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Chhibrikin was 31 may on Cinderella

really liked it

Elena was 13 april on Cinderella

Excellent! Thank you very much!

Anna was 13 april on Cinderella

Beautiful theater, actors .. and Cinderella. We love to come to you on a visit)



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Москва, Вернадского пр-кт., 13
01 h 50 min


Evgeny Shvarts

For children from 5 years old. Children under the specified age are not allowed to play!

Each of us from childhood knows this fairy tale - about a girl who has become a princess in reward for her patience, diligence and gentleness.

This story was told from time to time by stray actors, this story formed the basis of the famous fairy tale by Charles Perrault, which, in our time, was told by the wonderful storyteller Eugene Schwartz.

And, although the author treats his heroes ironically: the king every now and then for every trifle refuses the throne and then immediately sets the crown on his head, the forest warden fears his wife to death - she is so poisonous in nature, and Cinderella says that very much it's bad not to go to the ball when you deserve it, and dreams that people will know what kind of creature it is - this story does not deceive expectations. In it everything is in its place. After all, a modest dirty with a "golden heart", like no one, deserved happiness.

The script of "Cinderella" was written by Schwartz specially for the film of the same name, released in 1947 in post-war Leningrad. "Cinderella" came to the audience as a long-awaited, deserved and gratefully received a gift. Such a gift she was perceived in years. This remains to this day.

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Chhibrikin was 31 may

really liked it

Elena was 13 april

Excellent! Thank you very much!

Anna was 13 april

Beautiful theater, actors .. and Cinderella. We love to come to you on a visit)

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