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Ol`ga was 20 may on Three sisters

Subtle, piercing, some surrealism only adds acuity to action and sensations.

Tat`yana was 04 april on Three sisters

Amazing and very modern

Evgeniya was 04 april on Three sisters

Theater Around, I'm also grateful for your attention. I can not call the "Three Sisters" an event. For me it was a coincidence and all the people of the theater who did it.

Три сестры. Я вас не помню собственно...

Три сестры. Я вас не помню собственно...12+

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Москва, Вознесенский пер., 9а
02 h 20 min


In four acts with one intermission

The director combines the present and future of the sisters of the Prozorovs. There are not three of them in the play - there are six of them.

They seem to be shadows from the past, not realizing, feel the approach of the end and as moths fly to the fire, submitting to the elements of nature. They certainly will not get to Moscow. What awaits them? The furnace of history. What kind of monologue is it that we will live, how beautifully the music plays! They creep into an age in which it is necessary at best to survive, live, but not live.

Chekhov's play is deliberately turned into a farce - with romances about "birch Russian melancholy" and a gypsy dance, arranged only to drown out this yearning for a moment. Actually, Chekhov also acts with his characters - what is his doctor Chebutykin worth, in the most bitter moments eliminating anything meaningless: "Tara-bumbia, I'm sitting on the pedestal?" In this sense, the performance is surprisingly true to the spirit of Chekhov.

... I'll tell you this: it's the Chekhov's "Three Sisters", the text is somehow shortened, because the play fits in two hours. If you fit in the full text, then it is hardly less than three and a half. But there, of course, a chic solution, stunning beauty. It starts with the fact that three women's figures come out and not very young, I would say so in some long coats, silently. They go out, some stand on the stage, maybe half a minute - it's a long time for a silent standing, and they leave. And then a young actress comes out, who later turns out to be one of these sisters and sings a stunning emigre romance "Fast, fast, incredibly, the days will pass like a clock." The blue rails from Moscow to Shansi lie ... And then you realize in some surprising way that Those who came out, looked at us and went away - these are three sisters, aged 20 years and finding themselves in white emigration. A revolution took place and they were thrown out of Russia not "to Moscow, to Moscow," but somewhere to Paris or, worse, somewhere to Turkey fled from the Crimea. These people know what happened to them, and now three sisters, young Chekhov women, will come out and play, who do not know, and we know. We, the public, know, and those aged know what horrors have passed. And then Vershinin, a lieutenant-colonel with two girls and a hysterical wife, always curses with him when the fire, says that he saw the girls standing on the threshold trembling, thought: what will they have to experience in life? He says that it was the same before, when the horde fell, burned. And we know what they will have to endure. When Chekhov wrote this, he could only guess. When Vershinin said this in 1900, he could only guess and be appalled by a premonition. But we know that they came true in the most terrible way. Because if they were alive and not raped were somewhere, then they were very lucky, and most were not lucky ...

Alexander Minkin. Interview with Radio Liberty 07.10.13

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Yearning for unfulfilled hopes and lost years.

They are so eager to change their sad life, so eager to leave the sad city, where life seems to them gray and dull.

But most of all these unhappy women think about love. Will they ever be happy?

The sisters in this play we will see both in youth and in adulthood. Three lovely and tender girls are dancing, singing and fussing. Later, instead of them, three elegant and beautiful middle-aged ladies will appear on the stage.

Behind them we see portraits of officers of tsarist times, those for whom it was their duty to do their duty.

And the sisters will wear wigs and black gloves, flirting with men in greatcoats and in every way mad.

But their eyes are too frank. There was such spiritual pain hidden in them, which can not be hidden.

Fantastic staging on the theme of the classical Chekhov's play, created with great talent, grace and artistic taste.

A journey into the past, which is inextricably linked with today.

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Ol`ga was 20 may

Subtle, piercing, some surrealism only adds acuity to action and sensations.

Tat`yana was 04 april

Amazing and very modern

Evgeniya was 04 april

Theater Around, I'm also grateful for your attention. I can not call the "Three Sisters" an event. For me it was a coincidence and all the people of the theater who did it.

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