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00 h 45 min


Children's play according to the poems of Edward Lear

In English

On June, 10th at 12:00

11 June at 16:00

In Russian

10 June at 16:00

On the 11th of June at 12:00

Want to go on a flight on a ship - "Zaporozhets" with sails made of green peas? To swim on a huge live turtle on the island of Oysters and all night to dance dances with green-haired Jambles (to the sounds of a silver pipe)? Sleep in half of the jug and find yourself in the mysterious edge of Karamandel (or at the edge of unknown mountains and forests)? We are waiting for you in the country of Jamblia. We will jumbling!

The performance of the company of artists and musicians of the Stanislavsky Electrotheater was made according to the famous poems of the British poet Edward Lear, who initiated the "poetry of nonsense" and exerted a great influence on Lewis Carroll, Daniil Kharms and the French surrealists. A real car on the site, live music (reggae including) and two artists who embody the strange characters of Lear before our eyes - "Jamblia" gives an opportunity for both children and adults to hear the beauty of the poetry of the nonsense, equally beautiful in both Russian and English .

In the play are busy: Maria Belyaeva, Pavel Kravets, Vitaliy Labutin, Sergei Malinin / Andrey Kaplanov, Julia Miroshnikova.

Author: Edward Lear

Director: Pavel Kravets

Artist: Ekaterina Ryakhovskaya.

One adult companion is allowed to play for free.

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