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Приключения Фандорина.

Приключения Фандорина. 12+

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A detective story based on the novel by B. Akunin

In the fashionable quarter of Paris, British collector Lord Littleby and all the staff of the mansion were killed with particular cruelty. From the famous collection of eastern rarities, a unique golden statuette of the Indian god Shiva and one of the painted Indian scarves were stolen. The case begins to investigate the detective of the Parisian prefecture Gustave Gauche. In the hand of the dead, he discovers the emblem of the golden whale. As it turns out, this is the emblem of a miracle ship, which is sent on its first voyage to India. And all the passengers of the first class were given such a golden whale along with the ticket. But which of them could commit such a terrible crime? Suspicion falls on five people who do not have a gold whale. Among them is Erast Fandorin ...

Erast Petrovich Fandorin - the hero of the series of historical detectives Boris Akunin "The Adventures of Erast Fandorin." Fandorin embodied the ideal of the aristocrat of the XIX century: nobility, education, loyalty, incorruptibility, loyalty to principles. In addition, Erast Petrovich is handsome, he has impeccable manners, he is successful with women, although he is always alone, and he is extraordinarily lucky in gambling and in any dispute, if the result is entirely determined by chance.

The dynamics and dramatic nature of the action will cause every spectator to tirelessly follow the rapidly developing storyline of the fascinating history of the charming aristocrat Erast Petrovich.

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