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I was with your wife

Saint-Petersburg. I was with your wife12+

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Sankt-Peterburg, Kamennoostrovskiy pr-kt., 42
02 h 00 min



Sergey Drobotenko: comedian and parodist, pop and film artist, “Thank God you came”, “Caution Zadov!” And others.
Anfisa Chekhova: a popular TV presenter and movie actress “Women on the verge of collapse”, “Five stars”, “Southern Butovo”, “I love you”, “Happy together”, etc.
Yuri Askarov: Comedian and parodist, entertainer and film actor, “A Man in My Head”, “Gangs”, “Gypsies”, “Thank God You Came!” And others.
Vladimir Dolinsky z.a. Russia: “My Fair Nanny”, “The Moscow Saga”, “Life and Adventures of the Bear Jap”,
“Wolf Messing”, “Ordinary Miracle”, “D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers”, “Do not Renounce Loving,” “Next 3”, etc.
Natalia Khorokhorina Z.A. Russia: "Voronins", "Daddy's daughters", "DMB", Petersburg secrets ", Truckers", "White dew",
“Envy of the gods”, “Mustachioed nanny”, etc.
Kornitskaya Eugene: theater and film actress

It has long been known that small lies give rise to great difficulties. It seems special that you had lunch at a restaurant with a family friend, but this is boring, no intrigue. Another thing, if it was a persistent admirer, or even a secret lover - this is an occasion to cause jealousy in her husband! But who can assume that an innocent deception will cause a series of problems that will begin to grow, like a snowball. And the only way to save the family will be the need to give birth to a child, or even two children, or even better three. That's just to do it urgently, to return the spouse after a long absence. But how to organize it, if there was no pregnancy at all ...

It is known that a woman and cunning are two inseparable friends!
This insanely funny eccentric comedy with the stars of theater, stage and cinema will make you laugh to tears and will give you a good mood for a long time!

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