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The tragedy with intermission

On April 8 and 10, 2018, the experimental stage of the Russian Army Theater invites spectators to the premiere play "Omelet" in the genre of the tragedy with intermission. The action takes place in the actor's dressing room during the performance "Hamlet".
Actor's dressing room, in which two characters are talking. Everything would be simple and ordinary, if not for the performance "Hamlet", echoing from the stage echoes. Theater in the theater, where serious passions boil not only on the stage, but also in the souls of the actors. Resentment, jealousy, suffering and ... a love for the theater, which does not allow to leave the profession and go on a different path of life.
In the history of the world theater, the themes of Hamlet and the actor's dressing room were beaten and beaten enough millions of times. The more interesting it will be to find out what three actors will express in this performance - two on stage and the third character, invisibly present throughout the entire production. Let's not forget that the experimental stage of the Army Theater is a space for avant-garde director productions, the introduction of new forms of communication with the viewer. Here the most unexpected turns and director's decisions are possible.
Speaking of himself, the director of the play Alexander Vyslov recalls how he first crossed the threshold of the Russian Army Theater 32 years ago and how he was lucky to play with Vladimir Zeldin in the play "My profession is a signor from the society". Alexander Vistlov talks about the theater and the premiere production of "Omelet": "I do not regret the ups and downs that were in my way. If it were not for the theater, I would not have become what I am today-a playwright, director, theatrical critic, theatrical figure. I am grateful to the team of the Theater of the Army and Boris Afanasievich Morozov for the opportunity to experiment and create a play about the theater, about the love for him. Life is short, life is eternal. "
The professional artist Olga Bade is invited to the team working on the production. The music, which strengthens the texture, the volume of the images of the play, composer Ruben Zatikyan writes, has been in charge of the musical part of the theater for more than 16 years.

The artistic director of the play is NA. Of Russia Boris Morozov
Director-director - Alexander Vislov
Composer - Ruben Zatikyan
Artist - Olga Bode

In the play are busy:
People's Artist of Russia - Artem Kaminsky
Artist - Sergey Danilevich
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