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Страшные сны дома на Набережной пешеходная с музеем

Страшные сны дома на Набережной пешеходная с музеем1+

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We invite you to plunge into Moscow in the 1930s - the time of great hopes and terrible human tragedies, and learn about the difficult fate of the House on the Embankment, which became a vivid symbol of the era that created it. The legendary Government House on Bersenevskaya Embankment is one of the most unique residential complexes in the history of Moscow, the present City of the Future - with flower gardens and fountains in the courtyards, with its own cinema, sports hall, covered tennis court, department store, dining room, club and even a kindergarten on the roof !! The lucky ones, who received a luxurious apartment in this house, received all the best - from furniture, bed linen and towels to paintings, porcelain sets and silverware ... The candidacy of every tenant of an elite house was approved by I.V. Stalin. In the 37th apartment lived the daughter of the leader himself - Svetlana Alliluyeva. In the next entrance lived her brother Vasily Stalin and his mother's relatives (Alliluyevs). One of the first to enter the house was its creator, the architect BM Iofan. Here, in the spacious apartments, lived the most famous people in the country: members of the Politburo, People's Commissars, Marshals, Academicians: Bagramyan, Tukhachevsky, Zhukov, Voroshilov, Vodopyanov, Kosygin, and future NS Secretary General. Khrushchev. Side by side adjoined victims and executioners: the bloody people's commissar-murderer Yezhov, Vyshinsky, Kaganovich, Goloshchekin. The name "House on the Quay", this famous house was received with the light hand of the writer Yuri Trifonov, whose family lived here in the 30s of the last century. However, despite the luxury and elitism, he did not become, as expected, a symbol of the future, but went down in history as "The Firing House", "Kremlin Krema", "House of Pre-trial Detention", "House of the Color of the Slept Lives." Despite the luxury, everything in this house was official, everything belonged to the party - from furniture to own life. There were special secret rooms, rooms and entire entrances for surveillance of eminent tenants, all the attendants from the janitor to the lifter were NKVD officers, and during the Great Terror almost 800 people were shot or sent to camps. On a walk you will learn: why the party elite decided to settle on the site of the former swamp; what is a "stone bag"; where there was a tortured and secret underground passage of the bloody Malyuta Skuratov; why the House on the embankment was called the "thermos house"; where the mysterious 11th porch "disappeared"; what "ruddy" Stalin looks like; who among the famous people lived in this house, and how their destiny developed; how comfortable it was for the tenants; what "limits" existed for arrests and executions; and also why, despite the sinister past, many still seek to live in this long-suffering house. After a fascinating walk you will visit the museum-apartment of the House on the embankment, in which the atmosphere of the 30th years is carefully restored, which reliably recreates the life of its inhabitants and the special atmosphere of the "Soviet paradise". Each exhibit of the museum is a gift from the residents of the house. Visitors are greeted by a penguin, a gift from a former resident - polar pilot Ilya Mazuruk. On the walls are landscapes, portraits of residents and a strange picture depicting the peter of Stalin. In the museum you can see the mock-up of the legendary House, an antique American radio, personal belongings of famous tenants, photographs and many interesting relics of that troubled time. During the fascinating excursion you will reveal the secrets and mysteries of this unique House, hear a story about the destinies of its eminent inhabitants. The cost of entrance tickets to the museum "Houses on the Embankment" is included in the ticket price for the excursion! Collection at 12:15. The beginning is at 12:30. Meeting place: M. Kropotkinskaya, the last car from the center - exit to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, then you need to bypass the Temple and go to the top of the Patriarchal Bridge, where our guide will meet you with a sign "House on the Embankment". Completion: in the museum "House on the Embankment".
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