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Staryy Gorodok
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Lyrical drama for the 70th anniversary of Victory, V. Astafyev Premiere! (Based on the novel of the same name and the author's play "Forgive Me") The action takes place in a military hospital, where wounded soldiers lie - both young and old, and recovering, and those who have been heavily handcuffed to the bed. Among all of them, Death is walking in a businesslike way, taking someone to his kingdom every day. Her image is infernal and concrete, she is terrible with her everyday life and perfidy, being short with everyone and getting into the confidence of even the most persistent and courageous. The icy beauty of Death is dangerous, and her whole image can not but bring a strained philosophical sound to the everyday routine of hospital events. Before our very eyes, the war passes through the destinies of people - both the oldest and the youngest. The youngest are not afraid of anything. Despising death, they choose love, which burns even brighter, even more tenderly in the harsh air of war. Hardly a young man opens his eyes after a heavy operation, his gaze appears a young nurse, in which the soldier falls in love at first sight. Here it is, the first love, the purest, selfless, unforgettable. And, despite all the horrors of the war, the lyrical tonality of the play wins, the feelings of the young heroes become the leading theme of the plot. And the decision of action, contrary to the heavy specifics of the war, will inspire you with poetry and cosmism. Over the heads of the heroes, the infinity of the starry sky will burst open, and the universe itself will embrace them, giving them the whole cosmos, and for ages. Duration: 2 hours and 20 minutes. With intermission Director: Mikhail Mizyukov Artist: Maria Utrobina Actors: Andrei Bezymyannyy, Vitalina Otradnova, Svetlana Americaneva, Svetlana Shchegolkova, Natalya Mikheeva, Anastasia Solovyova, Pavel Suetin, Anton Chudetsky, Nikolay Antropov, Viktor Pristmatov, Pavel Eshtokin, Olga Mokhova / Olga Senina, Dmitry Kolygo / Anton Paramonov, Sergey Vasiliev, Viktor Yurchenko, Alexander Panteleev.
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