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The legendary performance "Kysya", a production that has beaten all conceivable and unthinkable records on the full house. In the lead roles - brilliant and inimitable Dmitry Nagiyev and brutal Igor Lifanov.
Both do not need any special representation for a long time, since they are recognized stars of the first magnitude in cinema, on television and in the theater. Dmitry and Igor are friends from the student's bench. And together they are engaged in many successful projects. But the most unexpected and even in many respects a sensational record was staged exactly the play "Kysya", the spectator's agiotage around which does not fall off 16 years!
Coming to the play, you will plunge into the abyss of sparkling humor and positive with the master of improvisation and his recognized partners on the stage. Here a subtle irony and light sarcasm are intertwined with Hoffman horror stories and Gogol's mysticism. Perhaps the reason for the success is that the phantasmagoria "Kysya", although it has some deliberate scandal, essentially contains an extravagant but very personal story about friendship, love and hate, bright and undisguised feelings. "Kysya" - production based on the story of the same name by Vladimir Kunin. Director Lev Rakhlin and actors created on the stage a funny, schooly and adventurous story of a St. Petersburg slaughter cat from the Don Juan breed. Dmitry Nagiyev perfectly mastered the plasticity, habits and uneasy cat philosophy. The main character - cat Martyn - has a hard time. However, everything that Kysya sees makes his little mindset seriously think about the most important human values.
On the domestic scene, there is not a lot of an entertaining performance that can be compared with "Kyssey" for the audience's attention for all the years of existence. The production was looked, probably, by all the stars: from Alla Pugacheva to Leonid Yarmolnik. "Kysya" toured in the most prestigious halls in Russia and abroad. In many cities it was several times. "Kysyu" play theaters, DC, in the Sports Palaces. In Moscow, the play was shown on the stage of the Moscow Art Theater, Vakhtangov Theater, Satirikon, Satire, Variety Theater and others. The schedule of tours is scheduled for a year ahead, due to the employment in the cinema and on television of Dmitry Nagiyev and Igor Lifanov.

The performance also includes: Nikolay Dik, Dmitry Bystrevsky, Dmitry Vorobyev, Erik Kenya, Marina Domozhirova, Daria Perova. In one of the roles, Dmitry Nagiyev's son, Kirill Nagiyev, enters the stage.
Based on the story of the same name by Vladimir Kunin
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Already a year in the play, based on the novel by Vladimir Kunin "Kysya", shine Dmitry Nagiyev and Igor Lifanov!

Dmitry Nagiev masterfully reincarnates ... in a walking cat! Cat Martyn loves to walk in every sense of the word: in the courtyard not a single cat will miss, all the time looking for adventure, and one day just goes to travel around Russia!

So a domestic cat from St. Petersburg is on a big road. What kind of adventure awaits a brave but courageous cat? Would Martin return someday home, to his native and familiar courtyard?

The sonic cat, like no one knows how dirty life happens. But he does not lose optimism and strives to meet the new. Maybe this is his strength ...?

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