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Садко и Царевна Морская

Садко и Царевна Морская9+

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Москва, Новокузьминская 1-я ул., 1
01 h 50 min


"Have disgraced, razoudis you my hand, leave, turn strong force! I would not like to hope that everything will be done with equal force. "
In what only alterations did not visited the wonderful singer and guslar Sadko, a real national hero!
It was necessary to him and the overseas witch, wicked and harmful Morgan outwit, and with the merchant Gordey who soldered the people, to argue, and with the terrible Sea king to carry on.
The tsar was helped by his faithful and long-time assistants - the Turtle sage and two merry sharks, from whom no one had swam away.
Only the brave Sadko was able to withdraw his beloved bride from the water kingdom, the beautiful Princess.
Funny songs, original melodies and wonderful folk songs, colorful costumes and scenery. And young actors who play with talent and from the heart.
"Hey, cudgel, let's go!" Hey, green, she will go! "

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No tickets 14 december sat 12:00

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