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Выставка Дом, в котором музыка и красота

Выставка Дом, в котором музыка и красота6+

125009, Москва, Брюсов пер., 7
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The exhibition "The House in which Music and Beauty" is dedicated to N.S. Golovanov (1891–1953), the main conductor of the Bolshoi Theater, composer, musician, and his collection of Russian painting and church antiquities.
“It was nice to see that musician N.S. Golovanov was not only engaged in music, but also in general beauty ”- these words, taken from the feedback of visitors, determined the name of the exhibition. The atmosphere of the Moscow artistic and artistic environment, which was formed by the middle of the 20th century, was recreated here, filled with beauty and music. And today the interior of this apartment, with its special atmosphere and concert breath, continues to amaze and delight the modern visitor.
The presented exhibition expands and complements the expositional memorial space filled with antique furniture, works of Russian and Western European painting, and objects of applied art.
As N.S. admitted Golovanov, “it was my good fortune to be acquainted with some prominent Russian artists: V.M. Vasnetsov, M.V. Nesterov, K.A. Korovin, A.Ya. Golovin, P.P. Konchalovsky. "
From the collection of N.S. Golovanov, stored in the Museum of Music, the exhibition presents not only the paintings of Mikhail Nesterov, Victor Vasnetsov, Konstantin Korovin, but also Vasily Vereshchagin, Nikolai Dubovsky, Lukyan Popov and other Russian artists. A great addition to this art series is a large pictorial portrait of N.S. Golovanov, performed by the famous artist Robert Falk in 1938–1948 (from the collection of the Bolshoi Theater Museum).
The composer N.S. himself appears as an equally brilliant musician-painter. Golovanov in his compositions, sounding at the exhibition.
For visitors, the exhibition is open in the Museum-apartment of N.S. Golovanova (Bryusov Lane, Building 7, Apt. 10) from December 20, 2019 to March 8, 2020.
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