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За белым кроликом

За белым кроликом16+

127055, Москва, Новослободская ул., 23
01 h 15 min



Behind the innocent "childish" name is a tough and fascinating story about the (un) ability to live with pain, fear and guilt. The story of growing up, where Wonderland turns into a nightmare.

The play takes place in three parallel streams - time, genre, story.

There is a world of 30-year-old Olya, experiencing a serious personal crisis, the origins of which lie in the events of 10 years ago. Her monologues in the style of a stand-up show are both an attempt to understand their experiences and a desire to hide from what is really important.

In a domestic, almost documentary, vein, a tense investigation is dynamically developing that brought together two completely different women. It is based on a creepy tale where two young Alice girls, following the White Rabbit, jump into a rabbit hole / sit down in a way to a stranger. The playwright’s metaphorical technique allows us to formulate what cannot be pronounced.

Playwright Maria Ogneva and director Polina Struzhkova explore the experience of experiencing serious psychological trauma. But the complexity and drama of the questions posed do not prevent the authors from telling a story - easily and even cheerfully.

Together with the artist Alexandra Dashevskaya, the director creates a performance in which spectators and actors exist in a single physical space and a space of common experience.

The play “Beyond the White Rabbit” is based on real events. In 2018, she entered the short list of the Lyubimovka festival.

The performance was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation.
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