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Скучная история

Скучная история12+

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Москва, Тверская ул., 23/3
01 h 30 min


The main character of the "Boring History" is a professor with an all-Russian fame and a brilliant scientist who believes in science as the highest occupation for a person, but he experiences hard days of doubt in everything, in science, in people and in himself. Nikolai Stepanovich is 62 years old; He has a family, students, colleagues, a good friend Katia - an adopted daughter and a close friend, and absolutely no pleasure from life. Realizing that there was not much left for him to live, Chekhov's idealist melancholy was trying to wander through sleepless nights with the vicissitudes of his past and present. He no longer sees the meaning of anything.

The story of himself and his life, the hero of the "Boring History", played by Leonid Zverintsev, leads from the first person, but as if moving away from himself - it is no accident that the first story written by Chekhov in 1889 was called "My name and I".

Directed by Vasily Skvortsov, a graduate of Boris Yukhananov's Personal Directing Workshop (MIR-4), he places the action in an anatomical situation with the classical professor's department. Inside the performance itself, as in Chekhov's text, an epic-dramatic structure is realized that allows one to look at the world alternately with the eyes of the hero, then outwardly, yielding to the famous Chekhov "objectivity". Composer Fedor Sofronov destructs the music of Pyotr Tchaikovsky (Chekhov dedicated his collection to which "The Boring Story" also entered), turning it into noises.

Chekhov's story has a poor scenic history (a television performance in the year of 1968, a performance by the Moscow theater "Hermitage" in 2009 and several productions in Eastern Europe). For the heroes of the story - Nikolai Stepanovich and Katya - the theater becomes a stumbling block: the first believes him for entertainment, the second - for the mission. Returning today, at a time when the unconcealed stiffness of looking at man and his problems became a necessary part of art, this thing in the theater, director Vasily Skvortsov turns the viewer to himself - not always happy, but always on something hoping and, in general, A good person.

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