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Lе Тартюф. Комедия

Lе Тартюф. Комедия18+

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Москва, Земляной Вал ул., 76/21
02 h 00 min


Moliere's Tartuffe, born in the 17th century, oddly enough, today is becoming more and more relevant. The hypocrisy, hypocrisy, and infantilism of society seem to have reached their peak. Infantilism in this case is expressed in the desire to do whatever it takes in their own way, without thinking about the consequences. At Orgon's house, everyone is busy endlessly sorting out relationships and fighting for spheres of influence. No one notices the approach of a real catastrophe. It looks funny until it gets scary. And who is worse in this story - Tartuffe? or those around him? Society itself creates the Tartufs, who have their own time. This time, sensual seduction, rock and punk aesthetics will not do.

Yuri Muravitsky, director: “I want to rehabilitate comedy, which is considered to be a“ low ”genre. Laughter, like tears, has a cleansing effect. It gives you the opportunity to look at yourself. Our performance plays with the aesthetics of the areal theater, its carnival-farcical nature. For me, the names of those directors whose portraits hang above the entrance to the Taganka Hall are very important. First of all, Bertold Brecht, Evgeny Vakhtangov, Vsevolod Meyerhold, Yuri Lyubimov. These names are formed for me in a certain theatrical tradition or rather a direction. It is in this direction that we are moving in our work. ”

Performance team:
Director - Yuri Muravitsky
Artist - Galya Solodovnikov
Composer - Louis Lebe
Lighting Designer - Sergey Vasiliev
Assistant director for working with text - Svetlana Mikhalischeva
Assistant Director of Choreography - Daria Avratinskaya
Assistant Director - Mira Ardasheva

Roles and Performers:

Tartuffe - Roman Kolotukhin

Orgon - Vasily Urievsky

Elmira - Daria Avratinskaya

Mariana - Polina Kutsenko

Valera - Kirill Yanchevsky

Damis - Pavel Komarov

Dorina - Evgenia Romanova

Kleant - Artem Bolotovsky

Mrs. Pernel - Nadezhda Flerova

Loyal - Anton Anurov

Harlequin - Pavel Bessonov

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