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Ekaterina was 25 february on WARM HEART

Beautiful performance

Горячее Сердце

Горячее Сердце16+

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Москва, Арбат ул., 26
03 h 00 min


The premiere of the play is January 18, 2018.

The rehearsals include: Evgeny Knyazev, Sergei Makovetsky, Anna Antonova, Maria Berdinskikh, Evgeny Kosyrev, Yuri Kraskov, Oleg Lopukhov, Anatoly Menshchikov, Ekaterina Nesterova, Alexander Pavlov, Yevgeny Pilyugin, Yury Polyak, Denis Samoylov, Maxim Sevrinovsky, Vitalis Semenovs, Vasily Simonov, Yuri Tsokurov, Vasily Tsygantsov, Pavel Yudin.

The great Russian playwright A.N. Ostrovsky (1823 - 1886) the third century with success is in the lead on theatrical stages. But in the era of A. Ostrovsky, not all took his comedy "Hot Heart", lamenting the sharp satirical thrust. Many critics rebuked the author in a caricature of reality. The first performance in St. Petersburg in 1864 was not successful, and the author was hard at the failure of the play. But in 1893 the Alexandrinsky Theater brilliantly resumed the production.

"I left the theater," wrote actor Yuryev, positively shocked. Whatever role - then the open book of human life, pictures of the "dark kingdom" painted a brute force of tyranny, arbitrariness and arbitrariness. Morals, customs, and the whole way of life, like a black, gloomy storm cloud, moved on to a hot heart and strangled any attempt to break through through it the light ray of every living creature, bursting out of the brutal reality. "

Bright, original, significant was the staging in the Moscow Art Theater, carried out by KS. Stanislavsky in 1926.

But it so happened that A.N. Ostrovsky for many years was destined for the fate of the playwright - writer, which narrowed the dignity of the plays. This datum was broken by the impudent V.E. Meyerhold his "Forest", which stunned the viewer with the boldness of interpretation and the brightness of the stage embodiment, which became the author's second birth.

Today you rarely find a theater wherever a great master is placed, and every appeal to it opens new pages of interpretation of the plot, characters and details of being.

Alexander Koruchekov saw in the play "Hot Heart" the theatrical dominant, expanded the genre of comedy, brought into it the excitement of the game and lyrical notes, saw an area theater where there are no boundaries between how heroes live and lose their lives, filling it with ridiculous details, conflicts.

The theater of life in all its manifestations gives rise to the director's fantasy. Without destroying the original source, it turns reality into a playfulness, which sometimes grows out of simple domestic details
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Ekaterina was 25 february

Beautiful performance

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