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Русский дворянин-семинарист и гражданин цивилизованного мира (Бесы)

Русский дворянин-семинарист и гражданин цивилизованного мира (Бесы)16+

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Москва, Вознесенский пер., 9а
02 h 15 min


"The demons rush after the swarm in the boundless height, screaming plaintively and howling

Tearing my heart ... "

Why did the young seminarian reduce his life? There is an investigation into his strange suicide. From the room his corpse is taken out.

Strong investigators talk with his friends, neighbors and acquaintances. The most important question is whether he himself decided to do this or was forced to commit this monstrous act by someone else?

There is evidence that after committing suicide he took responsibility for someone's crime.

But for what reason he fell into despair so much that he could shoot himself?

It is likely that he was harassed by troubles, perhaps that he lost faith in God.

The unhappy young man spent a lot of time abroad, studied philosophy, thought about the fate of the Motherland.

He did not like, but only hated. This is the direct path to spiritual death.

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