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Elena was 19 january on Russian calendar

Thank you, I liked it very much.

Русский календарь

Русский календарь12+

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"Russian Calendar" is a truly ritual thing of the Historical and Ethnographic Theater, which became its ideological foundation. In the magical notion of the "Russian calendar" - the entire cosmos of Russian nature and ancient Russian life.

Before you will unfold a traditional ritual action, which becomes an anthology of the ritual world of the ancient Slavs. This is the year round of the Slavic calendar, played as an eternal circle of our life, where Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter - above all an unbroken chain of rituals and rituals that must accompany a person. "Spell of Spring", "Cattle on Yuryev Day", "Night on Ivan Kupala", "Carols", "Shrovetide" ... can at least one Russian do without these landscapes and this choreography?

Yes, so our ancestors lived their calendar year. And today you also have to make this journey into the fascinating world of the ancient times of our land. The world filled with the strength of natural principles, the mystery of ancient rituals, which originate in the pagan cradle of the Slavs.

In ancient pagan Russia, the year traditionally began with the arrival of spring. Therefore, from the spring rituals, the performance itself begins: "The Call of Spring", "The Curling of the Birch", "The Ebony of the Girls", "The Seeing Off the Mermaid."

After the spring rituals, summer follows. And here we can not do without the mysterious "Night on Ivan Kupala", accompanied by a "purifying" jumping of young couples through burning bonfires and the subsequent ritual of love connection on a plowed field in the open air. By the way, on these arable land the plants bloomed very vigorously, and the harvest exceeded expectations.

Autumn welcomes us with the "Dozhinki" and "Curling the beard" - the holidays connected with the end of the harvest.

And, finally, the annual circle ends with "Winter girlish fortune-telling at the crossroads", the joys of the youth, "Pancake week", skiing from the icy mountains and ritual fisticuffs with a fight.

Our ancestors lived their calendar year incomparably brighter, more interesting, fuller and friendlier than we - the inhabitants of big and small cities, deserted villages and villages of Russia at the beginning of the XXI century. And we, modern actors, studying this ethnographic material, plunging into the depths of the centuries, penetrating into the meaning of rituals, and with the mind and the emerging mystical feeling, increasingly began to envy the beauty and dimensionality of the life of our ancestors.

We wanted to live with them all year round, even if conditionally, even for a short time, just to touch and feel, how breathtaking - and to convey this feeling to the viewer. And maybe someone will also capture the spirit from the beauty and joy of the consciousness that the thread of time passes through his heart.
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Winter, spring, summer, autumn ... And again winter.

Here you can feel the spirit of antiquity. Towels, colored calico suits with elaborate embroideries. But most importantly, you can stop for a while and relax from the everyday race. To feel the very course of time of the past, to plunge into the world of tranquility, pacification, carelessness.

Life is cyclical. Day after day, year after year, we run along the beaten path. Time after time we make our circle of "honor". Everything has become familiar and inconspicuous, like the wallpaper on the wall. How to make it so that everything becomes special? Snatch at least a day from the common marsh routine?

We now have our own rites. Go out with friends to the bar at the end of the week. Olivier for the new year. And on vacation leave somewhere far away, preferably closer to the equator line. And give advice to all.

Whether it's in ancient times - go to the forest, shout, call up the spring. It will come. Today screams do not scream, you just sprinkle with sticky snow. And through the fire, there's also no point in jumping. I will not increase the yield. From our cities, magic disappeared. We no longer feed the brownies and do not guess at Christmas trees. Do not drive roundelays and do not delay the songs in the yards. It became boring to live, bored ...

Change your habits and change your life.

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Elena was 19 january

Thank you, I liked it very much.

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