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Feedbacks from viewers
Dar`ya was 31 may on Male gender, singular

Very pleased!

Elena was 27 may on Number 13

A very positive performance with my husband and I liked the actors well done

Larisa was 23 june on Number 13

A good, easy, fun performance, .... had a pleasant time, laughed)), in general I can recommend. A year ago, I would have gone again.!

Natal`ya was 23 june on Number 13

Great performance! Striking performance of actors! For a good mood - here!

Only for children
Only adults
119072, Москва, Берсеневская наб., 20/2
02 h 20 min
The frivolous comedy of the Englishman Ray Cooney, posed by Sergei Efremov The action takes place at the hotel ... "Number 13" for the past ten years has been successfully marching through the theatrical stages of the whole world. The play entered the golden fund of the British Theater, as one of the best English comedies of the 20th century. The story unfolds on the stage. Assistant Prime Minister of Great Britain Richard took a hotel room to spend the night with his mistress - the secretary of a political opponent. But it is at this time that they find in the window a corpse that needs to be removed in order to avoid scandal. And then there is always interfering with the attendants, the drunken wife of Richard, the jealous husband of the secretary ... Horror! The situation is terrible and confusing, but how does it all look ridiculous from the angle from which he offers us to look at the events of Ray Kuni. In the play of the Moscow Comedy Theater, the theater and cinema stars Miroslava Karpovich ("Father's Daughters"), Boris Smolkin ("My Fair Nanny"), Andrey Gaydulyan ("Univer") and a team of young artists of the Moscow theaters are shining with the audience. DURATION: 2 hours 20 minutes ACTOR: Boris Smolkin, Andrey Gaydulyan, Miroslava Karpovich DIRECTOR: Sergey Efremov


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