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"A noble creature, devoid of the power of a feeling that makes a hero, perishes under a burden that can neither be demolished nor dropped," wrote Goethe about Hamlet. Is Hamlet noble? Certainly. An educated Christian, an intellectual with a subtle soul ... Too thin to withstand his own suffering and powerful external pressure. In the treatment of Strelkov, the main thing in the fate of Hamlet is not the history of revenge for the murder of his father, but the story of choosing the path: to leave without paying attention to the Ghost and giving the country the opportunity for peaceful development (quite a Christian choice), or - to begin revenge, thereby unleashing a bloodbath. If Hamlet was stupid, it would be easier for him to make this choice. But he is intelligent, and his main struggle unfolds within himself. The director tried to reveal the conscious way of emasculating Hamlet with himself of everything that prevents him from taking revenge - a torture of conscience, fear of the highest court ... The tragedy of Hamlet is the tragedy of the disintegration of the subtle soul. Each of the main characters of the tragedy - Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude - faces a difficult choice. To prefer the path of love and the spirit of love - and thereby to redeem and correct one's own destiny and those of others (yes, it's hard - but this is the creativity of life), or - well-being, ambitions, own fears, political goals - and, as a result, launch a self-destruct program . Without choosing love, we choose death. Hamlet loves Ophelia, but, having deified his father, transcends through his love, which has become for him an obstacle - a saving love that could stop him on the disastrous path. Claudius loves the queen. But his love is tested - and he does not stand this test. In his personal list of preferences, Gertrude - only in third place, after the crown and the country, his property, from which he can not refuse - and also embarks on the path of death. And then - silence ... The riddle of Hamlet is akin to Fermat's theorem: each generation is looking for its solution to its eternal questions. The performance of Strelkov is not an illustration to the plot of the classic. It has the attitude of the modern artist to the textbook history, and this attitude is expressed by unusual theatrical means rising above the artistic tradition.
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