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Венеция в снегу

Венеция в снегу12+

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Москва, Суворовская пл., 2
02 h 00 min


What can comedic situation? From anything - from the bad mood of your companion to the desire to play friends! It all started with a chance meeting on the street of two old friends Pierre and Christophe. We agreed to arrange a party for four of us - everyone will come with his girlfriend.
At first, the fun did not come at all - Patricia, the girlfriend of Christophe, it is not clear that she was angry, pouting and did not want to communicate with anyone. Pierre and Natalie are passionate about their love and constantly kiss. Which one of them and why has decided that Patricia is a foreigner already doesn’t matter, because from that moment the complete madness began. The newly minted "foreigner" is getting deeper and deeper into her role. Christophe, so as not to expose her friend, diligently plays up to her. The ball of merry lies is twisted more and more tightly, on the stage and in the hall there is an atmosphere of ease of French comedy.
“Venice in the Snow” is a statement about love, about the power and energy that it carries in itself. The performance is about femininity and masculinity, that our strength is to be ourselves, not to become the middle sex. Go on dates, and not hide in messengers. The performance is about that forgotten, perhaps, the romance, which has never been tested by young people, for which it is worth doing lovely nonsense - to get out of the window to your beloved, to wear wild flowers to her every day as a sign of your tender love, not to be shy about kissing the ear and whispering tender words.

Director - Tatiana Morozova
Playwright - Gilles Direk
Composer - Larisa Kazakova
Artist - Anastasia Glebova
Cast - Sergey Smirnov, Denis Kutuzov, Maria Oamer, Anfisa Lomakina
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