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Этот безумец Платонов

Этот безумец Платонов12+

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Москва, Суворовская пл., 2
02 h 00 min


"Life, like an assassinated bird,

He wants to rise - and can not.

There is no flight, no scope -

Hang the broken wings,

And all she, pressed to ashes,

Trembling with pain and impotence ... "

Fedor Tyutchev.

Comedy in 2 acts

The first premiere of this year at the Theater of the Russian Army - "This Madman Platonov" based on the play "The Fatherless" by A.P. Chekhov. Director - People's Artist of Russia Alexander Burdonsky, whose production of the play "The Seagull" at the Theater of the Army became one of the most striking events in the life of the theater capital and a new word in the Russian "Chekhovian".

"Fatherless" (also known as "The Play without a name" or "Platonov") is the first youthful play by Anton Chekhov, written by him at the age of 18 and printed only in 1923 after the death of the playwright. The play takes place in the estate of the general's wife Voinitseva at the end of the nineteenth century. Chekhov's youthful play amazes an abundance of living, recognizable characters. The play has many accurate life observations.

The protagonist around which all events occur and to which all the story lines lead - Mikhail Platonov - a rural teacher, a favorite of women and causing jealousy and irritation in men, a spineless betrayer and suffering from it.

"We live in a turning point," says the director of the play Alexander Burdonsky, "between the age of lost faith and the age of faith not yet found. Chekhov's longing was not a longing for broken ideals, she was longing for new ideals. We are seated with the desire to stick a label - good or bad. Chekhov's drama makes a soap bubble out of this desire, posing another, much more important question: how does a person relate to the moral problems of his time, to what extent is important to him what is called a "general idea" in life, how is reflected the absence of this The "general idea" in its existence and what the society surrounding it means to a person. The main thing in Platonov is his living conscience, which does not give him rest. "

Platonov, like Chekhov's other plays, has a rich stage history, both in Russia and abroad. This play contains many unsolved mysteries and meanings. Character characters, as always in the plays of Chekhov, are very modern, like their relationship. But all this becomes obvious, thanks to the profound knowledge of human psychology, the extraordinary reading of the play by director Alexander Burdonsky and the exact talented embodiment of the director's plan by his acting team. The filigree, exquisite director's manner of Bourdonsky has always been dissolved in a whole scattering of brilliantly performed actor's works, fused into a single always well-coordinated actor's ensemble.

In the role of Anna Petrovna Voinitsova - People's Artist of the USSR Lyudmila Chursina

In the role of Mikhail Vasilyevich Platonov - Honored Artist of Russia Igor Marchenko

Director-director - People's Artist of Russia Alexander Burdonsky

Artist - Honored Artist of Russia Valery Fomin

Costume Designer - Andrey Klimov

Composer - Vladimir Bagrov

Lighting Designer - Andrey Abramov

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Oh, nature has to romantic! And in love. And passions.

Suddenly Platonov meets his old love. The fire flares up - and now they are in each other's arms.

And what about Platonov's wife? He betrayed her, she tries to commit suicide. Yes, after all, the wife fervently loves Platonov, and he can not abandon her.

How so? Now, it turns out, he betrayed his love? It turns out that this is so. Well, no, she will not forgive him. Furious woman is terrible, remember this, men!

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