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Irina Dubtsova - anniversary concert-shooting “15 years on stage”

Irina Dubtsova - anniversary concert-shooting “15 years on stage”6+

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Irina Dubtsova will celebrate 15 years of creative activity with a grand concert with the participation of Russian pop stars!
One of the most prominent artists of Russian show business, poet, singer and composer Irina Dubtsova will celebrate 15 years since the start of her solo career. During this time, Irina managed to become a truly folk performer, writing and performing songs that the whole country knows today. And this is "About him," "To whom?" Why? ”,“ Winds ”, Medals”, “Lyuba-Lyubov”, “Moscow-Neva”, “Love Me Long”, “I Love You to the Moon”, “Fact” and others - during her creative career Dubtsova wrote more than 100 songs.
Everyone knows the songs of Dubtsova in one way or another, because they sound on every major music radio station and television channel in the country. And most importantly, the hearts of each listener reach. At least, this is the only way to explain the fact that even after years, fans of the singer’s creativity know her every track by heart.
In addition, getting into hit parades and audience love is supported by recognition of the music community. It all started with the victory on the project of the First channel "Star Factory - 4". Well, then, over 15 years of creative activity, Irina managed to become a multiple winner of the Song of the Year Award, get a plate of the MUZ TV Award and a Golden Gramophone, reincarnate in the Toch-in-Toch show, and even get the prize as a laureate “Chanson of the Year” for his own hit “I Love Him too” (in a duet with Lyubov Uspenskaya).
Well, how many hits Irina wrote not to herself, but to her colleagues! For example, at a concert in Crocus, her songs will be performed by Polina Gagarina, Dima Bilan, Sergey Lazarev, Zara, Valeria, Stas Piekha, Alexander Revva, Emin, Kristina Orbakaite, Lolita, Olga Buzova and many others. All of them will come to congratulate Dubtsova on her creative anniversary, including the performance of new songs written by Irina for them. In general, this evening the scene will be heard and the first lines of the charts of the last 15 years, and fresh music! Moreover, they sound live - otherwise Irina Dubtsova refuses to speak to the audience. Yes, and in a live performance, you can really feel all the emotions and feelings of the singer herself, for which fans choose her every time.
But, perhaps, the main event of the evening will be the presentation of the new album and concert program of Irina Dubtsova. Fans will be able to witness the birth of copyrighted works, which the singer had not yet disclosed to a wide audience.
You can hear the best hits and new songs of the poet, singer and composer Irina Dubtsova on the stage of Crocus City Hall on March 19, 2020 at 20:00.

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