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Pavel was 08 april on COMBAT ABOUT VDOV

Easy, fun, musical comedy, a small cozy room. Thank you, got a great pleasure!

Комедия О Вдове

Комедия О Вдове16+

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119002, Москва, Калошин пер., 10/2
02 h 00 min


Lope de Vega. According to the play "The Valencian Widow"
Writing minded
The authors of the performance are graduates of the BV Theater Institute. Shchukin, a course directed by Alexander Koruchekov.

The plot of the Spanish adventure comedy is not a mystery: the young widow of Leonard is the subject of admiration for the whole of Valencia. However, she is not served to persuade Uncle Lucencio to marry again, remains arrogantly indifferent to night serenades of lovers. Leonard devotes his life to serving the Lord, desiring to bear the widow’s dignity properly, but this is not so easy when love comes to replace prayer and bigotry. Everything here is shrouded in love and subordinated to its laws. Love leads the characters into despair, pushes on reckless acts, confuses and leads. The pale light of the moon keeps the secret of the heart, and the mask hides his face.

The complexity and unusualness of the director's decisions sometimes lies in their simplicity, the playful nature of the action. The authors of the play looked for a distinction between the conventionality of the mask and the authentic experience, they strove for the musicality of the words.

Most modern thoughts are often able to suggest classic texts. “Solemnity, strength, heroism and a conscious desire for a lofty goal are met at every step in classical literature ... Nowadays and in our society, classical things can not sound different than revolutionary ...” (Mikhail Chekhov).

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Pavel was 08 april

Easy, fun, musical comedy, a small cozy room. Thank you, got a great pleasure!

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