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In the house of the House, Fanny Bell plays the accordion. Sound sonorous children's voices and parents' laughter!

There is a play called "Cryctor". All children, without exception, truly believe in what is happening. Each performance is accompanied by astonished exclamations about how quickly a small boa grew up in a huge snake, with joyful smiles accompanied by a walk of Cristo and Madame Bodo through the city. Active participation in the game "snowballs", a competition for the right answers in the "school" scene. And, finally, with excitement and emotions - will Crycor win the bandit?

The style of the production greatly expanded the age limits of the audience of the performance. Any adult who came to the "Cryctor" is experiencing double joy. Parents, watching the reaction of children, travel to the world of childhood, discover new facets of their child's soul!

Artists playing in "Kriktor" openly "bathe" in the atmosphere of action.

And children's spontaneity and naturalness of behavior are the best thanks to the director and actors for their work.

Particular happiness to the creators of "The Critic" brings additional adventures that happen at every play!

That bold girly four years old is trying to pull out the gag, which shut Madam Bodo's mouth, this terrible thief! At the same time, the threat to the teeth of the actress is absolutely real!

The children vied with each other "handing over" to the old woman the list of the stolen goods.

Then one of the children comes up with a hard-to-do "homework"

The sounds of the accordion, the Provencal house of the lonely madam, the play "Cryctor" begins ....

What awaits us at this play? It's hard to even guess ... Tomi Ungerer's children's book "Kriktor" is already over 60 years old. This fascinating story is a huge success for many generations of kids and their parents. Kriktor is a boa constrictor who plays with children, teaches letters and performs feats! He was presented to his mother on the birthday of one brave explorer of Africa.

Tomi Ungerer is an artist and writer born in France. A citizen of the world and a fighter for civil rights, laureate of the H.H. Andersen Prize, awarded with the Order of the Legion of Honor. Tomi Ungerer is the author and illustrator of seventy mischievous and cognitive children's books. He knows - in order to reveal the individuality of the child, one must impress his imagination.

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