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Anna was 02 march on The man who took his wife by the hat

There are cases from the medical practice of a psychiatrist - people living in another reality. It was unusual and interesting.

Человек,который принял жену за шляпу

Человек,который принял жену за шляпу16+

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Author: Oliver Sachs

Director: Nikita Kobelev

Cast: Julia Silaeva, Alexandra Rovensky, Natalia Palagushkina, Pavel Parkhomenko, Nina Schegoleva, Roman Fomin, Anastasia Tsvetanovich, Olga Yergina, Alexei Zolotovitsky

Oliver Sachs is a world-famous American neuropsychologist and writer. His work "The Man Who Took a Wife for a Hat" about psychic deviations has long become a world bestseller and has an interesting scenic fate: Michael Nyman wrote the opera, and the first dramatic production was performed by Peter Brook. The Mayakovsky Theater first staged the work of Oliver Sachs in Russia. Nikita Kobelev talks about modern people trying to overcome unusual mental disorders and struggling for survival. This is a story of a man who distinguishes other people only by smell, a guy with Tourette's syndrome, subsiding only when he begins to beat the rhythm on the drums, a young man who walks bending over like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Together with Oliver Saks, Nikita Kobelev peeps into the most hidden corners of the human soul, examines deviation as a revelation, a disease not as a limitation of opportunities, but as the discovery of new ways in the ordinary life of the unknown. After the scientist the director is interested in the study of unexplained relations between the brain and consciousness, but he chooses the means of understanding these relations fundamentally different. The play "The Man Who Took a Wife for a Hat" will be the second project of the Studio-OFF of the Mayakovsky Theater. The result of the first work was the play "Decalogue on Sretenka". Projects Studio-OFF - the territory of the experiment and free co-creation of all the participants of the play.

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Oliver Sachs was a neuropsychologist and worked all his life with people suffering from various disorders and abnormalities: who stopped feeling his body, who curses and twitches without end, and someone, perhaps, does not even recognize his wife and accepts his hat! ..

But, probably, the world would never know about the incredible tricks that his brain can make with a man if Oliver Sachs did not have one more important talent - the ability to beautifully and breathtakingly describe all that he had seen as a doctor. Yes, he was a writer. According to his book, this performance was staged.

Freaks, crazy, strange, awkward people - all the characters here are special. They are touching and touching in their attempts to master this world, to understand which glove should be worn on which hand ...

This is the deep human message of the play, partly ironic, a little sad, but certainly kind, calling us to observe special people simultaneously and with the impartial position of the curious scientist, and from the deeply experienced, compassionate person.

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Anna was 02 march

There are cases from the medical practice of a psychiatrist - people living in another reality. It was unusual and interesting.

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