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Feedbacks from viewers
Anna was 02 jule on New Adventures of Baba Yaga

Yesterday we attended the premiere of this season at the Circus of Miracles - “New Adventures of Baba Yaga”. In this circus, they are able to put on colorful and spectacular shows, interesting to children of any age. Here Leshy, Vodaynoy and Baba Yaga are not so familiar to us villains, it is such a kind of guild of superheroes, carefully preserving the forest. Especially, I liked Adam Talin as Yaga. The witty old woman was obtained with children’s understandable humor. The show has a story that not only tells us about events, but also teaches children to take care of nature. The rooms added interesting pieces: hoops falling from the sky, unusual designs and more. I liked the performance of the girl on the canvases and walking on the rope most of all, and the children appreciated “Two of the casket” - strong men who performed incredible stunts. In the evening, of course, the children tried very hard to copy them) There were also rooms with animals: cats, poodles. The show turned out bright, rich, mischievous) We still sing the last song) We love Circus of Miracles very much!) We are looking forward to the premiere performances!)

Natal`ya was 28 may on Treasure Island

A great musical! Went with my son for 6 years, my son is delighted! Magnificent voices and a game of actors! Thank you, we will definitely come again! For the kids in the hall special cushions are designed for the armchairs, so that sitting on the 17th row we have perfectly seen everything.

Evgeniya was 23 april on Dunno and his friends

Wonderful performance. Our girl Katya was happy. Artists are very grateful! Such a cheerful performance is rare where you see it. Well done thought out everything.

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