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Такими мы счастливыми бывали...

Санкт-Петербург. Такими мы счастливыми бывали...6+

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Санкт-Петербург, Владимирский пр-кт., 12
01 h 45 min


Songs of the war years always fall into the heart of listeners. Young artists of the Lensovet Theater Studio sincerely and with a soul will present them in the play. They will also tell about how our city lived in the blockade, as in the besieged, wounded city worked theaters, concert halls, Leningrad radio, libraries, art exhibitions were held. Culture and art helped people to withstand, the slogan "Muses should not remain silent when cannons are thundering!" Was implemented by the efforts of many people. A special page will be devoted to the creative life of the New Theater - the Lensoviet Theater during the war, the audience will learn a lot about the beloved theater for themselves. The poetic lines of Anna Akhmatova and Marina Tsvetaeva will be heard, in which the main idea will be: "May the sky always be peaceful over our land!"


Leading the play Lyudmila Basova

The play is busy

Anna Zhmaeva

Dmitry Karaevsky

Galina Kochetkova

Alexander Krymov

Honored Artist of Russia

Larisa Leonova

Lydia Melnikova

Maxim Hanzhov

Lydia Shevchenko

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Art during the war continued, was supported by actors and spectators, existed even in the hardest times for the Russian people - it could not be, because the power of art - in the ability to support hearts with faith and hope, maintain morale and fortitude, That once will be warm and calm in my heart, because the war time is not forever, it will pass.

Forcing wives and mothers, burying their soldiers-sons, soldiers-husbands, to drink a lot of grief, the war will go away. Peaceful time will come again, it will be possible to start life anew. Again, many people - young and old - will remember about happiness ...

But while the war lasted, the songs, the performances called for perseverance and courage, served as an outlet for tired hearts, reminded that disasters, even unbearably heavy, are transitory, and art is eternal.

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