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Galina was 11 september on Forget-me-nots

Thanks for the spectal. The game is beautiful, the theme is amazing. In my opinion - the best performance of the season.



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Lyudmila Ulitskaya wrote this play almost two decades ago, but then she did not become popular with the theater. The play "My grandson Veniamin" was staged in Perm and - nowhere else. Today, it seems, her time really came, and Mark Rozovsky, who knows exactly how to hear the rumble of Time, took up the production, changing the name. His performance is called "Forget-me-nots" and in this title sounds are very sad and deeply lyrical.

Tell me, have you ever thought that you will live to the time when anti-Semitism in our country will disappear? But it happened - in recent years, years of general destruction and demarcation, the image of the enemy has become quite different for many: it's not the Jews who are to blame for all sorts of riots and disgraces, but the faces of the Caucasian and Central Asian nationalities that have poured into Russia. It is they who, in the opinion of the gray, poorly educated and easily controlled masses, took the legitimate places of the Russians, snatched the sweetest piece of the pie, etc., and so on.

A disgusting and bitter phenomenon changed the landmark, but the essence remained and at any moment a new turn can take place. Mark Rozovsky does not forget about this, calling his play the name of modest and small blue flowers, which are meant to awaken our memory, not to let it fade.

The story of a Jewish woman, who has long since left the place, but for all her life preserved the local consciousness, is played by the People's Artist of Latvia Raina Praudina with strong, expressive, bright, with a subtle combination of psychology, irony, humor and true tragedy. Her Esther Lvovna is energetic, active and extremely self-centered - only she understands what happiness is, only she is able to find a worthy wife for her overage son Leva, only she can manage her sister Lisa (remarkable in this very difficult role is the Honored Artist of Russia Ekaterina Raikina) Only she knows what the happiness of the girl Sonechka is (Sonya, the young theater actress Ekaterina Tovstonogova) is very interesting in the role of Sonya, brought by Esther Lvovna from Bobruisk ... But all her plans suffer complete ruin, because people are hot Yat to live in their own way, to organize their lives as they see fit. And only the soft, delicate and indecisive provincial woman Sonechka, who lost her foster mother and was taken care of by Esther Lvovna, is ready to completely submit to everything. She knows that only this energetic and stubborn woman will help her raise a child whom Sonechka is going to give birth to from former classmate Vitya. The role of Vitya, who is very interestingly played by the young artist Alexander Chernyavsky, is small in size, but extremely important - it is this smiling boy in the military cadet uniform who will utter a monologue, from which it becomes really scary. Asked by Sonechka why he does not like Jews, Victor first says the words familiar to everyone about the ability of this nation to adapt, and then, gradually igniting his own words, almost screams that he himself would gladly leave this country, but Some Jews are released! .. And behind these words, it is as if the very real reason for the anti-Semitism of the gray, poorly educated and easily controlled masses suddenly opened up, just as anxious to leave forever from Russia and from that especially loudly shouting about those who sold their homeland. And in an uncomplicated family melodrama there is an acutely social motive: no, anti-Semitism has not disappeared, he just changed his face for the time being.

And it's very important not to forget, to forget nothing ... (c)
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She wants a son of good, but does everything to make him unhappy.

The dressmaker Esther Lvovna does not understand when she is called a despot.

Who, besides her, should lead the family?

She always brings up everyone - from her sister, to friends to casual acquaintances. And they flee from her advice and teachings.

And she must marry the son herself. Choose for him a decent and quiet Jewish girl from a good home. You can not deceive her! And the son in people is poorly versed. Can he be entrusted with such a serious task?

A damsel comes from Bobruisk. As much as an adult son protests, milf still marries him on her.

But he can not make him live with an unloved woman. He will go to the one that is dear to his heart.

And why did she interfere with his life?

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

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Galina was 11 september

Thanks for the spectal. The game is beautiful, the theme is amazing. In my opinion - the best performance of the season.

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