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"CHUCELO" THE PREMIER OF THE INVISIBLE PERFECTION Imagine a theater where your best fantasies and images come to life, where you do not impose someone else's vision of the work. As if your very imagination came to life and was filled with smells, sounds - it became a reality, which you can even touch. A theater in the dark or an invisible theater is just such a place. Here you are deprived of the opportunity to see in the usual way and along with the heroes of the exciting history you embark on a journey where the main character is your imagination. We will show the first in its kind invisible spectacle-experiment, which will force the viewer to be a participant in the event, without getting up from the chairs. For the production, the creators chose "Scarecrow" - the legendary novel by V.Zheleznikov. And this psychological action with chases, experiences, first love and the first betrayal will collapse on the viewer from all sides. The play can be very rarely seen in Moscow, tk. He tours to all cities of Russia, where there are schools that teach unique children. These children are not guided in the world by the visual principle. Rumor, smell and touch - for them, the basic feelings in the knowledge of the environment. The project "Invisible Performances" has existed since 2012 and has traveled more than 35 cities with its performances "Volka". Duration: 2 hours 10 minutes with intermission Age - 12+ Director - Ekaterina Negruta; Director - Yaroslav Zhalnin; Composer, musician - George Antonov; Musician - Andrey Duplyakin; Musical consultant, composer - Oleg Bochenin Sound producer - Tatyana Smirnova; Actors: Yanina Isaichkina, Timur Kaznov, Yaroslav Zhalnin, Sergei Shatalov, Olesya Abramova, Svetlana Migovich; Voice of the Author - ZA Rossii Oleg Leushin Premiere of the play was held on December 8, 2015
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