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Ночь Сказок

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NIGHT TALE Premiere!

(Youth adventure)

"The Night of Fairy Tales", which appeared in the theater just before the New Year, is a wonderful sight for family viewing, interesting for children, adults and youth alike. And to whom, as not to MGIEET, to put on their stage the wonderful tales of Stepan Pisahov and Boris Shergin, these unique northern storytellers, whose priceless Russian word has entered forever into the tablets of Russian culture. However, our theater has already turned to Shergin, having put several years ago the buffoonish epic "Shish Moscow", which triumphed through many festival stages. Now Shergin joined the stage with Pisahov himself, revealing a brilliant literary and folklore duet.

The story begins with the fact that the crew of young TV men, caught in the woods by a thunderstorm, falls into a reserved village hut. The hut turns out to be truly magical: its inhabitants are precisely the heroes of Pisahov's fairy tales. "Dialogue of the times", getting better gradually and not immediately, brings however unexpected fruit: falling asleep at night to the sounds of cricket and spinning wheels, young people see themselves in a dream solely in the guise of the characters of Pisahov and Shergin. Oh, what kind of dreams, what fairy tales, what a flight of fantasy and what subjects! It is a pity that morning comes, returning the reality of modern everyday life. But at parting Pisakhov's grandfathers and grandmothers give the young luxurious memories of Pushkin - so lively, funny and bright, as if Pushkin lived next to them and knew them well. And maybe it was, because Pushkin has long belonged to all of us, becoming our myth and our favorite hero, both literature and life.

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