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Москва, Спартаковская ул., 26/30
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Premiere at the Moscow Puppet Theater!

Performance for spectators from 6 years old

"The play" Elephant "based on the story of Alexander Kuprin - our recognition of love for the beautiful St. Petersburg and the most beautiful era - the beginning of the twentieth century. The city is an important character of the play. Its arches and embankments, griffins and sphinxes, bridges and atlantes are full participants in the events of the play, along with puppets and actors.

And another wonderful theme for the artist is in this story - the old Petersburg circus, in which the world-famous conjurer Houdini appears, showing his famous number - the disappearance of an elephant. The elephant in the play is a symbol of the boundless love of the father for the girl, readiness for everything for the sake of the daughter's happiness. In our performance there are no negative characters, everyone helps his father to deliver the elephant to the girl, and the final of the performance will be as life-affirming as possible "(the main artist of the theater Eugenia Shakhotko).

* Each viewer, both large and small, regardless of age, must have a ticket.
* Children under 14 years are admitted to the hall only when accompanied by an adult (if there is a ticket and an adult).
* If you want your child to be satisfied, pay attention to the age for which the performance is recommended.

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