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Школа Жен

Школа Жен16+

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Москва, Кутузовский пр-кт., 30/32
02 h 00 min


Trans. V. Gippius

The editors of the theater

Arnolf, middle-aged gentleman, for the aristocratic aristocracy calling himself "de La Suchem", is going to marry his pupil Agnes. Panickedly afraid of female adultery, Arnolf has been locked up for many years and is trying to grow from her "the right wife". But youth and true love, of course, win in this story about "Domostroy" in the French way.

The actor in this work was Mikhail Krylov (who also plays the main role - Arnolf), already known to the audience of the Workshop for the unrestrained "Ruslan and Lyudmila." There the Pushkin text was disassembled so carefully that the dust of textbooks on literature flew from him, "Our Everything" came off the pedestal and turned out to be alive, ironic, not alien to ordinary human weaknesses and vices.

In the work of Mikhail Krylov a lot of improvisation. It seems that the scene is born before our very eyes, out of nothing. This is an actor, peeled from the husks. Perhaps this was the way the Moliere troupe played - making up, making merry, getting pleasure from each other and from the audience. Krylov puts his play about love and, first of all, about the love of the theater, but not dusty, not red-gold. His "School of Wives" about falling in love with the craft, the ability to believe and find theater in everything.

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Arnolf did not just take up Agnes for education: he dreams of growing an ideal wife out of her. After all, women are unreliable creatures, and strive to impose horns on their spouses! Arnolf does not agree to put up with such a fate, he himself will plunge his principles into his head - of course, the most pious! - and there you can play a wedding ...

But only the girl, no matter how she brought up, still some day fall in love with some handsome ... Is Arlolf's complex plan doomed to failure? .. Could he have foreseen how his "school" will end?

Indeed, women are insidious creatures!

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