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Staryy Gorodok
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tragicomedy based on a play by Florian Zeller
The following people are involved in the performance: Sergey Makovetsky, Marina Alexandrova,
Anatoly Rudenko / Danil Ivanov, Maria Ryschenkova / Daria Ursulyak,
Ivan Brovin, Polina Vitorgan / Nadezhda Lumpova
Director: Mikhail Teplitsky
Artist: Alexander Lisyansky
Translation: Ilya Imenitov

The protagonist of the play Andre is 80 years old, once upon a time he was a dancer. He lives in Paris with his daughter Anna and her husband Antoine. Or was Andre an engineer whose daughter lives in London with her new boyfriend Pierre? And why is he still in his pajamas, and can not find his watch ?! So many strange things are happening around and all these people are acting so strange! But be that as it may, Andre knows very well that he is still a strong man, and will find a way to defend his innocence. In the end, he is not weak-witted, everything is working fine for him ... Isn’t he?

Papa is a realistic family story that keeps viewers in emotional tension from the very beginning. This is an amazing mixture of drama and comedy with elements of mysticism. Sergei Makovetsky and Marina Alexandrova tell the story of a father and daughter trying to realize the changes that are taking place with a person who is beginning to rapidly lose control of his mind.

The author of the play, Florian Zeller, is the star of modern French drama. Performances of his plays are in many theaters around the world. In 2014, for the play “Papa”, Zeller was awarded the Moliere Prize, the main theater award in France. Performances on it were held with great success in Paris, London, New York, Sydney, Hong Kong and hundreds of other cities.

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