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Staryy Gorodok
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115035, Москва, Садовническая наб., 69
00 h 45 min



The independent theater project "Performances by Ksenia Zorina" presents in the "DOC on the Island" space

Composition based on the fairy tales of Rudyard Kipling
Performance for children and adults!

Dances with sailors, a story about Martha and Mary, a trip to the Kingdom of the Dead and return! Three actresses, three buckets, three stools, one mop, two kilos of potatoes, and tons of fantastic items from your local store!

Starring Whale, Sailor, Fish, Camel, Man, Horse, Dog and Bull, Baby Elephant, Ostrich, Giraffe, Hippo, Baboon, Two-color Python, Rocky Snake and Egyptian gods, as well as many others - Olga Zlodeeva, Yulia Isachenko and Natalia Rumyantseva ...

Director - Ksenia Zorina
Plastic teacher - Ekaterina Yarochkina

Viewers reviews:

“This is about what we do with children. How we kill curiosity, banish poetry and restrict appetite in every sense of the word. "

“The baby is delighted! What happens on the stage causes such a vivid and immediate reaction in children ... Yes, in children, I’m stuck myself)). It's fun, a little (childish) scary, of course, dangerous - after all, the jungle and the ocean! And that's great. "

“All 45 minutes we watched the game, admired resourcefulness, blew bubbles from idleness and learned to work, learned what pain is and how hard it is for a curious baby elephant to live.”

“Here are people in front of me, they have arms and legs, apples, soap bubbles, scarves, chairs. But in reality they have - the sea, terrible waves, a fishing net, a raft, a river bank, a crocodile's mouth! And it's impossible to be healthy. "

“It is impossible not to want to marry Keith after his heart-rending story; It is impossible not to want to adopt a camel, but you will go anywhere after the Elephant, because it is clear that he was truly chosen by God.

“I was especially impressed that such non-childish stories, though told in a fabulous language, captured the attention of children from the first moment to the end of the performance!”

Daria Evdochuk, art magazine "About":
“We cried over these fairy tales in childhood, because we felt sorry for the baby elephant, which the crocodile painfully grabbed by the nose, and the voracious whale with a grate in its mouth, and the dreamer camel to tears. The performance, directed to children, is sometimes not childishly harsh, sometimes cruel, and these qualities fully correspond to the mood of the modern world. They will learn that being a poet, being different from everyone else, among, in general, not bad, but average to the crowd and boring everyday life of earthly inhabitants is very difficult - but not impossible. What is most difficult under any circumstances is to remain yourself, without losing your purpose, but without this you will never take off. That "a lot of knowledge multiplies sorrow", but without them nothing moves anywhere, and the whole world is open to the curious and the bold. "

Maya Mamaladze, theater critic:
“The performance is short, and you can talk about it for hours. The required format is a family one, it is interesting for both children and adults. Means serious non-childish things, but awakens the child's imagination; during the action, the children are completely carried away by him. After the performance, we caught a girl of about seven years old and asked if she liked it? She answered in the affirmative. And why? we asked. “I don’t know,” the child replied and fled with relief. It seems to me that the whole point is that if a clever director puts on a play for children, and, speaking of what interests him, is extremely honest, the children will certainly appreciate it. "
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