 10+

Irina was 24 september on an old house

A beautiful, very lyrical musical performance. Bravo to the director!

Mariya was 13 september on Osip Mandelstam: The Dark Word Tree

The duration of this event is not an hour as stated, we left at the interval after the start has already passed 1:40, so that in total it takes about 3 hours. I absolutely did not like Mandelstam's verses trying to sing, with almost one motive. And it's even hard to call a song, continuous howls, at times words were not even intelligible. In my subjective opinion this is a disgusting sight and it is not worth the time spent on it.

Only for children
Only adults
125284, Москва, Беговая ул., 5
00 h 50 min


Theater "Trikster" always conducts bright and non-standard dialogue with children. "A fairy tale that was not written" is no exception. On the big screen the subjects of various children's fairy tales are projected and turn the space into a big dense forest, then into a ship swaying in the waves, then to a boundless sky with fire-breathing dragons. Shimmering shadow-images appear in an instant and disappear, replacing each other. The main character, Princess, is in the epicenter of magical events, but where in this world is her personal tale? In what reality to live the Princess - to solve to young spectators. By voting, they can help create their journey to the magical kingdom.

Theater "Trickster" was invented by Vyacheslav Ignatov and Maria Litvinova - director and actress, husband and wife, father and mother. For them, writing children's plays is not just a job, but a vocation. In all the performances, their corporate style can be traced, created at the intersection of various theatrical genres: the shadow theater, the puppet theater, the artist's theater and performance. Trickster's performances are always interactive and work directly with the imagination of the child, giving him the opportunity to become an equal writer of the play. The creators of the theater are almost annual nominees for the Golden Mask Award and twice were laureates for the performances "Epic about the Lilac" in 2010 and "Journey to the Land of Jambles" in 2016.


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