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Совместные переживания

Совместные переживания18+

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127055, Москва, Новослободская ул., 23
01 h 20 min


"It would be interesting to meet with you now."

"What happiness, that we are not together."

"If you did not lie under the trees, then everything is not in vain."

"I should have told you everything then."

"I'm looking for someone like you."

JOINT EXPERIENCE are dedicated to the first love. We do not discover all the secrets, but the play is experimental: it is not a show with actors on stage and viewers in the hall, but a special experience. Everyone who enters the space of the "living memory museum" becomes a full participant in what is happening.

Vika PRIVALOVA, director: "My friend Vova said that when he was 5 years old, he fell in love with a kindergarten in a girl in red shoes. And when all the children slept during the day, Vova went to the girl's bed, sat down and began to kiss these shoes. The teacher did not find this gesture romantic and spanked Vova with a rag.

After this story, I began to nurture the idea of ​​the play. I still did not quite understand what it would be, but I knew that it must be sad and funny. I wrote to Kazachkov, I suggested meeting and discussing everything. Zhenya said "interesting!" He introduced me to the "Sketches" and we started to work. They collected interviews, deciphered, conducted trainings. They learned to listen. They chose the most interesting. "

Yevgeny KAZAKCHKOV, playwright: "I was afraid to fall into" sweet nostalgia "and do something sugary, so I suggested concentrating on pain, on how this feeling passes, what remains of it, and how this first loss affects our later life How we learn to be honest with ourselves. "

Dmitry MYSHKIN, actor, head of the SKETCH group in SPACE: "Sincerity has always been our main tool. But this performance is the next step in our exposure. "

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