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Веселого Рождества, Мама!

Веселого Рождества, Мама!12+

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Москва, Земляной Вал ул., 76/21
02 h 30 min


The play "Merry Christmas, Mom!" Is an unusual performance. It is specially created for the actors of the older generation of our theater. The names of many of them are included in the actor's treasure trove of both Tagans. Among them zasl. Art. Russia Mikhail Lebedev, hon. Art. Russia Lydia Savchenko, hon. Art. Russia Tatyana Ivanovna Zhukova-Kirtbaya, Alla Bogina, Elena Gabets, Elena Kornilova, Tatiana Lukyanova, Victoria Radunskaya. At least for this reason - it's worth a look. Together with the masters, young artists also play.

All three plays are combined by time and place of action: the events unfold in homes for lonely old people in Italy, Germany and Russia on the eve of Christmas. And Christmas is not just a holiday, it's a day that can happen that can not be! And even, it would seem, the already existing destiny can change for some instants. And it is not by chance that the genre of the play is defined by the creators as "laughter through tears": the audience has to laugh and cry, and cry with a smile on the face that concerns everyone. Relations between generations, children and parents - piercing touching stories, in which you can recognize yourself, both with joy and with sadness. The performance will feature live musical instruments - an accordion, a guitar, a balalaika; Actors have to sing and dance. The premiere will take place on the birthday of the theater "Commonwealth of Taganka Actors" - April 22.

Dramaturgical basis: Harold Mueller's "Silent Night" plays, Aldo Nikolay's "Iron Class", "Four Women of Ivan" ("Grandma's Wives"), Florida Bulyakova. The play of Bulyakova is staged in Moscow for the first time.

Director - Natalia Starkova; Artist - Elena Kachelaeva; Dance, plastic - Olga Kaplunova.

In the play are busy: zasl. Art. Russia M. Basov, hon. Art. Russia T. Zhukova-Kirtbaya, hon. Art. Russia M. Lebedev, hon. Art. Russia D. Perov, hon. Art. Russia L. Savchenko, D. Belotserkovsky, A. Bogina, O. Bityutskaya, E. Gabets, A. Emtsov, S. Kabeshev, I. Klabukova, E. Kornilova, T. Lukyanova, D. Mikhailichenko, E. Osokin, V. Radunskaya, N. Ryabkov, E. Yakovlev.

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Nursing homes exist all over the world. The old German woman, elderly Italian men, Russian grandmothers - they all can get to where they care about single old people.

Here you can dream that relatives will be taken home once, even for holidays. Or indulge in recollections: how many young heroes were committed feats, how many dashing deeds! Some of the ladies continue to flirt, despite their advanced age. And some of the grandmothers even went further in their dreams: the old women wanted to marry out!

Three plays - about the old, about vigorous old age, about how important it is not to be discouraged even in the declining years, because life is priceless and infinitely interesting. And good!

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